Saturday, June 30, 2007

i want that thing !!!! thanks sweetheart willing to share all his family matter to me(:


went school with dearest as
usual , school lesson are as
boring lyk everyday ! i am not
used to school early timetable ,
even ms ang said that i look
tired everyday . after school ,
went home to get changed &
meet dearest , i am not late
but late for the movie timing !
soory , prehaps i do my things
too slowly , managed to watch
Tranformers at a later time at
Vivo City .rated : 5/5 it was
damn nice & exciting movie !
it worth to watch!! we went
to buy school shoes & shopping
afterwards & managed to buy
something i lyk ! thanks dearest(:
we both feel lyk eating at Ajinsen ,
headed to Plaza Singapura .
we need to quene a long time ,
i was too hungry , so i feel dizzy
& he bought me a peach tea ,
delicious dinner & we talk about
alot of things ! hahas . went shopping
& didnt managed to buy the perfum
i want . went to take bus home .
the bus driver was giving us
that stupit unbearable attitude !
the bus was so damn squeezy
so we decided to alight at
Orchard ! we then realised it was
late night shopping so that why
there was alot people &
heavy traffic jam ! mrt was
squeezy , finally got seat to
sit , we both fall alsleep !
tiring day indeed ! hahas .
reach home at midnight &
i am super tired !

actually i was going out with
my mummy but i was lazy .
decided to stay at home
whole day !

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i know i am lucky after hearing all those things , can we last long? i really hope so !

i am all tired & restless everyday !
i hate school days ! i cant become
awake in class , i keep complaing to
celina & shiqi i am TIRED ! hahas .
i had my first pe lesson today .
with our dear mr sng teaching us
too ! hahas , he didnt catch any one
of us attire but his voice make everybody
keep quiet ! quite fun during pe lahs .
lesson are boring as usual ,
& i cant conecentrate , i keep
lieing on the table but i am too
tired): after school , went for the
cme thing which is a total waste of
time ! then stay back at schhol
tok alot thing with ruqi , steph & xinhong
at canteen while cass went for netball .

i know i am lucky(:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

DARLING ! i reali love you :),pls believe me !

guess hu am i ?
correct a sweet for you all .
u all may think tt i siao arhs ?!
own blog also nvr upddate ,
update other people blog .
but she is no other people !
she is my dearest !hahas .
okayokays ,enuff of crappys !
jus wan to say :

DARLING ! i reali love you :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

decided to stay at home the
whole day today but cassandra
sms me whether i want go yuhan
birthday , i agreed(: meet the guys
at 4.30 but i reached at almost 5pm ,
i thought i am the latest but i was wrong ,
the guy still taking their own sweet
time at xiang house ! argh ! hahass
meet them at bp & buy presents .
me & cassandra take those big
bag of present ! eww , look wreid !
reach there but we still need to
walk further as they we alighted at the
wrong stop ! argh ! her house was
sp damn far ! i was really tired !
eat & play & dizzy at her house .
i was sweating ! poor cass ,
get injured alot of time . hahas .
takecares(: yups , its fun anyways(:
cass's parents drive me home ,
thanks for the ride(:
happy birthday yuhan !

Friday, June 22, 2007

homework time ! i got
tons of homeworks untouched !
holiday is ending soon , i still
haven bought a spectacle !


headed to town with dearest ,
my target was to buy pencil case
& wallet . first we went to have our
lunch at Buger King , excuse me ,
that not beef alright ! shopping time .
saw peiying & family . said hello to
them(: after a long time of walking ,
i managed to buy a pencil box .
actually i dont really lyk it , its
too common , aiya , anyways
holiday is ending soon , i need
a pencil case urgently ! hahas .
i loves a short ! its super pretty ,
but its too expensive , not
worth it , i think . will find a better one ,
didnt manage to buy a wallet
because of some stupit reasons ,
dont intend to talk about it again .
headed to kbox at Marina square ,
a guy form modelling agency approached
me , keep talking about his company &
said that when i walked past mac , his
boss interested in me & wanted to groom me ,
& wanted my particulers , soory no thanks(:
its fun , keep singing & singing again .
not boring at all . hahas . went to
acarde afterwards & have our super
late dinner at KFC ( we are the last
customer ) hahas , took bus home ,
keep doing stupit faces & movements .
its lame actually , hahas , reached home
almost midnight , i am tired !

that stupit shoe of mine is giving me alot
of problem ! ( plasters all around my legs ! )
do yoo ever know what i wanted the most ?


oh shit ! my rashes is back again !
quickly complain to my mum &
booked appointment with that doctor ,
when i reach there , they said we must
wait at least ONE HOUR ! omg , but it
worth it alright ! hahas. the doctor said
that my face is senstive to dirt & saliva .
it take a longlonglong time to heal !
HUH !? holiday is ending soon !
howhowhow ? when will my rashes
be healed ?

headed to my grandma house .
it was boring as usual !

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i am the photographer x:

i woke up & realised i was
alone at home . my mummy
& meimei had gone out to
visit one of my mum' s
friend . hahas . wait
dearest to wake up ,
talk with him on phone
to past my time faster ,
yups indeed boring uhs !
cassandra called me
whether i wanted to go
kbox , i agreed(: met them
at lotone , i am the last to
arrived, hanxiang , steph
& me accompany cass walk
around for 45mins as she was
waiting for her mum call , as
she need to go off soon . after
that , went back to the room .
one wreid thing : we went kbox
but we didnt sing a single songs ,
wierd uhs ? but nevermind lahs(:
most importantly , hanxiang enjoyed it ,
hes the birthday boy(: hahas .
steph went off first , then they keep
taking photos x: hahas after awhile
we headed home(:

happy belated birthday hanxiang !
thanks for being a super nice
guy which only happened once a year ,
hahas x:

later i will be going to my
grandma house as
it was my grandpa death
anniversary .

Sunday, June 17, 2007

happy belated birthday to both of my dearest girls !

went kbox with my girls , to
celebrate both of my girls'
borthday ( huqi & ruiqi )
cass was unable to come .
i long time didnt see her ler):
went lotone earlier to meet
peiying , went kbox first &
sing first . hahas . when they
were coming , we quickly
light up the candles & play
that old fashioned birthday
song . the first thing huiqi told
us was : ni men hao lan lehs !
hahas . ruiqi , steph & peiying
went off earlier one by one .
we at kbox from 1pm-7pm !
yup , its long ! hahas . left me
& huiqi . bought father's day
present ( my first time giving him
present okay x:) bought a normal
shirt & its only $15 x: but its the
thoughts that count mahs ! hahas.
went to meet dearest afterwards ,
he just woke up -.- , soory to fan
yoo arh): we went to timah to have
our dinner , delicious ! went to lan
shop & headed home . accident
happened causing traffic jams !
argh , longlonglonglong !
its almost midnight when i reach home .
i am tired !
althought it just a short period of
time , i enjoyed it(:

Friday, June 15, 2007

threaten or deep form your heart ?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

don't use that to threaten
me alright , its always hurts

Thursday, June 14, 2007

happy birthday to bernessa .
it was her bbday today . she
was so excited today . in the morning ,
all presents were pass to her .
suddenly she cried , everybody
siao dao ! we asked : what happens ?!!
she replied : mummy , wo hen gan dong !
everybody started to laugh , a 6 years
old girl actually know the real meaning of
" touched " hahas . went lotone to choose
cake , decided to buy that tweety bird
cake . hahas . after that , headed to
Causeway point cause my meimei
wanted to buy that Winx Club clothes .
hahas . she was so happy again(:
at night , headed near bukit batok
to have our delicious dinner with
my father toos . headed back to
lotone to collect the cake .
yups , its troublesome ! hahas .
sang bbday song & my meimei
keep dancing & dancing ! hahas .
she keep insisted to wear that new
clothes when singing . hahas .
its all worth it !
memorable birthday for you(:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

went VivoCity with dearest
to buy my meimei bbday present .
i bought a full set clothes & skirt .
its cute ! yesterday dearest
suggested to go kbox cause
its quite cheap & it can past time(:
i consider a long time cos its quite
paiseh okay ! hahas . yups , in the
end , i decided to go , hahas .
its quite paiseh at first , i dun dare
to sing , after awhile , i keep snatching
with dearest to sing first . hahas x:
its fun singing ! hahas . my voice is
not that awful lahs x: fun time there !
after singing , its about 9pm ler ,
went to have our dinner & headed to
acarde , he played the soccer game as
usual . hahas & took bus home .
keep talking & i slept , i am too tired x:
ilovesyoo !

5 going to 6 years old ,
happy birthday my precious meimei

*more photos will be uploaded(:
can't make it tomo ,
getting further ?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007




Monday, June 11, 2007

i loves this video !
back to blogging !
had been working the past
whole weeks !
i gort tons of things to write .
please bear with it x:
working life is tiring okay !!

i stand & stand & stand ,
i fold & fold & fold ,
i sell & sell & sell ,
i cry & cry & cry !

working at Converse Fair
at junction 8 , can you imagine
working with whole group of
strangers on the first day !?
its was indeed scary ! lucky
gort dearest accompany to
work too(: all the other part
timers all from 5n 's & poly .
went to pack all the stocks
the first day . went there at 8.30 !
damn early , packing halfway ,
my head dizzy , want faint , quickly
headed to the totiet , dearest
bought me mentons & water &
i am feeling much more better(:
get to know all the new friends
at the 2nd days . they are friendly(:
but dearest was sacked on the 4th
day because of some non - vailed
reasons ! ARGH ! the person
in charge , THERSSA
( i will always rmb her stupit name !)
was so unreasonable ! we were talking
when there is no customers & yet she
scolded us , other part timers were also
talking alright !!!!! but she only scold
both of us ! dearest was only trying
to one of the friends but therssa
thought that he was trying to talk
to him ! she didnt give him a chance
to explain !! therrsa , can you be
more reasonable !!!!! the only thing
you know how to do is only eat & eat & eat !
she didnt do anything since the first
day of works , she only know how to
demand people to do things !! other
part timers olso hated her ! we always
gossip about her behind her back .
hahas x: i cried for the whole night !
can you imagine eating alone during
dinner & lunch break): i was so damn
scared ! the next morining i went to
work alone with dearest accompany
me in phone talk(: luckily , my new
friend , sheena accompany me during
lunck & dinner break . she was so damn
friendly & we had many topics to talk
about . we went shopping too . hahas .
went to meet dearest , as he was going
oversea the next day . i keep complaing
about therssa ! hahas . it indeed tiring
working but at least i gort to know alot
of new friends , they look decent to me ,
but actually almost all the guys smoked .
i reach home midnight almost everyday !
i workedthe same hours as them everyday ,
but mine & dearest pay was the lessest !
why why why !?
i misses all my girls

i am still considering whether to work
nex week .

takecares & enjoy when you are in

my next target(:

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i post for euu !

This few days have been working
so no time to update ~
anyway happy 5th month to
me and her !
loveyou *


Sunday, June 03, 2007

so sad when you say the word phobia , will yoo ever leave me alone ?

went gym with dearest .
i going to burn down my
fats . hahas . its was
indeed tiring . hahas .
sweating ! erm after that ,
went to eat lunch near his
house , then headed to his
house . around 5pm , decided
to headed Bukit timah . hahas .
ate delicious dinner again(:
saw jiarong & company at the
acarde . long time didnt saw him(:
i loves gun game ! hahas x: after that ,
headed home as there was nth much
to shop . reach home , i ate one full
bowl of vegetables ! its was delicous !


went to my grandma house ,
she cook delicous food again(:
but i didnt ate alot . it was another
boring moment after dinner , stare
at the tv , where there is no nice
shows -.- after that , finally i can
get out of that place , headed to
amk hub , wanted to let my mum
see the hp i lyk , but in the end
no stock): the only thing i can do is
to wait for a better hp to come out -.-


had tution this afternoon . i regret
complaining to my mum :
add math difficult ! add math difficult !
add math difficult ! add math difficult !
add math difficult ! add math difficult !
in the end , she arrange a tution for me
argh ! lucky it only once a week . hahas.
just bear with it for awhile): hahas .

looking forward to tomo job ,
& of course the money xx: