Sunday, March 29, 2009

create animated gif


Headed to IMM with mummy and
meimei . went there is actually to buy
watch . I had look for watches for myself
very very long ler . Finally i found a watch i
really like ! That watch i seldom see it at many
of the shops . Prehaps it is an old model ,
not so sure about it . But who cares ? hahas

Thanks mummy for the watch ;D
I damn lazy to blog, thats all .

Ya , dear look damn tired in the photo ):

Sometimes Tagbox is really
damn irritating!!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My favourite photo of the day !

outing with dear and meimei .
let me start my story now ........

1st stop : Singapore Bontanic Garden

Ya, it sounds lame going to Bontanic Garden right?
Furthermore , I am of course not those who
appreciate the Greens in Singapore -.-
Actually our motive going there is to complete
my meimei's project . She keep wanting to have
the badge . hahas Cabbed there , but we only went
there awhile . Super duper boring lor !!!!!!!
We cant stand it , so in the end , we slack there for
less than a hour , then we cabbed again to Marina square .

tell you guys something .
Dont ever look down my meimei
because ......


Ya , we went to Kbox . She go there
free . very shuang lor ! hahas
Her favourite song is Ru Yan , Olivia's song
She keep repeating the song lah . hahas
But the bad thing going there with her is that
she always always interrupt us singing .
when me and dear are singing , she will always
disturb us , stand , run around the TV and
start singing rubbish on another mic . ARGH !!!!!!

Suddenly , a battle starts -.-
Dear and my meimei starts throwing nuts at each other .
Ya ya ya , dear love to make her angry !!!!!
She became angry and said
me and dear cant stop laughing !!!!!!!! hahas

afterwards , we headed to Popey to have dinner .
DELICIOUS ! we saw rainbow too ! ya , as usual ,
my meimei keep running about like mad -.-

today . we learn to make jelly .
Very easy !!!!! Fun !

working everyday as usual (:


Sunday, March 15, 2009

i realised the bloody Valentine also wore
something like that de , to kill people . hahas
ok ok , i am lame -.-


Met Dear , Jeff and his Girlfriend .
Headed to Vivo City , as they have
My bloody Valentine 3D . They helped us
buy the tickets first . Actually we were planing
to watch the movie at 9.35pm but it's selling
fast . We hate sitting at the front seat !
So decided to watch at 12.10am .

Had our dinner , steamboat buffet which was
super duper yucky !! not nice at all !!!!!!! argh !
then we went at the river . Me and dear lie
on the floor which many people had walked on it -.-
But we dont care lah , anyway we both wore black ,
cant see anything mah ! hahas
Slack for very long , keep talking rubbish to dear .
hahas .

Finally its time for moive . We were very afraid that
they will check IC . beacuse M18. but luckily they
hack care . THAT MOVIE WAS AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rated 5/5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST WATCH MUST WATCH !
watching in 3D more shiok !!!!!!!!!!!! hahas
they kill until very disgusting. the 3D spect are cool.
but that movie no ending ~ the killer not dead -,-
cabbed home with dear , reached home phone
talk with dear . byt the time very late ler , almost 3am ,
i think. had a nice time with them !


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Had a shoot last week .


went for poly enrolment with
longkiat and jiaming.
damn troublesome ~

from left to right ,
Ron , the chief
Me ,
and Jeff , the junior chef .

Actually there is another photo with dear
inside . but his face looked super retarted -.-

Me and dear were sitting at singapore river .
Eating and chit-chatting .
Dear started throwing food for the birds .
Then suddenly all the birds fly in one group
just for that tiny piece of food . stupid ~~
then they starting to crowd around us !!
me : " stop throwing lah , later got bird flu !! "
dear purposly throw more !!!!!! -.-
those birds look damn ugly !!!!! yucks !!!


During our break time ,
we went Kbox with dear and Jeff .
very fun . they both talked alot of
craps everyday ! Jeff camera shy !
he dont dare to take photos !!!!


Break time again ,
Went to Suntec .
Accompany Jeff to collet his pay .
Damn alot of people there because
of the IT fair there . Dear and Jeff damn
troublesome . Finally we had made up
our mind to have lunch at Hans .
food were delicious there ;D
went to pooling afterwards . ya ! i just
sitt here and watch them play -.-

at night , we had sushi to eat !!!
yummy !!!!!! cabbed home with boss
and his girlfriend . they are damn good !!!!!!