Sunday, March 30, 2008

went snow city with meimei & dear ! First we went to
Jurong point. i saw a very nice hp , purple colour ! but its a new
launch handphone and i dun dare to buy . becos my hp now ,
is olso a new launch hp so that why there is many problem
with my hp now ! argh ! went to have lunch and play acarde .
my meimei played until very fun ! she is very high when she got
many tickets ! but afterwards , she get abit moody , becos she is
getting tired . cabbed down to snow city and we had a super great
time there ! my meimei is brave ! she dosent complained cold at all !
hahas . keep throwing snow at each other ! hahas ! they ganged up
and bully me ! hahas ! afterwards , we went to lot one .
Dear went to sp first , then we headed to watch soccer .
SAF vs Woodlands ! i bought SAF vs Woodlans 3-0
firstly i tot my meimei will get bored over it ! but i am worng ,
she is busy eating popcorns and candyfloss -.- yups ! she is a pig !
in the end , WE WON !!! so happy !!!! had such and enjoyable dAY !

i want her to taste all the excitement with us !!!


had my last exam , chinese . i am lousy in chinese -.-
i think i never pass my chinese b4 in my secondary life .
ohno ! meet my dear , watched Slam . rated 1/5 !
me and dear are lame . we both see the movie on the
internet . it's a china movie but it say until the movie
very action packed and the best movie in china !
so we decided to watch for fun ! hahas lame -.-
so we headed to Plaza Singapura to watch .
the movie is super duper yucky, boring and sucks !
we nearly fall asleep okay !? luckily playing acarde
make my mood back again . played mario again ,
but this time i lose to dear ! i love Mario !!!!
then we went to watch soccer , i am quite pro in
soccer now okay !? hahas ! Gombak played until very
lan ! dear lose ):

i am moody,unhappy and sad !

Saturday, March 22, 2008


outing to zoo with dear and meimei .
actually our motive of going to zoo is
to accompany her to do her zoo project .
hahas. firstly , me and dear went to Causeway
Point to buy a slipper . White is always the
best ! then went to had our lunch there. finally
we went to meet my meimei. at first we were
very scared that my meimei were started crying after
looking at dear . but luckily , dear is friendly enough,to
make my meimei happy again !
our trip to zoo is very fun ! but alot of the animals are
lost ! dunnoe why -.- dear played with her at
the playground . and i am very happy to see that
my meimei love him very much (:
afterwrdas , we cab down to yishun to have
our delicious dinner ! she keep complaining that she
is hungry ! hahas. my ahmei keep sticking to my dear !
hahahahas ! we decided to watch Horton , a cartoon
movie. we walked there and we sang , and keep playing
around ! hahas , played acarde , didnt managed to catch
that minnie mouse but managed to catch some sweets !
Horton , rated 5/5 ! it is a very meaningful movie ! and
those cartoon are cute ! cab home and reached
home almost midnight. my meimei stared crying !
becos she missed mummy too much ! yups , she still
a kid ! it's natural for her to miss mummy !
dear faster hug her tight ! yeah ! super enjoyable day !

no words can express how happy am i now !
my never ever fillful dream have finally come true !
sincerely deep form my heart :
Thanks you very much , my dear <3
You did an awsome job today !
i am proud of you !



my meimei is toking on pone with dear !
they keep talking non-stop ! these
are the two lamers -.-

Saturday, March 15, 2008


had E-math and add math tution . wanted to meet
dear afterwards but due to some stupit reasons ,

i headed home instead . ARGH!


went to meet dear , headed to town to take my dear
handphone back . yup , his hp olso spoilt ! hahas
the worst thing is hs memory card abit sot ! but we
didnt keep the original receipt of the memory card .
and becos of that , maybe he need to but a new
memory card ! sounds stupit ! it's raining heavily !
Luckily i bought my umberlla along ! hahas
headed to Partyworld , singsingsing ~
had lotslots fun ! jumping around like a fool ! hahas
i super love the chocolate milkshake there ! yummy !
finally the time i am waiting for finally arrived ! we were
going to watch Disney On Ice ! after partyworld , headed
to Kallang , took a cab down to Singapore Indoor Stadium .
we were late for almost 10mins and we missed a few parts.
rated 5/5 ! interesting and they really do skate well !
mickey and minnie are always my idols ! hahas
goofy , donal duck , lion king , peter pan ,
101 dalmation dogs , lio and sitch were here too !
dear is a cartton noob ! he know NOTHING about cartoon !
hahas . super duper fun day ! cartoon is the best !



around 4+pm , went to meet my dear ,
headed to his house to play bishi bashi ,
and just slack around . went to Bukit Timah
to buy my rashes medicine , had dinner and
then played pool. of course i didnt win once
at all! i keep rowing the ball to the wrong
place x: but we had lots of fun ! keep poking
him with my stick ! hahas

Saturday, March 08, 2008



meet my dear.
headed to Wisma to collect my hp ! finally
my hp is back ! it is fully repaired now !
luckily there is not many people so we
didnt wait such a long time . then we went
to Cinelesiure to watch 10,000 BC !
rated 5/5 !!! super duper super duper
nice show ! everything look so real in
the movie ! the director is fantasic !!!
if you ask me to watch again , i will surely
watch ! went to eat at Sakae Teppanaki for
dinner afterwards . yummy !

then we went
to Chinatown. guess where we went ?
we went to chinese heritage centre .
firstly i thought it was interesting to know
about chinese past , but now i know i am
aboustly wrong !! it was already around 7pm
when we reached there and we were the 2nd
last customers . we go inside ,the whole place
was dim , olden day music were heard and the
everything LOOK ERRIE !!!!!!!!!!!!! the worst
thing is there is nobody aroound! i am too afraid
so i decided to rather waste that ticket money and
go out right away !!!!! Dear hold me tight!
the auntie stop us . she told
us that it was such a waste to buy the ticket without
going in so she decided to accompany us inside .
so kind of her(: can you imagine that auntie must off
all the lights in the museum before she can go home?
the place already look damn errie with the lights on !
yucks! Chinese history is really scary !!! i will never
ever go again !!!

by the time we finish touring around , it was still early .
so we decided to go plaza singapura . OHNO ! i am
too addicted to the Super Mario racing ! Dear and I
even bought a Super Mario game card ! hahaha !
i am still consider as a pro okay !? i won dear 4 times!!!
HAHAHAHAS ! headed home by train and dear and i
keep toking rubbish !! keep laughing non-stop -.-
another super duper fun day !!! (:

Dear ,
the first day i know you , i thought you are boring guy .
but dun ask me why i still decided to be with you ,
maybe all these are fate ! but i never regret to be with
you. you are always there for me when i need a listening
ear . i admit that no matter i am sad or happy , i will still cry.
i can cry easily but you never fail to comfort me .
We can talk about almost every little things ! and i am
glad that you are willing to tell me everything . i love to
hear your laughter , your joke and see your funny faces !
Open your heart and take me in ,
i will stay inside forever .