Sunday, February 22, 2009

I forgot where i went?
paiseh !


Went to work . I was super bored
alone in the shop . It's my last day of work .
I will miss them )))))): See you all this christmas !
( i hope ) this mickey mouse couple is super cute !!!!!!
cost $129 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! expensive right? ya ! because
it is from Japan ! hahas . Dear , willing to buy for
me mah ?HAHAS !

went to meet my mum and meimei afterwards .
meet them at lot one , and headed to Bukit Timah
to see doctor . My rashes are forever not healed !!!!
ARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went to dinner and back to lot
one again . not much shopping there too . i bought
a file for meimei !!! she wants it for very long time already !
She is so damn happy !!! ya ! she and my mum also
bought ezlink card sticker! i think it's cute!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I am freaking crazy now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister and mum came and find me
when i was working . My meimei
insisted to " work " with me . hahas
let her stay at my pushcart for awhile .
And she keep saying that she serves
customer better than me -.-

I was my mum's birthday on Valentine day !
Sweet right ? hahas . Bought a present for her
and she like it really much . I put it on top
of our fridge -.- she took a long time to find that
present . I also had three roses . i asked my
father to pretend that he obught the roses for her.
and he said the three word : " i love you "
But too bad i didntsaw my mum's first reaction.
i was still sleeping . But she was dam surpriesd as my
father long time didnt say sweet talk ler .
Then i also bought a minibirthday cake for her .
But actually my plan was abit unsuccessful .
I didnt managed to find a shop that can help me
pump helium into my balloons . ): too bad ~~
Overall , i can see that my mum was really happy.HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY !

very random post .
I think we went Dasio last week?

Friday, February 06, 2009


Yea! It's our 25th months anniversary !
Met dear vat Bangkit and had lunch there.
The chicken rice there was totally SUCKS !
Took bus to ECP . Really uncomfortable !!!!!
ya ya , that is my old illness ~~~
Luckily dear know me the best . A Hot
chocolate drink can make me feel alright again ((((:
Went cycling and the wreid thing was when rent
bicycle , the person in charge should keep my
IC in case i ran away . but he didnt -.-

Slack for the whole day and finally it's time for dinner!!!
DELICIOUS !!!! We talked alot of lame topics -.-
Hurray ! i had a fun day !!!!!
dear dear is the BEST !!!!


i off many many days lehs !
i also dont know why !! ):
i only work on monday , wednesday and sunday . -.-
i sure earn damn less this week !!!!

Sian , i need to work on sunday at taka alone again !
i need to rushhhhhhhhhhh ~~~~~~
But now short of people ,
so we need to understand ....

but but but ..........
i have a small small request ...
Can i just work on one weekend ? ( if needed )
( either saturday or sunday )
i need to find time to teach my sister homework .
heyheyhey !!!!i am a 24hours jie jie !!!! hahas

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