Saturday, October 13, 2007

went to my grandma house , as per normal ,
it is super duper boring !!! hahas ,
quarelled with my meimei , she keep
using my hp until no battery & keep
giving an attitude look ! ARGH ! i didnt
tok to her until now ! yups , she sure tell
me soory first ! i always win ! hahahas
saw a baby keep crying & crying !!!
but she is so damn cute !!!
i loves babies !!!!!!!

went to school with sweetheart , got back
my results , not quite good , will tell my
results when i got back all my result(:
went back home straight to get changed .
meet sweetheart ofcourse , firstly we wanted
to go town to get his hp repair , but in the
end we didnt go , headed to plaza singapura
instead , firstly we wanted to watch ( forget
what movie ) but is nc16 , so we decided
to try , but in the end , we failed ! the girl
diedie olso dun want to sell the movie ticket
unless we show our ic ! argh ! watch turth be told ,
we anyhow choose movie , rating 3/5
i dun lyk the movie ! argh !!! play acrade ,
i love playing the touch screen games ! hahaas
have our dinner at Ajinsan ! delicious !!!
i ate too much until i wanted to vomit !
i always hate the day to end):

everybody is looking at dumbo . x:


its a school holiday , headed to sweetheart
house , his father & brother are at home ,
they are friendly(: watch dvd whole day ,
& at night we headed to greenridge to
have his hair cut & Bukit timah to have
our dinner .

i miss dumbo & dear):