Saturday, February 23, 2008


after school , went to my dear. actually we decided
to watch Jumper . but in the end , cancelled .
i find it boring to watch movie and shopping again !
sian ! i want to go places that i never go before .
First, we headed to PLaza Singapura to play acarde.
i always lose dear by a little bit in Super Mario Racing!
i am super addicted to that game !
so in the end , guess where we went ? we went to
watch LIVE S.LEDGUE soccer match . OMG !
its my first time going there in my entire life ! when
reached there, we dont even know where to buy the ticket
-.- . while we were waiting to go in, there is one insane
guy keep staring at me and using his hand as camera
pretending to shoot me ! i was totally shocked and dear
quickly bring me to another side. heng ! Of course
this match is not as exciting as E Premier ! but not as
broing as i thought . it is still exciting ! hahas
i also got dog , machine gun and sword ballons ! cute !
loves my dear !

i want it !

it's only once in a lifetime .

my meimei's front teeth had drop again .
she is toothless !! hahahahahaha ......

Sunday, February 17, 2008


went to watch Ah Long Ptd Ltd ,
rated 5/5 , super funny . Mark Lee
acted really good ! just cant stop laughing .
afterwards , Dear had something to attend
suddenly . so i headed to AMK hub to
buy something .

i know i cant be selfish ,
i know i am foolish ,
i know everything will turn out fine .
yeah , life is full of sweet things !
optimistic (:

Friday, February 15, 2008

headed to school with dear , he made me
breakfast . oh , so sweet of him . (:
i am suffering for these 3 days !
i am getting too too too too too bored !
getting furasted ....... and finally today is
the last day !

i hate going home early !
dear , i am missing yoo right now ):

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


headed to Bugis to pray with parents !
i hate going to Bugis ! there will be alot of people
every single day >:( bought two new shoes and
two shirts ! nice (: my meimei bought a new
Minnie mouse shoe ! super cute ! hahas

photo taken on saturday .

Sunday, February 10, 2008

thursday , first day of CNY ,

stayed at home whole day . i am bored to death !

friday , 2nd day of CNY

went to both of my grandma's house .
it's boring at my ( father's side ) grandparent's
house but it's fun at ( mother's side )
grandpartent house . at least i can get to use
computer there . but it's always the same every year .
take angbao then stick my butt on the sofa whole
day ! hahas.

finally the truth is out ,
and all the suffering are gone (:



decided to watch Ah Long ptd at first ,
but we didnt expect that there were sososo
many people watching movie today !
super long quene ! all the timing for Ah long
Ptd left first row from the screen . i dont lyk to
sit the front row >:( HEADACHE ! so we decided
to watch Kungfu Dunk ! rated 5/5 ! super nice
movie ! jaychou was SUPERSUPER handsome
with his nerdy looking hairstyle ! it suit him !!


Thursday, February 07, 2008


happy 13th month ! <3
headed to school as per normal ,
susposed to meet friends to have a renioun
dinner . but in the end we didnt go . headed
to Jurong point , spent our time at arcade ,
i love playing that Mario racing game !
super cute ! but i always lose to my dear ):
after that , went to have our dinner at dunnoe
what place ( i forgotten ) , it's delicious !
went to do sand art atToy ' R ' Us . the picture
we choose is cute but i forgotten to take a
photo of it . maybe next time (:

Within you I lose myself.
Without you I find myself
wanting to become lost again,
Because i am too dependent
on you. iloveyou.

i found this photo at my grandms's house
it was taken years ago.....


went to meet dear and accompany him
to buy his chinese new year stuffs .
goodbye to my dear , and
then went to meet my mummy and
headed to grandma house together .

Monday, February 04, 2008


i love every friday ! i just love going out with
my dear ! firstly after school went to meet him ,
we went to Tampines Ikea !! it's my first time
going there ! we went there to buy my mummy's
birthday present . her bbday is on Valentines Day !
it was quite early then , so we went shopping at
Tampines Mall , played hockey game , and i lose
to dear every round ! OH NO ! no face -.-
it was really fun but super tiring ! i love that
yellow lingerie suit ! super sexy ! hahas actually we
decided to take that shuttle bus to Ikea but it was a
longlong quene ! took cab instead . Ikea was super big !
it was much bigger than Ikea located in Queensway !
it was too big until we will get lost easily -.- i was so sua gu !
hahas , had our dinner and guess what i saw ! a food trolley !
SO CREATIVE ! normally we only saw trolley to put our
stuffs but now there is a trolley to put our food ! i think is
so cute ! those furniture are super nice and i finally decided
to buy a bamboo vase for mummy , sounds lame ahs ,
but i am sure my mum will like it (: there is no plastic bag
provided in Ikea , one bag cost 5 cents ( i think ) but no
nag can fit in my bai bamboo vase . no choice but to take
cab home . I ENJOYED TODAY !!


at home whole day (:


went NTUC with my parents at night , damn alot
of people !! ARGH ! i hate crowded place !


nowaday no time to blog . i was busy with my
school work . i promise my mummy i will study
hard this year . study year for me !