Friday, December 29, 2006


long time nv update liao .
my internet gort problem .
then on last tues , i went
ikea , queenway and westmall .
my mum last time use credit card
so redeem a $60 ikea vouchers .
so must spent it before jan .
although queenway is very near
ikea , but it raining too heavily !
wow ! the carpark jam lor !
must wait fer a long time fer our
turn to go out . finally our turn ,
then gort hump ahead us . then
my aunt car cannot go up the hump .
then suddenly my aunt car gort
smoke ! scared us lor ! everybody
in the car looking at us ! lucky nth
happen . then faster call my uncle .
ask why gort smoke . he say : coz
raining , so the wheels very wet . no
strength go up the hump . but we use
alot of strength . so gort smoke . aiya ~
car matter very complicated de ! i olso
dun understand wat he toking . anyway ,
thje car alright lah ! hahas . at queenways
i bought 2 tops . at westmall i bought a
new bag ! (:

gort dance prctice . need wake up early ):
wao lao ! the dance diff lyk siao ! still
gort bluebalck on my leg ! hate it ! ):

i went lot one wth my mum .
eat lunch there . bought new
socks :x

stay at home . lucky my intenet
hao liao . +.+ll


Monday, December 25, 2006

ll be my guest this christmas ll

went to my uncle house ,
celebrate christmas . hahas .
alot food to eat . eat until
i damn full lor . hahas .
but no cake . +.+ll
my aunt gort bring her dog .
my meimei scared until keep
asking everybody to take turn
carry her . +.+ll hahas . then my
rashes haven hao . still red red
lor . then everybody keep asking
wat that red red spot . one of my
aunt still tot i gort beaten ! omg ~
wao lao dunoe when my rashes will
hao ): my cousins ran to play xbox .
wao lao ~ they all play guy games
de . always keep playing football .
see the ball always kick here kick
there . olso sian ~ hahas . lucky
still gort computer to keep us
entertain . hahas . coz last sat , at huqi
house . i let me meimei play neopets .
so she keep force me play neopets .
hahas . wow ! my uncle give me
a cow cusions . damn cute lor ! hahas .
then my aunt went thaliand olso bought
me one sleveless shirt . quite nice ~
have fun that day (:

damn tired yesterday .
so i wake up at around 1pm plus .
then i read huiqi lent me de comics .
later at night , my mum will buy cake .
then celebrate with my famliy . :p


Saturday, December 23, 2006

digust-ing moments

today wake up at around
12 noon plus plus . coz last
night i told my meimei we going
eat jap food . she so happy
and excited lor . then this morning
she 11am wake me up . i didnt
respond 11.30am she wake me
up again . i still continued sleeping +.+ll
at 12noon , she shouted : JIEJIE , FASTER
WAKE UP , 1 PM LIAO ! hahas . i tot real lor .
so faster wake up . wao lao , she bluff me ! then
me continued sleeping . +.+ll then after awhile faster
wake up liao . coz i am LATE ! hahas .
then meet huiqi at 1pm . ben lai eat jap food .
but cancelled , so eat sushi at huiqi house
in the end . hahas . my meimei angry with me .
coz i broken my promises . i promise her go
eat jap food . but in the end , i make her happy
by buying her ice-cream . +.+ll we have alot of fun .
then while waiting they all come . me and huiqi
play neopets and cartoonetwork games .
entertain my meimei . +.+ll hahas . then
come liao , eat chicken and fishballs .
thanks her family for helping alot !
then eat cake ! we eat until very digusting .
hahas . then go playgroung play catching .
siao lahx . no stamina , run abit , jiu tired
like siao . hahas . but FUN ! hahas . then go
night market walk walk . bought a Winx Club
colouring book for my meimei . peiying need
update herself , she nv watch before . hahas .
then my meimei keep holding the books ,
as if it will walk away . +.+ll then after that go
home , then saw xinying and her boyfriend
under my block . sae hello to them (:

have alot of fun today , wish everybody
merry christmas in advance (:


Friday, December 22, 2006

we are just beginner !

today my aunt take leave .
so decied come my house ,
bake cookies and cakes .
my meimei excited like siao .
hahas . then she bought alot
things come my house . as if
going to move house . baking
cake is nort easy at all . must
prepare alot alot of things . then
need buy alot ingredients . but the
process is very fun . hahas . we bake
cookies first . but failed ): the butter
too sticky . so alot out of shape . +.+ll
hahas . but still edible lah . hahas
then we bake chocolate cake .
finally succeed liao ! very nice lehx . (:
but the appearane abit ugly . too black .
nort burnt hor ! chocolate is black wat !
hahas . :p then we bake the cookies
another time . finally succeed liao !
now nort out of shape . can make into
alot of shapes . =X hahas . anyways
i really have alot of fun ! :p



Thursday, December 21, 2006

left : i did de , right : my meimei did it .

clay time !

today play clay with my
meimei . aiya me nth to do
wat , so entertain her to past
time faster . hahas . quite
fun lehs . make my hands
so dirty and sticky after playing .
very difficult clean it off . must use
alot alot soap . hahas . then after
that , i use com . after awhile ,
gort blackout . scared my meimei .
i edit photot until halfway . then shut
down . hahas . my mum go NTUC .
she called me say NTUC all DARK !
hahas . alot ppl shouted very loudly
at lot one . hahas . sounded funny .
end ~


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


today wake up at around 1pm .
then huiqi called me . i haven
even brush my teeth . she last
min ask me go out . buy christmas
decoration . hahas . then faster go
bath lor . then i haven comb my hair .
my mum faster ask me go outside see .
gort car accident ): VERY KE LIAN !
then i wait fer them very long . i already
reach liao . they still at comics shop .
then went imm lor . meet cass first .
then saw alison . we faster hide . hahas .
then buy quite alot christmas decoration .
then peiying die die olso wan buy another
short to wear . stubborn ! hahas . then finaly
bought one . then went westmall . see bags .
finally saw one bag i lyk ! but nv bring enough
money . hahas . then faster go home .
peiying rushing fer time . hahas .


Monday, December 18, 2006

went to my grandma house .
wow . she cook very nice !
delicious ! i eat alot sia !
hahas . after that , my father
wanted to watch football match .
so he stay at my grandma house
watch . he crazy bout it . +.+ll
after that we went junction 8 .
meet my mum friend . coz she
want give her sumting . walk
until very sian . so went to
Raffles City . my mum
friend want to buy baby
clothes fer her niece .
we went Lifebaby shop .
that shop my meimei is
regular customers . coz
that shop clothes very very

i went lot one . then went
mini toons . i bought a keyboard
sticker . very cute ! then my meimei
bought a lolipop. =X taste yucky !

stay at home lor . my rashes keep
giving alot of problems ! coz it just
never disappear ! ask my mum friend .
she say need go to skin doctors .
aiya she say until very chim . olso
dunnoe wat she toking . but today
my rashes quite okay liao . but haven
disappear . ):
end ~


Thursday, December 14, 2006

just can't find any !

went bugis with mum and
cousins . go there de target
is to buy sling bag . but i just
cant found any ! hahas .
then bought 2 clothes
at bugis street . my mum
sponser . hahas . then a hp
strap . very nice . then saw
christmas tree . my meimei
damn happy when saw it .
she very gan chiong faster
christmas . hahas .

around 1pm then wake up .
hahas . then same same lor .
watch tv past time . hahas .
end ~


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

UGLY . $95 !

my rashes cum back again .
wao lao . hai me cannot go dance .
i see my rashes very ugly . then go
back sleep again . i already spent
$55 on my medcine . then now haven
hao. then go see clinic lor at afternoon .
spent another $40 . total spent $95
on my rashes ! ugly sia ! then peiying
and huqi meet me outside the clinic .
then go comics shop lor . then after that
go bp lor . then peiying meet him .
then huiqi and me go mos burger
eat sushi , vanilla cream and drinks .
then meet peying lor . then heavy rain .
then they cum my hse .

HEAVY ; heavy
go buy books with huiqi.
damn heavy ! then pei huiqigo her station
give the book to her ah pa . first time
saw her ah pa . then her turn pei wo go
my station give book to my mum .
then go peiying house . playplay .


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

today go comics shop
with peiying , huiqi and ruiqi .
peiying and huiqi want return
comics . thn after that go
accompanys huiqi go cut .
she saw the lady who help her
reborn until lyk shit . she sian diao .
hahas . unlucky , she let the lady
to cut . hahas . then after that go
bp lor . walk walk . then bought
SUSHI to eat ! yummy yummy .
then after that they feel sian .
so cum my hse . hahas .



Monday, December 04, 2006

fun ; FUN

going chalet around 3+ .
we are late . they check in at
around 2pm . we reach there
already 4+ liao . late fer
2 hours lehx . hahas . =X
then reach liao . first ting is
EAT . coz damn hungry lor .
hahas . then BBQ lor .
my father start the fire .
i can eat fresh nice food
when adults are around .
coz when frens BBQ . i can only
eat RAW foods . hahas .
then at nite play blackjack lor .
but we play small small de ,
then whole day nv sleep .
at around 5am go beach play lor.

nv sleep whole day .
then eat breakfast lor .
afternoon . go ride bicycle .
my meimei excited sia . hahas .
then went back . still left bout
3 hours then BBQ . so we went
acarde play lor . basketball my
cousins very good at it . but at least
i can throw sum in . hahas . then play
other games lor . then BBQ liao lor .
ben lai wanted stay until monday .
but check out must wake up early .
so decied to go home on sunday lor .
at learts can wake up late . anyways
ish very FUN .

i wake up at 2pm .
coz too damn tired .
then huiqi ben lai want
cum my hse . but NO WAY
my hse is in the mess .
i haven even pack my bags .
hahas . lazy ~

i nv do this type
tings before ! !
hope our trust
still exist .


Friday, December 01, 2006

chalet tomo !

today go comics shop
with peiying and huiqi .
play com again .
hahas . then after that go
night market there walk walk .
hahas . i treat them cheese
hotdogs and sweet corns .
see i soo good ! hahas .
at nite i need to pack my ting liao .
going chalet tomo ! happy happy .
hahas . cuming back on monday .(:


Thursday, November 30, 2006

doctor ; DOCTORS !

i today go see doctor again .
my rashes haven hao .
and is getting worse .
hahas . last time see doctor
liao . but the medicine no use
de . getting worser ! hahas .
last time te medcine is $15 .
now is $42 ! ! omg ! expensive
sia ! only one TINY MINI
tube sia . then worth $42 !
very very small ! hahas .
but hope my rashes will hao
lor . then at nite . all my family
members will cum my hse .
then eat eat eat again !
fei si wo liao ! hahas . =X


Wednesday, November 29, 2006


today huiqi oversleep again .
if dun have peiying sms .
she still sleeping ! hahas .
hahas . then peiying late .
we already at cck station ,
she still at home eating
half boil eggs ! hahas .
we wait fer almost 10mins !
hahas . then ruiqi and hazirah
already upstair waiting fer us .
reach liao . but we olso too late .
already have many ppl liao .
we very surprised gort promotion .
only $6 lehx ! hahas . we play
rainbow , wet and wild ,
baby rollar coaster , haunted house ,
private ship . all game i nort scared .
the most most scared ish the haunted house !
haunted house :
luvky gort peiying hold me tight !
AROUND ! i even tinking to gif up lor .
i WANT GO OUT ! but cannot liao .
we walk too far . hahas . dark until
peiying scold the guards ! irritating sia
the guards . hahas . gort one auntie
with us . she very good . comfort me ! (:
psps arh . me shout very loud ! coz i
TOO SCARED ! olso lucky gort huiqi .
she keep see the ghost gort move anot .
when i see te exit . i quickly ran to doors !
as if i nv see door before . hahas !
i swear i dun wan to play this type ting
EVER AGAIN ! hahas .

teach me ; TEACH ME !
at the beach
peiying , ruiqi and xinhong teach
me how to ride bicycle .THANKS AH !
last time my father teach me liao .
dunow why hor .teach so long .
i olso dunnoe lehx . keep fall down lehx .
but hor today . i nv fall down . only keep
lose balance . i FINALLY noe how to
ride bicycle less than half and hours .
peiying : i noe euu very clever . learn only
5mins last time . me less than half and hours
very good liao hor ! hahas ! xD
me very kai xin . then she keep suan me .
sae that she only learn 5 mins ! hahas .
happy happy ! (: me very qi guai lor .
people sun burn ish whole arm de .
me only at shoulders . me wried arh ?
my face red red , sholuder sunburn ,
rashes , tired ! i wan go home quick !
to have a great bath ! hahas !
end ~
the foolish acts of mine . make me noe the BASICS !

Saturday, November 25, 2006

me (:

peek a book !

today go jogging
with peiying and huiqi .
wao kao ! they both overslept !
i sms them . nobody reply .
we meet at 8am . but still
nv replay back . sumting is
very wrong . i rmb the date
wrongly mehx ? impossible !
hahas . i wait 10 mins . if nort
i wan go back sleep liao .
finally huiqi call me . she
sae she still at home !
hahas . meet her liao . but
at cck stationdidnt see peiying
lehx . oversleep again ?yups !
guess correct liao . we still wait fer her
outside her house . she BAD sia !
let us wait outside her house ! hahas .
then at last we still nv jog sia . too tired .
hahas . then go eat breakfast plus lunch .
hahas . then go peiying house play maplemaple !
we even play bearbear games . hahas .
cute sia . our childhood ~ hahas .
then go meet jiayi coz she wan gif
peiying the girl guide cookies . the go
comics shop lor . although we all gort com
at home . but we still always go there play .
we qi guai arh ? maybe we just love the playing
togather (: end ~


all qiuyans fault ! she sabo me ! hahas !

In the past 24 hours, have yoo :

worn jeans : you expected me to wear
jeans when going jogging arh ?

Met someone : yups . peiying and huiqi (:

Done laundry : ofcoz nope ! i will make my
mum buzier if i done that .

Went hungry : YUPS !

said i love you : you expect me to say it
in front of peiying and huiqi arh ? no way !
hahas .

Do yoo belive in :

Yourself : somtimes bah .

Your friends : ofcoz ofcoz !

Destiny/fate : very believe it in (:

Ghost : dun even wan to tink bout it .

UFO : nope . does it really exisit ?

Friends && life :

Do you ever wished you had another name : ofcoz
nope . i love my name (:

Do you like anyone : of coz have . i LOVE my precious meimei .

Which of your friends acts most like you : nobody . i dun have
twins . hahas .

When you cried the most who was there : my mum ! (: and of coz
all my sweethearts friends ! (: thanks loads (:

What's the best feeling in the world : buy alot tingi lyk ! =X

What's the worst feeling in the world : when i heard the words
i hate most .

What time is it now : lame qns +.+ll 5.30pm

True love:

Think you've been in love: yup !

Like school : sumtimes bahx .

Want to get married : i dun dare to tink too far . hahas

Have my own child : i just wan a BABY GIRL !

Believe in yourself : sumtimes only ):

Drank alchohol : yups . but nort nice . bitter .

To the mall : my fav place !

Eaten sushi : my FAVORITE FOOD ! niceNICE !

Been dumped : yups . life is full of ups and downs (:

Gone skating : nope lehx . i dunnoe how to =X

Dyed your hair: nope .

7 people yoo would like them to do this survery :
1) peiying
2) huiqi
3) ruiqi
4) cassandra
5) shiying
6) anybody
7) anybody

** psps me nv do all the qns .
coz too many qns . lazt to do .

Friday, November 24, 2006


go peiying house with
huiqi . go there ofcoz
play maple . nort becoz
her com good . is we
boring at home . so
go her house . peiying ,
dun mistaken hor .
hahas =X thanks
peiying teach me maple .
coz i only know
little bits . psps arh . next
time need ask you more qns .
hahas . =X then play play
talk talk past time lor .
then around 7pm go foodcourt
buy food but eat at peiying
voideck . coz too many ppl at
foodcourt . =X pathetic ~
end ~

my meimei sick sia . ):
but my mum wan bring my
grandma go IKEA buy things .
i die die olso dun wan go .
coz sure very boring . then stay at
home take caire my meimei .
i feed her medicine , feed her
lunch and accompany her sleep .
perfect jiejie hahas .
get well soon (:
love her .
end ~


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

tidy up ; TIDY UP !

today ben lai wan go
peiying house de .
but ruiqi cannot go .
huiqi suddenly gort
rashes on her face .
copycat ! hahas =X
then stay at home lor .
my room is in a MESS !
after this one year of
study . all my books
are all around ! =X
then i go tidy up lor !
i use FOUR big
plastic bags to full
all my RUBBISH !
hahas . finally my
room is neat and tidy
again ! (: very tired lor !


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


me stay at home lor .
unlucky is i gort rashes
lor ! ugly sia ! me die die
olso dun wan go out !
=X i am so bored at home ! ):
so play maple lor . =X
then saw huiqi olso play maple .
then took foto with her .
never smile cuter lahx ! hahas
then last min need go dance tml .
coz selected fer the open house .
but gort rashes how to go ! ):
then cancelled me liao .
my cca points GONE liao lor ! ):

olso stay at home .
but my rashes better liao . (:


Saturday, November 18, 2006

she is sick !

today olso as usual lor .
late wake up . haha .
ben lai wan go ruiqi hse
de . but already plan to go
out with my mummy .
then ben lai already plan
to go out . but suddenly
my meimei gort bad stomach
pain . aiya maybe she
everytime eat alot ! so now
cannot digest . haha .
aiyo . now cannot go out
and olso cannot go ruiqi hse !
only stay at home ! =X
but now she feeling better (:
end ~


Friday, November 17, 2006

hold me tight !

wow yesterday went
han xiang thay all de
chalet . very very fun .
meet iainrick and sweekiat
at sv . sae meet them at 11.30
they sae TOO LATE . then agreed
to meet at 11.15 . but . they end up
reaching at 11.35 ! we wait almost
half and hour ! haha .
then they all blur blur de .
dunnoe how to take mrt there ,
lucky gort me . =X haha .
then reach go white sand buy
some BBQ food . this is the first time
i eat BBQ fishball . =X haha .
then reach liao . at first quite boring .
then me and huiqi go out walk walk .
then go to the beach ! wow !
i love the sand ! we draw DRAW DRAW !
haha . then huiqi go roller blading .
i reallly scared huiqi fall lor .
so i hold her very very tight . =X
then huiqi olso teach me roller blading sia .
i hold her hand until RED RED ! psps arh ~
then after one hour . go back . coz is BBQ TIME !
the BBQ ish such a failure ! nobody
noe how to start fire . still need ask the
next room auntie help us start !malu sia =X
then after BBQ . we play playstation .
this is the first time i soccer game .
i just noe nothing bout that game . haha .
then play play play . then i realised that .
i nv play at all . all ish the computer
plaiying . then huiqi get HIGH liao .
coz she always win jiajun the
basketball game .
high until stand in front of the tv .
lyk that see . lyk she ish
BLIND lor ! haha . =X
then after that go home with
iainrick and sweekiat .
wao lao ! the taxis driver anyhow
drive de ! drive so fast !
make me feel lyk vomiting sia !


so tired so quite late
wake up . my sms
wake me up ! =X haha .
then stay at home lor .
haha . end ~


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


erm today go lot one eat
lunch wit huiqi . ben lai olso
gort with ruiqi . but SHE WAKE
UP LATE ! =X then call her
ask her wake up . she sae she
lazy cum out liao =X haha
then me and huiqi go eat lor .
haha . i eat man bian .
huiqi eat chicken noodles .
haha . then go comics shop .
huiqi STUBBORN sia !
want to find one comics to buy !
hai me wait sooo long ! haha ./
then go ruiqi hse play maple !
then i take a pic . so cute ~
then after that go fetch my
meimei / then she suddenly
stomach ache . siao lahx .
i dunnoe wat to do . ):
lucky she nv cry sia . but now
she feeling better (:



Tuesday, November 14, 2006


today same same lor .
wake up . watch kids central =X
then after that fetch my meimei
to skkol with my mummy .
then go lot one with her .
coz i at home olso sian .
then at more than words .
i saw one skelton and
friends SETS toys . so CUTE
lor ! haha . love it ! then
after that walk walk lor .
haha . then reach home .
i very very tired . then fall asleep .
lucky my sms wake me up .
if nort i will be late again fetch
my meimei . haha . =X
then iainrick sae he help me
train . dunnoe true anot ,
haha . anyways XIE XIE loads ! (:


Monday, November 13, 2006

i am late AGAIN !

wake at 7.30am today !
coz wan go JOGGING
wit huiqi and ruiqi . haha .
must keep fit ! haha .
but hor . go there in the
end olso walk walk
tok tok wan . we nv jog at
all lor ! haha . =X
only after one hour .
huiqi jui sae wan go eat
breakfast liao . fei si ni !
haha =X then huiqi go
eat long john sliver . me and
ruiqi nv eat . coz the breakfast
lyk nort very nice lehx . then we sit
then we look at huiqi eat until
10am . then jui go KFC eat .
now huiqi turn to look at
me and ruiqi eat . haha .
then go comics shop . coz
huiqi wan go buy comics . haha .
then jui go huiqi hse lor .
nan de she let us go her hse sia .
haha . qi guai ~ +.+"
then go her hse use com lor .
and tok tok laugh laugh .
after that . go fetch my meimei .
i am late again . lucky she nv
cry sia . phew ~ oh ya .
i change my msn add liao .
must thanks RUIQI help me type all
my contacts . and HUIQI help me
press here press there . XIE XIE LOADS !

* sick !