Saturday, December 23, 2006

digust-ing moments

today wake up at around
12 noon plus plus . coz last
night i told my meimei we going
eat jap food . she so happy
and excited lor . then this morning
she 11am wake me up . i didnt
respond 11.30am she wake me
up again . i still continued sleeping +.+ll
at 12noon , she shouted : JIEJIE , FASTER
WAKE UP , 1 PM LIAO ! hahas . i tot real lor .
so faster wake up . wao lao , she bluff me ! then
me continued sleeping . +.+ll then after awhile faster
wake up liao . coz i am LATE ! hahas .
then meet huiqi at 1pm . ben lai eat jap food .
but cancelled , so eat sushi at huiqi house
in the end . hahas . my meimei angry with me .
coz i broken my promises . i promise her go
eat jap food . but in the end , i make her happy
by buying her ice-cream . +.+ll we have alot of fun .
then while waiting they all come . me and huiqi
play neopets and cartoonetwork games .
entertain my meimei . +.+ll hahas . then
come liao , eat chicken and fishballs .
thanks her family for helping alot !
then eat cake ! we eat until very digusting .
hahas . then go playgroung play catching .
siao lahx . no stamina , run abit , jiu tired
like siao . hahas . but FUN ! hahas . then go
night market walk walk . bought a Winx Club
colouring book for my meimei . peiying need
update herself , she nv watch before . hahas .
then my meimei keep holding the books ,
as if it will walk away . +.+ll then after that go
home , then saw xinying and her boyfriend
under my block . sae hello to them (:

have alot of fun today , wish everybody
merry christmas in advance (: