Monday, April 30, 2007

meimei ' s masterpiece

its really a studying day for me .
working really hard , but can i
see any reasult ? hopes so(:
takecares all my girls !

went school early with dearest .
i really woke up early hor !
i tok some stupit thing &
i didnt realised dearest is still
sleeping but he still reply .
* soory ahs ! still need help
from peiying & xinhong & mr desmond
to clear my doubts on some math qns &
it really helps me today ! THANKS(:
math paper one & geography really
make me mad todays ! only have one
word to describe it : DIFFICULT
anyways its all over , lets natures goes .
went dearest house afterwards . his
brother is sick again . TAKECARE GUY !
ate pizza hut for lunch , yumyum ,
delicious ! bought noodles for his
brother but he keep complaining its
taste awful , but it looks indeed not appetizing
in appearance x: opps ~ anyways just bear it
for awhile , you will feel alright in a few days time(:
erm teach dearest POA but he just cannot
concentrate . went to fetch my meimei .
reach home around 7.30pm(:

Saturday, April 28, 2007

songs from the movie 200 pounds .
loves this song .

went school with dearest as usual .
english paper one & two today ,
dearest dun feel stress at all .
cos he always get high marks mahs .
but i different , i stress lyk siao ,
cos i always fail -.- hahas .
after schhol , went fajar mac
to eat lunch with dearest .
went home & change afterwards .
i took a long time to get change .
gort a bad scolding from dearest .
hahas . plan to go house to study
but in the end we didnt x: its his turn to
get change , he olso very man fan der hor .
hahas , erm went to causeway point
to watch 200 pounds ! rated : 5/5
nicest movie i ever watch !
comedy plus thouching ! it really
worth watching it ! after watching
the movie , you will realised looks is
very important for girls . erm after that ,
went shopping & we saw our schhol
teachers & freinds . OMG ! went
funfair to kiakia olso x: its smelly there !!
took bus home & chitchat near my block .
time really passes fast ! reach home at

i love you !! (:

woke up early but i still get
scolding from dearest for
waking up late ! x: but 10am is
early to me . hahas .
so qiao , dearest olso had to go
to schhol same time as me .
went schhol togather .i went to
school to attend my add-math
extra lesson . completely
forgotten i got a test today &
in the end i only know how to
do one qns !! gona flunked
in this test . after that , that
stupit celina spray water at
me , making me WET ! yups ,
ofcos i revenge ! she olso wet .
FAIR ! hahas . pei him
go bp but his lunch & i go
buy my earser at popular .
lan lor !!! all white in colour ,
no other colour , decided not to
buy . went home afterwards(:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

my meimei trying to make a fool of herself .

the sky was dark , it was all
wet outside . lucky there was
no thunder can be heard .
my mood was down after
seeing the bad weather .
plan to go school with dearest
early , but the weather make me
wants to sleep abit longer x:
had a 2nd round of sleeping .
after woking up , keep slacking ,
me & dearest reach school at
about 8.30am if i'm nort wrong .
thanks for the umberlla . * muacks
but i quarelled with my mum
due to some stupit reasons .
school as usual , nothing
special happened . i am really
tired today , keep sleeping in
many lessons . after schhol ,
went home . my afternoon
nap really helps me alot .
my energy is back again(:

english paper one & two for me tomo .
* yups , i will try my very best(:

its normal for us to makes mistakes sometimes .
but whenever i needs yous , you are always there
no matter what , hubby , i love you .
you are the one i needed most .

everything changes ,
includings ours .

Sunday, April 22, 2007


didnt attent schhol , i am lazy
thats why x:
dearest meet me right after school
in his schhol uniform . hahas .
went to his house slack & wait for
him to bath hao . we decided to headed
to bugis . first we went to bp to have
our stomach filled . we took bus to bugis
afterwards . went to watch wilds hogs movie ,
rated 4/5 , its a really funny movie , but i has
a very lame ending . hahas . i keep
laughing non-stop , until dearest
keep saying that i abit crazy , hahas .
its shopping time ! its a perfect day
to shop , as its nort really crowded .
i'm soory dearest , i keep complaining
that i cant find anything i lyk .
its abit furasting when i cant buy
anything i lyk . almost all the shops
are selling almost the same thing .
but dearest managed to bought a
earing . its nice(: we shop until we
didnt realised we forgot to have our
dinner . when we are about
to go home , we saw a mad old guy
wandering at the bus-stop begging
for money , its really scary .
i really had an enjoyable shopping
trip with YOU(:

my aunt came to have a one to one
poa tutuion again . she really helped
me alot ! make me understand more .
THANKS , you had saved me(:
i watched 3 dvd at one shot .
poseidon , 16 blocks , snakes on planes .
wow ! all exciting ! hahas .

woke up quite late . gort a bad
scolding from dearest as usual
for waking up late . hahas .
can anybody save me from my
panda eyes !?


Thursday, April 19, 2007

went to school with dearest ,
hubby ate nuggets , i secretly
ate one x: hahas , in the end
olso caught red handed by him . x:
schools are as per normal .
boringboring . nth really special
happens . after school , went to
dearest house . ate kfc for lunch(:
delicious !
went school with dearest .
ate curry puffs. i only eat
the crispy part . hahas .
hahas . i hates
thursays ! cos gort pe ! yucks !
ran 2.4km run today . abit slack
but still run abit . in the end ,
i pass ! all thanks to suria !
thats our little dirty secret . hahas .
i am damn tired ! yups , lessons
are boring again . decided to
start my drawings ! cos i am too sians !
its fun drawing ! hahas (: after school ,
stay back to have my nafa test .
cos i absent last last thursday x:
went home after thats .

heart is a small thing .

Monday, April 16, 2007

went to aaron & jiajun birthday
party . unlucky day for me , huiqi
, steph & yuhan ! first > a taxi driver
drive us to the wrong place . hai us
need to hire another taxi . 2nd >
we were walking to the bicyclr rental
shop , but realised we were at the
wrong path . +.+ yups , we were
the last to arrive . we went to the beach
to collect seashell & playing with water .
is fun(: hahas . we spent
our time cycling lor . my butt hurt after
cycling a long time . my stomach was
growling so decided to buy macdonal
with dearest for dinner . we ate near the
beach(: went home after that , & hire a taxi
woos ~ we took a high class taxis . hahas .
but ofcos it is more expensive . bid
goodbye to him . reach home at around
12+am . enjoyable day indeed(:

i am struggling with my poa ! decided
to call my aunt to teach me , to clear
my doubts on poa . she teach me for
around 3hours . & i understand more .
thanks for her helps(:

went to school with dearest . i ate
porridge for breakfast while he ate
meefen . lesson as per normal .
boringboring . but me & celina
keep slacking during poa lesson .
teacher ask us to write the homework
ans on the borad * ofcos we forget to
do * , we keep standing in front of
the whiteboard , struggling for ans .
we do one qns for almost
halfhour hahas , she didnt realised
we purposly trying to waste her poa
lesson +.+

dun mind please STOP criticizing other people
as you are no better !!!
shut up , bitch !

Friday, April 13, 2007

went schhol with dearest as usual .
he said he wanted to study for today
chinese test . but in the end , he
memorising all the answers !
we had taken the test , so ignatius
lent him the original test
paper . wow ! he lucky ! hahas .
lessons were as usual > boring !
i wanted to ask teacher to clear
my doubt on add-math , but in the
end , i didnt . went dearest house
with cassandra , huiqi & ruiqi . we
bought tibits to stop our stomach
from growling . spent our time
watching tv , playing com &
talking crappys x: they were so
concentrated on the ps2 game ,
until i keep calling them & they didnt
ans me . hellos , am i talking to a wall ?
in the end , they olso dunnoe what is
happening in the game . x: just keep
fighting with the monster . +.+ need to
went back by 5pm , as i need to rush to
fetch my meimei . i am already rushing
& yet they still strolling back home .
i need to rush that 1min train ! 1min
is very precious to me ! hahas .
ran up the stairs & managed to catch
that train . in the end , i am still late x:
bought icecream for my meimei(:


a hundred hearts would be too few
to carry all my love for you.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

finally dearest is back to school .
went school with him & ate mee fen
for breakfast . yummyyummy(:
i hate thursdays ! pe day ! x:
lucky today nort 2.4km run .
i love shuttle run ! is fun ! we
just keep runing for fun ! hahas .
today pe lesson was fun(:
had math test today , comment >
some qns were difficult , thats all .
after schhol , went bp to collect
cassandra birthday cake without her
knowing of course x: the cake look
abit ugly , especially the words . but
overall was quite alright . i hate that
pink plastic bag ! after everything
was done , we ate the cake without any
plates . we just share together(:
look digusting after our horrible eating
style . CHEN HUIQI , you better watch out !
she keep throwing cakes on us ! hahas .
keep running around the schhol wihout
any reason x: most scary thing happened ,
we were at the totiet & suddenly total darkness .
we SCREAMED & ran out , ghost story from their
mouth started ~ eww , i hated that .
yups , we were having alot of fun(:

* loves my birthday girl !

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


went to school with ruiqi .
i wok up abit late , lucky
she olso woke up late .
so we meet quite late .
hahas . i gort 2 test on
the same day . physics &
chinese . i do nort have enough
time to do my phyisc test ): &
i sure gona score babdly for
my chinese test as usual ):
i dunnoe how to revise chinese x:
dearest was sick . he tok to me
on fone , could heard that he really
sick . no voice ! ): hahas . so pei
him to see doctor after schhol .
now then i know , bp had a place to
see doctor . i been going there for
almost 3 years , & yet i didnt know x:
this is my first time stepped in there .
hahas . dearest guai lan . he demanded
to have 3 days mc & the doctor blurblur
said okay . kaokao , good lor ! can wake
up late ! envy ~ went to eat at foodcourt
after that . yummyyummy ! went to his
house after that . i fed him medcine .
good nurse arh ~ hahas .


went school with huiqi . opps ~ i am
abit late x: school only have one word
to describle > boring ! +.+
realised today didnt have dance .
so pei cassandra to her dental appointment
my first time to * dunnoe what *
hosipital . hahas . we keep toking non-stop x:
ate doungnut & currypuffs . hahas .
i just hate that dentist smell ! let me remember
of my primary school experiences x:
my panda eye is getting darker ! i hate that !

* gald to hear that you are recovering fast !



Monday, April 09, 2007

went school with dearest .
ate porridge at coffeeshop
for breakfast . he was sick .
no fried food for him .
before going , he keep complaining
porridge tastless , in the end , he
still finish all mahs . hahas x:
school as per normal , keep wanting
to sleeping in class . i am too tired +.+
after schhol , went to dearest house .
i nearly fall alsleep , too tired !
but he keep disturbed me ! after that ,
he pei me go plaza buy my facial waash &
earsticks & pei me go home , but he
dun dare to fetch my meimei ler .
she just too scary x: my mum
bought a new shoe for my meimei , she
just too excited , keep wearing the new
shoe at home . oo ~ she just a kid !


Sunday, April 08, 2007

holiday > good friday !
planed to meet dearest .
erm he late ! we went marina
square watch 豆豆先生 >
mr bean's holiday ! but the movie
started quite late , so we went
shopping & acarde play . we ate
lolipop . erm the movie damn funny !
but dearest feel the movie quite
boring +.+ erm after that went to eat
cavana for dinner , yummyyummy !
then we go toktok for quite long at
esplande(: then went home , & toktok
again near my block(: erm reach home at
around 11.30pm , enjoyable day with him(:

happy belated
3rd months (:
i hearts him

woke up later than dearest as usual x:
went to my grandma house at afternoon ,
siansiansian , i watch tv till sleep ,
erm hubby had fever ): i'm soory ,
i cant do anything much , but just
remember to takecare(:


i hate thunders x:

Thursday, April 05, 2007

i didnt attent school today ,
cos gort pe mahs , i scared
gort 2.4km run again x: &
i olso very tired mahs , just
dun feel like going schhol .
erm already plan hao want
go out with him after
school , but last min he
need to serve dentention for
some unreasonable
reasons . +.+ waste time lor .
then in the end , our trip was
cancelled . i decided to go
ikea with my mum tonight .

* photos would be uploads soon(:

* muacks

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

miserable day for me !

love is a beautifier

Monday, April 02, 2007

bloody mood !

you should forget and smile than
remembering to be sad.