Sunday, August 26, 2007

new blog song ,

Although it's an old song ,
i like it very much !


schooling as usual , went home
straight to get changed , meet dearest .
headed ti Marina Square to watch
Rush HOur 3 , rated 3/5 . it a super
funny movie but there no storyline -.-
i dun really lyk that movie . went acarde
, played Hyper Bashi Bashi
( dunnoe how to spell -.-) game together .
ofcourse i lose , hahas , shop for awhile
& headed to Marina South to have our
dinner , super delicious , but my hair
really stink ! hahahahahahas -.-
play at acarde again , manage to win
him hyper bashi bashi game ! hahas .
play gun game , my accurancy is
28% , quite good ! (: went home afterwards ,
& we sleep throughout the mrt journery ,
we were super duper tired!
funfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfun day !!!!

i am happy with yoo(:


super tiring day & now i hate weekends
even more !

it wont help me much !

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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schooling as usual , we were
almost late , poa retest & went
westmall with peiying & steph & keep
gossip non-stop ! hahas ,
headed home afterwards (:

i am stressssssss !

do yoo ever appreciate ? i wonder

Saturday, August 18, 2007

i didnt realised i wore the same vest as last week -.-


schooling as usual ,
after school went for a chinese
course & headed back home
immediately to get changed .
went to meet dearest & i done
something veryvery wrong ! i am
truely very soory about that):
had lunch at mac & headed to
Bugis , bought movie ticket &
start shopping , me & dearest
managed to buy hp pouch ,
it's nice(: went acarde afterwards ,
alotalot people -.- went to watch
Secret afterwards , rated 5/5
its a super touching love story ,
beautiful couple(: i started to cry
& cry & cry -.- after the movie :

i : lucky i use waterproof eyeliner . [ relieved ]
he : argh ! but my hand is not waterproof ! [angry ]
i : -.- paiseh arh !
he : omg ! your eyes look small after crying !
i : argh ! argh ! argh !

yups , our conversation is quite lame
sometimes , but still thanks dearest
because he was like keep wiping off
my tears every minutes -.- yups , it
really worth watching ! i still thinking
of watching again, hahas went to bugis
street to eat , delicious soup & fries for
our late dinner . bus was so long & in the
end took mrt , sleeping during the journey,
super tired ! funfunfunfunfun day again (:

yups , he will be my only lover !

woke up : 9.45am
nap from 1pm - 4.30pm

super duper tired day -.-

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

thanks for lenting me your shoulder((: loveyoo

the ugly side of me ....

thanks for your listening ear(:
i will always loveyoo

Monday, August 13, 2007


went East Coast with dearest ,
yup , it sounded crazy going
such a far place just to cycle -.-
erm bad & pathetic day for me ,
knocked down two people &
i was serverly injured ! ARGH !
is not i dunnoe how to cycle ,
but i didnt saw a hole , thus fall
down -.- BIG scar ! cycle for two
hour until our butt really hurts , we
went to see sunset . hahas , had
our dinner at Burger King .
sand & sweat all over us ! hahas ,
but its still fun lahs(: went by home
by train , sleep throughout the
journey -.-


went to meet huiqi , aiya , my
mum was in a crazy mood !
erm went to buy laptop cover ,
then went to mac to have
chitchat sesson with laptop
accompany us . omg ! huiqi's
laptop was giving us bigbig
problem ! michelle came & join us
too(: we were figuring out how to
use the internet for almost 1hour !
finally we gave up -.- michelle
went to bought her laptop(: survivior !
michelle had to go home , so left me &
huiqi & that troublesome laptop !
hahas , at least we manage to watch
my wife is a gangster 3 , super duper
funny show ! hahas , can yoo imagine
we ate 4 medium fries , 3 large drinks ,
6 pieces nuggets & one sundae ,
FULLFULLFULL ! we went walkwalk ,
then we realised all our friends ditch us !
there was no one else home to go to -.-
in the end we went home .


com down

i am now using dearest com ,
wont be blogging soon(:

at night :

didnt expect my com was repair
within one day . everything is alright
now , hahas.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

didnt attend school , went bugis with
my meiemei , bought 2 tops &
sunblock , my father bought sushi for
me ! delicious !

i rejected the offer again .

Monday, August 06, 2007

nominated by huiqi & peiying & steph(:

Each played of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in blog of their own TEN weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you must choose SIX people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

1) i got wreid taste in clothings , all the clothes i choose , my friends just cannot stand it !
it too wreid ! hahas x:

2) i always sleep the earliest but wake up latest among my family , every
morining my meimei will shouts : " PIG , wake up now !! " -.-

3) i just cannot spent within my budget , i always need to lent money from friends & always
happen that my ezlink card has no money & they are broke too & we need to dig out our
coins >.<

4) i still have childish side of me , i always play toys ( doctor , resturant etc .. ) with my meimei
when i am super duper boring & i am a kid central fans ! +.+

5) i just cannot stop laughing everytime even though what they say is not funny at all , i always
get scolded for laughing like mad ! o.o

6) during either sec one or two , i perform during chinese new concert , performing chinese
dance , omg , hair all pin up! ( worst than being caught by mr sng ) & i am blur , i dance
alot of wrong movement =.=

7) i got serious rashes ! it still haven recover for HALF YEAR ! it sounded riddicuous but it real , i
i just cannot live without my lip blam & medicine ! :s

8) whenever i watch sad & touching shows , i will be the first to cry even though i watch that
particular show for many times & my meimei will sure take tissue for me ( caring ) :)

9) i only learn cycling when i was in sec 2 , pathetic arh ~ when i was young my father teached
me before but i fall badly , from that day onward , i dun dare to learn cycling , i still rmb that
was my friends who teach me , hahas T.T

10) i nv sit on a cable car before in my whole life !! argh ! i really wants to try , yups ,maybe sometime later(:

that all weird about me ! hahas

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I LOVES YOO !! really thanks for the surpries(((:

went to my grandma house ,
its boring as usal lahs , hahas

went to school with dearest as
usual , after school headed home
to get changed , & haeded to
marina Square , went Kbox ,
i am totally crazy ! keep playing
a fool non-stop ! hahas it was
so damn funny ! erm went to
have our dinner at Sake Sushi .
i ate alotalot raw salmon ! it is
super duper delicious ! but when
i headed back home , i started to
vomit out all the food ! my mum said that
i ate too many raw food -.- hahas.
i was feeling totally feeling uncomfortable
on bus ! but salmon is still delicious to me(:
another enjoyable day(:

thanks for the surprise(:
i really appreciate it !