Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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went add-math lesson in school ,
rush home afterwards , went dearest
house afterwards due to some
stupit reasons ! hahas , i am addicited
to a dancing game ! it's really fun ! hahas .


went to my grandma house , i didnt see her
for a long time ! hahas , went to have dinner
together , yups , it was boring as usual -.-

Saturday, October 27, 2007

my meimei drew these .


got back my report book . my results were
arent good , in fact my result drop alot !
my class position are always at the very back .
because my class is too clever -.-
after school , i went straight home &
get changed to go for an interview with sweetheart .
we ate a super small plate of frech fries
for $2 !? omg , its super expensive ! hahas
we went for the interview & i love that job
sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!
we had a one to one interview ! quite scary
indeed ! but we yet to be confirmed whether
we are choosen , but i hope we are !!!
afterwards, we headed to town to get my
earpieces & USB cables repaired ! i managed
to get a new USB cables but earpieces cannot ,
i need to buy a new earpieces !!! ARGH !!!
all beacos he pull my earpieces until spoilt !!!!!
hahas . shopping & went home(:
i always hate the day to end):

i want that jobbbbbbbbbbb !!!

english : 58
chinese : 53
add math : 44
E math : 64
science : 48
humanities : 51
POA : 69

total : 343/600
percentage : 57.2%
class position : 25/44
level postion : 74/204

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


went school with sweetheart .
it is inter class captain ball
competiton . i was excited !
hahas , good thing is our class
won champion ! i am so happy!
all thanks to all my classmates(:
it's fun playing ! i am the captain .
hahas . i will be having a few job
interview on thursday . lucks to me(:


i am tired ! i slept until 11pm
but my meimei force me to wake
up ! argh ! i put a new song , i think it an
old song but it really nice(:

i'm sorry):

Sunday, October 21, 2007

accompanied sweetheart to do his ic ,
is my turn to pei him , i still rmb he
accompanined me to do my ic &
thats out first date . it was quite
funny when i think about that , time
really fly ! doing his ic was fast ! we
wait less than 10mins & they are friendly.
afterwards we went to the nearby hawer
centre to have a light lunch but the food
were super yucky ! afterwards we headed
to Marina Square to shop around first .
the exciting part is here : we headed to
the Museum Of Toys ! rated 5/5 i am so damn
excited ! it was my first time going there !
i can see all sorts of toys ! from the ugliest
to the ugly ! there no pretty toys . hahas
ancient toys are yucky & funny ! we are
fortunate living in this year . those toys
cant stop me from laughing ! it was really
an fun experience for me ! it really worth to go !!!
its only $10 per ammission ! i think its cheap !
afterwards , we are damndamn hungry , we decided
a long time what to eat for dinner & finally
we decided to eat at Swensten .yummyyummy !
i ate salmon baked rice & cookie summit icecream
is super duper delicious ! gosh ! FATFATFAT !
i enjoy today with sweetheart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no matter what consequences , i will stay by our side .


Thursday, October 18, 2007

i found an interesting yet quite childish game .
i can cut their hair in any style , rebond & perm
& dye their hair ! WOW ! dont you all think is cute !?
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someone please help me !!!
i was super duper bored in school
that caused frown on my face whole
day long . i need to be entertained !!!!

lst period : pe lesson
[ need to stand under a big , shiny &
hot sun ! ]
2nd period : geography
[ GOSH ! i dun even care about past !!
i am not interested too !!! ]
3rd period : math
[ went to computer lab which is a totally
waste of time when the internet is so
damn stupit slow that cause me to fall
alsleep !]
4th period : recess
[ finally i can get to eat those yucky & boring
food >:( ]
5th period : chem
[ copy down exam ans whick i didnt even copy
instead i was drawing on my paper ]
LAST period : english
[ played poker cards , finally there is one period
that was fun ! i won three rounds ! ]

end of my f-king boring day in school !
went to sweetheart's house , ate sushi
for lunch ! i think i was abit mentally unbalanced
& went bonkers !! i just cant control it !!

with my mummy !

Saturday, October 13, 2007

went to my grandma house , as per normal ,
it is super duper boring !!! hahas ,
quarelled with my meimei , she keep
using my hp until no battery & keep
giving an attitude look ! ARGH ! i didnt
tok to her until now ! yups , she sure tell
me soory first ! i always win ! hahahas
saw a baby keep crying & crying !!!
but she is so damn cute !!!
i loves babies !!!!!!!

went to school with sweetheart , got back
my results , not quite good , will tell my
results when i got back all my result(:
went back home straight to get changed .
meet sweetheart ofcourse , firstly we wanted
to go town to get his hp repair , but in the
end we didnt go , headed to plaza singapura
instead , firstly we wanted to watch ( forget
what movie ) but is nc16 , so we decided
to try , but in the end , we failed ! the girl
diedie olso dun want to sell the movie ticket
unless we show our ic ! argh ! watch turth be told ,
we anyhow choose movie , rating 3/5
i dun lyk the movie ! argh !!! play acrade ,
i love playing the touch screen games ! hahaas
have our dinner at Ajinsan ! delicious !!!
i ate too much until i wanted to vomit !
i always hate the day to end):

everybody is looking at dumbo . x:


its a school holiday , headed to sweetheart
house , his father & brother are at home ,
they are friendly(: watch dvd whole day ,
& at night we headed to greenridge to
have his hair cut & Bukit timah to have
our dinner .

i miss dumbo & dear):