Tuesday, October 31, 2006


2day olso gort dance . but end earlier 2day .
until 10.30 only . then more streching .
whole body aching now . then mdn zan siao wan de .
keep scolding me . i already pin up my hair liao .
only little bit hair falling down . then keep SCOLDING
me . then the instructor as usual .
came later fer 45mins .
then he olso very funny . haha .
cher gif us new dance training
dates . MORE training sia .
but lucky all only end bout 11am .
reach hm liao . my mum still sleeping .+.+
me 4get bring keys again .
then go my aunt house lor . siao lahx .
my mum 12 + then wake up .
then i alone at hm . coz my mum go
fetch my meimei to skkol . then
go lot one . i lazy to go . BUT i
regret nort goin wit her coz after that
damn loud lor ! =X end ~


Monday, October 30, 2006

need wake up early ! gort dance training !
6.45 need wake up !
tired ~ siao lahx .
dun see mdn zan face lyk very kind
but she VERY STRICT ! need pin up hair lyk nerd !
nort enough pins . still can take frm the dance studio .
BUT need pay 20 cents each .
lame sia ~ +.+
then this whole week everyday need go back skkol
lor . then need take out my earing .
very pain ~ then the instructor
always cum 45mins later .
mdn zan still say that his style . =X
then he tok olso very funny .
but when scold people . very fierce
de ! haha . dance should start at 8am .
but he 8.45 then cum .
then end bout 10.30 . so many streching ~ pain !
then after that went home .
coz i very very tired liao .
fetch my meimei tu skkol .
then i whole day watch a korea series
dvd i just bought ! NICE ~ tittle : a love to kill .
i only watch the first 2 eposide .
sian lehx . tml still gort dance .
need wake up early again ): end ~
+ apart

Saturday, October 28, 2006

yesterday post . i 4get to thanks binbin fer helping in my blog .
THANKS LOADS BINBIN ! hearts her ~ then i found the
background myself . (:

2day ben lai wan go out de . but i wake up too late .
then the weather hot . lazy go out again .
then play maple maple ~
i must train ! haha . o.o =X
later at nite go out eat dinner lor .


Friday, October 27, 2006

2day go peiying hse . meet huiqi at south view . i am EARLY !
i always late wan . gort improvment ~ erm then go seven eleven
buy food eat lor . i bought the mash potatoes . delicious ~
then after that meet ruiqi and peiying at voideck .
peiying teach me alot in maple .
i am juz a beginner ~ =X
tanks loads peiying !
then huiqi and ruiqi crazy bout maple
cash items ! haha .
then after that peiying and ruiqi help
me train . but ask ruiqi train horx NO
USE de . always talk talk talk . haha . opps ~
but aniways tanks loads ruiqi too lahx (:
then they wan go hm late late .
but too bad my mum cook my dinner liao .
so need go back hm eat .
siao lahx . i wan go hm coz HUNGRY but they dun wan
pei me ! TORTURED ME ~ haha .
in the end . they olso pei me lahx . (:
huiqi sister around 8pm called me .
ask where ish huiqi . worry ~
siao lahx . huiqi BAD lahx . let her sister woory ! haha .

Thursday, October 26, 2006

depa raya day ~ erm go skkol wit peiying and huiqi . i wake up early . haha .
then nan de huiqi 2day earlier than us . =X 2day take back report book .
all deprove ~ haha . but nvm lahx . at leasts my standard still maintain .
peiying huiqi and cass sure all go 2e4 . then me juz hope me same cls as xinhong .
then after that gort the depa raya concert . very boring sia . then huiqi and peiying
go watch ghost movie , silk . i dun wan go . i HATE ghost movie ! +.+ then i went home lor . after awhile huiqi called me that 2day dun have that silk movie . then ask me watch dead or alive . that ish the movie i WANTED TO WATCH ! but i reach hm liao . i lazy to go out again . then i nv go watch lor . very tired today . dunnoe why .
so took a nap . i sleep fer 3hours ! haha . END ~
exam reasult :
english > 59
chinese > 45
math > 73
science > 57
geography > 60
history > 60
literature > 69
dnt > 63
home econ > 75
art > 59
time past very fast ~
but juz hope everyting remain the same !

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

erm 2day still same same lor . but go skkol one hour later . then straight away go hall listen to clothing talk . the speaker very funny . +.+ then after that gort one hour recess . after skkol go ruiqi hse again . go her hse tok tok then time very very fast past . we olso plaining our holiday activities . haha . then cass 4get bring the cd again ! FORGETFUL ~ haha . =X
my reality is twisted .

Monday, October 23, 2006

boring day in skkol 2day . same same lor . meet alison and xinying go skkol 2gather /
then after that no lesson but gort the toopit talk bout eyes wan . aiya . listen olso no use wan . haha . then after that go back cls again then recess . afetr recess WHOLE day nth to do in cls ! very sian lor ! then wed can go skkol abit later . gd gd ~
then after skkol . go ruiqi hse again . our 2nd home ~ but go lot one buy ting eat first .
i 'm new #

Friday, October 20, 2006

erm 2day go skkol . coz tot 2day bball inter class then more fun . so go skkol .
but i REGRET ! coz raining . then whole day stay at hall watch toopit movie !
lame sia . watch until my head dizzy ! =X sumore the movie 2 hours lehx !
then after that finally finish liao . the toopit mr ajinued sae all sec 2 must stay back at hall again fer cme talk . siao lahx ! head already dizzy liao . still must CONTINUED
stay at hall ! then the cme ppl tok all craps ! keep repeating his word ! LAME !
lata still gort left one hour . cher still ask her watch another movie ! SIAO LAHX !
they tink we lyk watch movie sia ! always WATCH WATCH ! waste time !
i would rather stay at hm wake up late . then slack at hm . REGRET ! then after skkol
go ruiqi hse again . ruiqi hse ish our 2nd hm . haha . then go 7evelen buy food .
i so hungry lor ! whole day nv eat ! i eat alot . then go hm . ruiqi finally can use com liao . then they kept on sabo me ! sae i DEAD liao ! BIG BULLY ~ erm then i go fetch my meimei lor . lucky i nv late again . haha . =X end ~
be the one fer me ~

Thursday, October 19, 2006

2day didnt go skool . coz gort sexuality talk in skkol . aiya ~ all these dun need to learn wan wat . natural will noe de . sumore i haven hand in the edusave form . =X dunnoe go listen fer wat . waste time ~ then whole day slack at home .
me . peiying . huiqi . ruiqi and cass didnt cum to skkol on tues and thurs . cher sure susspect de . haha . but werid ting ish . the office onli call huqi and ruiqi . nv call me and peiying . +.+ end !

2day meet huiqi and cass at sv . i try very best wan go there early . coz i always late =Xbut tish time . i olso late . haha . then go cck . peiying and ruiqi already reach liao .then go lot one watch movie . the babies and jackie chan de movie . shit !i 4get the movie tittle . very nice show . make me laugh and cry ! haha .then we tink a long time witch movie to watch . coz cass already watch b4 that movie . CONFUSED ~ we at theree very very long . but in the end olso watch the jackie chan movie . then left bout one hour . so walk walk first lor . then after that me and peiying share nacho cheese combo . then huiqi and ruiqi share nacho cheese combo and popcorn combo . watch finish liao . i damn COLD lor . freezing ~then go 7 eleven buy food . then go peiying hse nearby eat eat tok tok . then after that . i wan walk home . coz very very near my hse . then huqi lazy dun wan walk . LAZY ~ end !



Tuesday, October 17, 2006

erm 2day didnt go skkol . coz lyk very sian in skool 2day . whole day see ppl play soccer . so hot ~ then yest go ruiqi hse . peiying . huiqi . cass and ruiqi sae my hair ugly ! wao lao ~ suan me ! haha . then 2day i reallyy go cut hair . but dun reallyy have big difference lahx . =X my mum go fetch my meimei to skool then jui straight away go cut hair . that time around 2.30 . skool juz end . then in lrt of coz saw sum frens =X malu sia ~ then after that cut finish . then go fetch my meimei home .
reach home liao . jui watch final apporach . huiqi sae the anime show very nice .
nth much to sae ~!


Monday, October 16, 2006

2day noe hm econ . history . english and sci marks . erm hm econ still hai hao .
english paper twu of coz fail . i everytime fail but lucky overall pass lahx . then history olso quite okie . then sci juz pass . lucky lor . coz last time compare ans wit peiying and huiqi . i alot qns wrong lor . then but lucky still juz pass . pass can liao lahx . =X
then geo lersson . mdn zan nv cum so a relieve cher cum . siao lahx . the relieve anihow scold ppl . then even tok tok olso cannot . then during hmecon lesson . saw sec one having AEZ program . then saw sum sec 2 dance . we whole cls wan watch lor ! then the cher dun let . NORT FAIR ~ then after skool . go ruiqi hse . first go lot one . but instant noddles . buy tibits . buy drinks . siao lahx . we buy alot alot ting tu eat ! then we eat until so FULL ! haha . then at ruiqi hse . cannot play com .
so at there tok tok lor . alot funny ting . laugh lyk mad ! +.+ nth much to sae .
hate the day when we becum strangers ~

Sunday, October 15, 2006

yest peiying cum my house . coz she sae her sis go
comics shop then she dun wan go back hm again .
then cum my hse lor . wao lao she last min tell me .
then me must faster bath ; iron my clothes and eat .
haha . =X then my meimei sae so many bad ting bout me !
then peiying keep laughing lor ! BLACKHEARTED ~
erm then my meimei olso draw sumting fer peiying .
haha . she TALENTED ~ haha . then after that .
go cass hse lor . then huiqi and xinhong reach earlier than us .
then after tt go tenmile buy plates and plastics bags .
wao lao . i hao xin go pay at the cashier then they ask me
take the plastic bag ! NORT FAIR ! hao xin mei hao bao !
so orbit lor ! lucky nobody see . haha .
then go back cass hse . sit sit tok tok lor .
then at BBQ pit there . everybody gort sumting to do .
i poked hotdogs .
huiqi peel potatoes .
peiying and xinhong started fire .
cass unwraped the food .
ruiqi pokes mashmallow .
then when playing water bomb .
huiqi and peiying play lyk ah siao ! haha . =X
our hair ish in a mess ! haha . lake my clothe all WET !
erm then huiqi wan meet hanxiang . so must faster go hm .
then we olso go hm lor . wao lao when reach hm .
SMELLY SMELLY ~ faster go bath ~
have such a great fun !
then i eat all the food my stomach all okie .
then joseph keep complain his stomach gort problem .
keep balming me . haha . =X

Friday, October 13, 2006

i hate 2day ! first period jui shi chinese liao . wao lao . first period jui make me sad .
:( erm i fail vey badly . i dunnoe hoe to tell my mum . fail so badly :( then cher olso nv go thru the paper with us . the cher no use wan ! anyway . it already happen liao .
erm then cher sae next yr drop to express de chinese . errm gd gd ~ nort so stress .
then after tt gort dance infusion . e3 dance very cute and funny . but our class olso quite good ! x) erm then after tt ish math . onli math can make me happy . at least easier to tell my mum . haha . lucky math marks still okie . hahaa . then after tt our class need go to hall . dunnoe why lehx . wreid ~ actually ish mdm zan ish giving out geo paper in th hall . coz mon she nort free so 2day gif lorx . aiyo . geo olso drop :(
after skool go ten mile buy ingredient fer tml BBQ . haha .
becum AUNTIE ~ haha . then cass mum fetch us to cass hse .
lucky gort her mum . if nort we need to carryy all the plastic bag . malu ~
haha . after tt go ruiqi hse watch ghost movie .
ibeg them long long time nort to watch ghost movie . but they dun bother
me ! BIG BULLY ! haha . but at least when watching they nv scare me .
i HATE ghost movie ! haha . =X
euu do nort noe when i am sad ~

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

yesterday nv update . coz go out lor . haha . i olso xi shen 1 hours of my time ! =X
haha . erm then 2day stay at hm lor . i very late wake up . my meimei go skool liao . then i wake up . haha . erm then at hm watch choibits lor . =X tml ish the last day to rellax . friday ish the day i hate most ! checking paper ~ i hate tt ! gona die ~
then after tt need go fetch my meimei hm . coz i already promised her yest .
nothing much to sae ~

Monday, October 09, 2006

erm 2day art exam . i tot no time do finish . lucky . still left 10mins .
erm then my hands all so dirty . full of PAINTS ! haha . then so unlucky . ms ang take our cls . haha . erm then after art exam . faster go toilet wash up . yucks ~ dirty !
then after tt . me pei huiqi go blue room . coz she 4get bring the consent form . haha . then ruiqi pei me go ask cher 2day gort retest anot . then cher sae 2day have chi retest lor . SHIT ! i 4get to bring my pens again ! need tu borrow frm huiqi again . pathetic ~ haha . then go staff room take exam . cooling ~ then huqi wait fer me fer almost one hour . wei da ~ haha . then exam over . cher already sae i sure fail wan . when heard tt . i damn scared lor ! i dun wan to fail again :( haix ~ then after tt go comics shop wit huiqi . huiqi really comics freak . read so many at one time . haha .
haha . then she eat the bread . until her mouth dirty sia ~ haha . oops ~
erm then after tt go hm watch chobits show . the show ish so nice ! my meimei and i crazy bout it . lolx ~ tt alll iao bahx .

Saturday, October 07, 2006

erm i wan do art . erm i gona die on monday . coz sure no time to do the art . haha . so diiff to do ! need toning more diff . no talent ~
then after tt watch chobits show . the show so damn nice and funny . haha .
then lata at nite go lot one eat dinner . tt all liao bahx .

Friday, October 06, 2006

erm 2day last paper . but still need retake chinese paper . erm 2day de math paper very nan lorx . lose confident ~ then hm econ . hai hao lahx . then after exam go lot one buy ting eat first . i bought instant noodles . then go ruiqis hse do art . suo hao ting ish do art lahx . but go there play play tok tok .
then after tt they keep saeing my hair messy . then they make it MORE MESSY !
tortured by them ~ haha . then ben lai peiying huiqi xinhong all doin their art . i didnt do . veri tired . then after awhile they feel sian then dun wan do liao .
LAZY ~ haha . then peiying no patient ~ anihow do the toning . haha .
then after tt watch a jap cartoon . 4get the name . so nice lor ! huiqi jie shao de .
then after tt go hm liao . the bus very slow cum . then cass no PATIENT ~ haha .
my memories with them will nv fade ~

Thursday, October 05, 2006

finally tml can more relax . coz onli have math paper twu and hm econ .
math paper one quite okie . but ! geo . i die liao . i 4get do one of the qns . 8 marks GONE ! then cher sae pens down . i still write lor . but cher nv c lahx . so diifficult lehx . all the ting i learn nv cum out during exam . suay ~ haha . then after tt go comics shop lor . the comics so nice tu read ! so romantic ! happy ending ~
then ignatius and kamarul olso go there . lolx . extra ~ haha . then after tt go hm lor .
then lata 8pm conferene wit huiqi peiying ruiqi and maybe xinhong learn math . haha . i tink i cannot concentrate ! they so NOISY ! haha . opps ~ =X
tt alll liao bahx .



Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2day ish history exam . woosh ~ lucky i rmb tu bring my pencilcase . haha . the exam . cher gort gif sum tips . then the ans veri veri long lor . write until my hand pain ! haha . the paper so early jui finish liao . then after exam me . peiying . xinhong
go find ms ang . ask her bout sum math qns . she teach . then we more understand nw . then after tt go comics shop again . coz huiqi yesterday 4get to return the comics book . haha . she CRAZY bout comics ~ haha . then after tt go hm lorx .
my time table fer today :
2pm-4pm play computer
4pm-6.30pm revise math
6.30pm-7.30pm eat dinner and rest
7.30-10pm revise geography

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

2day ish sci paper . i 4get tu bring sumting veri important . MY PENCIL BOX !
siao lahx . i reach in cls then realised lor ! siao lahx . then go around ask ppl fer pens pencil and liquid . siao lahx . i STM ~ erm then do jalf way . i realised i didnt lent ruler frm fren ! no ruler how tu draw line ? erm then use the sides of the paper as ruler .
pathetic ~ then olso dun have calculator . then lent frm huiqi during exam . shhs ~
exam WITHOUT a pencil box ! then after tt eng exam lor . diiff sia . dunnoe the passage toking wat . haha . then peiying still sae the passage veri nice tu read .
yucks ~ haha . then after exam . cass go out wit her frens . then peying huiqi and ruiqi . stay back wait fer mr ajinued . haha . then we all keep throwing string at each other . CHILDISH ! haha . then after mr ajinued short lesson . we go comics shop .
finally dun have ppl play playstation liao . then me and peiying play lor . siao lahx . play the car games . first few rounds win peiying . then after tt all lose liao !
NEED MORE PRACTICE ~ haha . but the car veri nice . YELLOW ~
then after tt go hm lorx . tt alll liao bahx .
2day go west mall go recontract my internet lorx . aiyo so manii ppl lorx ! coz pan wei guo cum tu westmall . i dunnoe lorx . if i noe i suree will nort go . but i c little bit of pan wei guo face horx . he veri SHUAI lorx ! wow ! so manii ppl go quene up fer his signature . then go eat dinnerr olsoo diiff siia . so mani ppl lorx . need wait a long time tu have a seat lorx . then singtel shop olsoo mani ppl lorx . i olso wait a long time lorx fer my turn . erm tt all liiao bahx . byes .

Monday, October 02, 2006

oh shit ! tml ish chinese exam liao ! most scared ish chinese liao . wao lao .first dae exam jui stress liao . =( erm i dunnoe how to study chinese . i ask peiying .she sae need read ALL the chinese words in textbook ! haix . i cannot do tt !juz hope cher will set the paper easy easy . haha . =X then 2dae i revise history .then lata at nite then du chinese . sian ~ tml exam until 11.45 am . so early ~faster exam over . looking forward to 2e5 BBQ. wow . sure fun ~ tt all . byes ~looking forward to 2e5 BBQ !BERNYCE1oct06