Wednesday, April 30, 2008


finally i can meet up with my collegues!
we were late . met them at Vivo City , they make me
laugh whole day . they are super jokers ! hahas ,
at night , we headed to Bugis to have steamboat .
not really very delicious but most importantly was that
i had enjoyed myself . Then bid goodbyes to each other ):
Although it was just a short period of time , i really enjoyed
being with them (: after that , me and dear went acarde to play

our usual game : Super Mario ! hahas . I am looking
forward to my next outing with my colleagues (:


stucked in my house whole day . I'm bored !

my o-levels are coming ! and i am busy with my
schoolworks! Chinese intensive programme
is coming but i think it is no use for me ! i
just have to depend on myself to study on my own .


I cant stand the heat nowadays ! can you imagine
i sit under the fan but yet i am still sweating !
what happen to the weather ? ARGH !


i just got back my report book . the worst result
i ever get ! In my whole life , i didnt get E8 and F9
printed in my report book before ! but this time
it happened on me . i dunnoe what happen to
my studies ? My grades are just dropping and
dropping . working hard , but no use . maybe

my study method is wrong ? not sure ?
optimistic (:

Thursday, April 24, 2008


it's been so long since i updated my blog ,
i was really busy with school ,
almost everyday i had to stay in school until
very late . sunday , went to dear house .
i treat it as my own home ! hahas 0.0
i scream , i jump about , play around !
at night , i stayed at his house to watch
soccer match . really exciting ! finally Arsenal
won ! haahas . i went back home at around
midnight and i am really tired ! lalalala ~

i'm a bless girl ;D


Poor meimei ! she is really sick !
serious sore throat and cold ! she can
only eat plain yucky porridge everyday .
pity her !!


went dear's house early for breakfast . i ate
porridge ! he gave me a surprise ! he bought
me a Spongebob monopoly ! it's really damn cute !
i love it so much ! my favourite colour and cartoon !
yeahhhhhhhhh ~


went dear's house after my oral exam , played
monopoly and in the end i lose until very yucky !
i even need to mortaged my houses ! i am bankrupt !
Oh no !


felt lyk eating french fries after a long tiring day in school ,
called my dear after my math exam , to accompany
me to eat . hahas , went to buy french fries and headed
to hanxiang house . they gambled and i just sit one
side and watch tv . they are always lame ! hahas
cabbed home with chongjun and wangAn . Lamers !


had science practical test today . i am lousy in science !
i am prepared to get single digit mark (: i really dunnoe
how to observe those results ! argh ! currently at dear's
house , ohya ! he told me that on saturday we will
be meeting our working friends ! i am looking forward
to that day ! i miss all my silly , joker friendssssssss <3

Friday, April 18, 2008

sad face

they have things that are much
bigger than mine ,
but what they gave me ?
a piece of shty !

i am not jealous about anything
but i think it just not fair !
What they treat my big day as ?
a casual one ? or didnt even care
to bother !? everybody have feelings!

By making myself happier :
i told myself that they will be gone
very soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


went out with my darling friends !
went to accompany peiying to pierce her tongue !
it sounds scary ! " poke a needle right through your
tongue " she is freaking scared ! we went to see how
the piercing look like ! omg ! it actually not complicated
and scary at all ! i dunnoe how to explain but it's really
not as complicated as i think . we dun understand
every single words she said ! we prefer her just to shut up !
hahas ! headed to Partyworld . had a fun time there .
laughed , played and slacking there . huiqi was super suay !
Slurpee was spilled on her shoes , birds droppings on her -.-
poor things ! headed to Cine to have our dinner . poor peiying ,
she cant eat anything except porridge ! but instead of eating
porridge , she bought fishball soup . She then realised that she
cant swallowed those fishballs ! hang around and we headed home by
bus ! fun day today !

Happy birthday my girl , Cassandra !

went to meet dear during evening . watched soccer
and i didnt expect SAF lose to Super Red ! ):< that match is super exciting ! i love number 8 from SAF
team . he is super cool !

Friday, April 11, 2008

my dear girl ,

just told us some flowering stories last thursday ,
everybody is quiet but i knew that
we feel for each other !
i really appreciate what you did to maintain
eveything ! anyway , i apolgise for today ,
my friends !

i gona grow ' that ' purple plants !
i am looking forward to tomorrow <3

Saddist ,
Changes , changes to the worst .
Yet , think nothing happen ,
I feel it , knew it , cried it , stop it .
(: That 's all

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

saturday 5april'08

It's our fifteen months !
went to meet my dear , bought my contras
jean , and wear it on the spot . firstly i feel
super uncomfortable on the train , i feel like
vomitting! this happened a lot of time on me already!
i have low blood pressure so i have alot of problems!

too hungry - will faint
too full - will vomit
too hot and humid - will faint and vomit
my dear is used to it -.- hahas

i super love my contras jeans!
yellow plus black ! yups , all my friends keep
discourage me not to buy because they think it look
werid ! but i insisted on buying it ! i love weridy stuffs !!
hahas . and of course i didnt regret buying it ! hahas
then we headed to town , Partyworld . It's a saturday ,
so there were alot of people , all the rooms are used up .
the earliest we can sing is only at 5pm ! NOWAY i will
wait so long ! in the end , we used the Large room
which is meant for 9-15 people ( i think ) . hahas
It's fun in there ! headed to watch soccer , yups ,
last time i HATE soccer. i think it is lame to kick one
ball all around ! now it's different ! i super love to
watch soccer match ! very exciting ! hahas

My night has become a sunny dawn because of you !


went to my dear ,
alot of things had happened .
at night , we headed to Ikea to have our dinner.
afterwards , we decided to cabbed home .
i still remembered there is one time the news
reported that there are MORE taxis but LESSER
people wants to hire taxis because of the increased
of taxis fare . but these are all CRAPS !!!
me and dear had waited for a taixs for almost 20mins !!
all we can see are hiredhiredHIRED !!!!! finally we
managed to flag a available cab ! but we were so unluckily !
the taxis driver was driving the super longcut way ! and
he think we are noob !

from ikea - drive pass singapore poly - drive pass Ngee Ann poly
- drive pass Bukit timah - drive pass Bukit Panjang - then my house !
he think we are noob !!!!!!!!!!???? where got so far away !!!!??
normally they will drive pass a highway that's all .

dear : uncle ,why you drive longcut ? highway nearer .
uncle : no lah ! other taxis driver also drive lyk that der !
they drive through , still need dirve pass Bukit Batok , further !!
dear : where got? highway much more nearer !
uncle : aiya ! dont have lahs !
dear : -.-

finally i reached home and i recieved a call from dear .
he complained about the Taxis driver again !
dear : why you drive longcut agian to Bukit panjang !!!!????
uncle : aiya , nvm want lahs !
dear : you always drive longcut ! you think we stupit mehs !?
and he throw $12 and get off ! ( the actual fare was $15 )
that's all (:

a day without handphone is terribly sucks ,
a day all alone is loney and scary ,
a day without famliar voices and laughters really hurts ,
and i had experiences these all in one day ,
i swear i will never do it again !

English - fail
E-math - fail
Addmath - fail
Combined science - fail
Combined geo/ss - pass
POA - pass
Chinese - fail
i may look okay ,
put in effort but shty results !
how am i going to survive in my O-levels !?
Oh no !