Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Meet dear and headed to town to
collect something that was delayed
for very long . Ate lunch there and
headed to Ikea . My motive of
going there is to buy a gift for my
Aunt and Uncle . We shop around ,
anf finally i manage to buy two big
photo frames ! I decided to draw
something to them and they can
hang it at my house . Yea ! good idea ;D
My drawings are not done yet .
Had our dinner , we sat there and chat
for very long! we have damn alot of things
to talk about ! Furthermore the sceneries
is very nice , i dont feel lyk letting my
seat to people who were waiting. hahas !
Home sweet home .

I have been busy with my school works and
thats why i didnt post often . Do a lot , but
no results ): School life is tiring and boring !
And my stupid Dear is addicted to his psp
games , i always snatch !
And there is alot of things i dont understand .
Please , what had happen ?

My meimei in her new pyjamas !
It's always good to be childish !
I miss my childhood.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Happy one and a half year <3

Met dear , and headed to twon to collect
our hp . i missssss my handphone !
i love Great Singapore Sales !
Dear bought me a heel at MNG .
People said that it's bad to give shoe
to your gf because it meant that
you are letting her go . Hey ! we are
not that Superstitious !

Went to partyworld , we booked a room
and actually we should arrived at 2pm but
we are 40mins late ! hahas
singsingsing , and i done alot of embarrasing
thing ! Ohno !

Then we headed to the Singapore Flyer to have
good food ! its so far away ! damn far away !
we went to eat at Popeye Best Chicken And Biscuit !
super duper delicious and it of course win KFC !
the mash potatoes is so big and it taste wonderful !
and the price is affordable . yummyyummy !
walked around and the sceneries are very nice.

Headed to acarde , and i know more about
soccer , hey ! i am a pro ! hahas

I want to slap , pinch , bash , kick , torture you to
death ! Because you are my boy !


My sister is so fortunate to have such a
wonderful jiejie ! she knew i love doing art ,
so everytime she got any art work ,
she will throw and let me do .
Everytime she dont need to do anything for her
art ! One of the artpiece i do is : a rabbit mask !
hahas . How lucky is she !

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The rain may be falling hard outside,
But their laughter makes it all alright.
I'm so glad that we are friends
But things won't remian the same forever........