Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ashley Tisdale Headstrong Lyrics

I'm a straight-up kind of girl I am
I'm a telling it like it is I am
And that's just the kind of girl I am
Head up, hands up, tell me
You're a honey kind of boy you are
You're a talented kind of boy you are
And that's just the kind of boy you are
Head up, hands up, these are
Headstrong, crazy days
When your mind's made up and the music plays
Headstrong, can you feel the beatMelt down, can you feel the heat
Melt down, it's not a crushIn a hot hot room we're in a rush
Headstrong, can you feel the beatMelt down, can you feel the heat
Gonna feel alive tonight I amI'm a positive kind of girl I am
Leave my troubles behind tonight I am
Stand up, get up, tell me
Are you gonna be down with me, you are
Yeah you coming along with me, you are
'Cause that's just the kind of guy you areStand up, get up, these are
Bridge:I want to know youI want to show youI got the stuff now
Didn't you get enough
Step to the rhythm
Make the decisions
These are the daysWe're living, loving, feel alive
Feels so alive, yeah, yeah
And we feel alive tonight, we are
We are stepping into the light, we areLeave our troubles behind tonight, we are
Stand up, get up, these are



school day as usual . just
feeling tired everyday !!!
erm after school , need
POA retest again ! kaoakao
retest the 2nd time ler !
then after that nv pei huiqi &
peiying & ruiqi . soory girls !):
then hubby wait fer me . then
went to his house again . (:
it raining heavily lor ! lucky
xinhong gort umberlla . hahas .
then reach ler , gort one kind lrt
people lent us one umberlla .
thanks ahs ! then go his house ,
eat noodles ! yummyyummy !
then watch dvd on his bed x:
he keep on tickled wo !!!!!!!!
then i even saw his dad ! kaokao !
i siao dao lor ! lucky he nv scold !
quite friendly der(: then he pei wo go
home(: waolao ! my meiemei only
5 years old jiu tok on fone ler !
then her friend olso tok to me !
i am toking on fone with a
5 year old girl ! her voice CUTE !!!!

as tight as possible & nv let you go !


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

happyhappy !

fail-ing again !

erm went school with hubby early
cos we both want revise chinese .
i cannot fail anymore ! hahas x:
then went to school jiu xiang
sleep liao . too tired ! hahas .
then get back POA test .
kaokaokao ! i fail again !
need retest again ! waolao ,
waste my time sia ! is the teacher
teach no good lor ! then always
tok so many crappys ! then when
chinese test , last min study really
helps lehs . i rmb how to write alot
of words ! but i dunnoe where to put
the ans x: but i copy alot frm peiying .
the teacher blurblur der . hahas .
sit beside peiying gort advantages
der ! hahas xiexie ahs ! x: then after
school , ben lai want watch match .
but suddenly raining then dun feel
lyk watching ler . then went to eat
with hubby ! happy times again !(:
then people there scam der . the
spirt drink wreidwreid der . is lyk
water plus salt , taste yucky !
then after that , went to his house
watch DVD ! x: then he pei wo go
home ! then saw erica toos ! (:

misses LOADS !


Monday, February 26, 2007


went skool with hubby
eat big breakfast . we
share lor , hahas , then
after skool , he gort math extra
lesson , now my turn wait fer
him hor ! hahas . then after that
we go Sakura eat lunch !
hahas . the food damn nice ! then
went popular buy ruler , mine lost +.+"
then buy carebear chop fer meimei , nan
de my mood very good . hahas .
then he pei wo go home (:


Saturday, February 24, 2007

happy day with hubby !



went school with besties again .
after school , me , hubby &
xinhong & cass wait huqi retest .
erm then after that , suaysuay ,
her form teacher ask huqi fer
some stupit talk . hahas , all
the ans huiqi give to the teacher
are crappys ! all faked ! hahas .
then cass halfways jiu go lers ,
cos she meet jasper . then i faster
go home , cos me & hubby are
watching 4.05pm movie , lucky
rush there in time ! hahas , we
watch the Follow The Law movie ,
damn funny ! but alotalotalotalot
people . but i dun understand the
ending +.+" then after that , we went
shopping , i tot it would be quite boring
shopping with a guy , but i was wrong !!!!
it really quite fun x: then went to a shop
FULL of DIY things . very cute sia ! hahas
dinner at Ajiusen ! HAPPYHAPPY !!!!!!
the food there damndamn damn nice !
thanks hubby((: then after that , we went
acarde playplay , play racing car with hubby ,
but ofcos i lose lahs ! hahas , then play
touch screen games ! gort alotalot type of
CUTE game ! we play alotalot of rounds !
we spent quite alot of timeon that ! FUN TIME !
then it still abit early , so went diaso walkwalk .
hahas , we keep complaining the things there !
VERY CHEAPSKATE ! x: after that , take bus go
home , damn tired , nearly fall alseep in the bus .
but the wreid thing is , i nv feel lyk vomiting the
FIRST TIME in bus , qi guai ~ x: reach home
around 10.30pm .

hubby , have such a great time with you !
thanksloads !


in deep trouble !

yest i took ic frome schhol , then realised
my chinese name is written wrongly !
kaokao ! then my mum called them .
then they said that , i nv check properly
fer the particulers , and i even signed
and proved that everything is correct +.+"
need pay $60 fer just one chinese word
wrong ! kaokao , get a BAD scolding frm my
mum , is nort becos of the money , but she
is very disappointed in me ): then we go ICA
building at 10am . lucky the officer there very kind ,
she give me one last chance , so need nort pay
the $60 . wow ! so good sia ! then now , i checked
reallyreally carefully ! hahas . then after that went
Citylink & bought 3 clothes & one belt !
happyhappy !!!!!!!! my mum & my clothes
total $120 ! my meimei jealous , cos we both
bought somthing , only she bought nothings !
went home around 4.30pm , & i sleep until
7.30pm ! hahas . too tired ! then at night meet
hubby at house downstair . went home around


Thursday, February 22, 2007

i woke up late today ! i olso
dunnoe why my alarm clock didnt
rang . werid ~ x: then he give me
many missed calls . hahas . c: i woke
up at around 7.45am . my mum still ask
me dun go school liao ! but i dun want
sia ! i insisted to go to school hahas .
kaokao ! almost everybody say i stupit
why still come to school . late liao jiu
dun come . i repeated my ans alot time liao .
i want come is becos i dun want stay at
home , my father take leave lehs .
then later afternoon , need stay at home
see my both parent face ! yuckyuck !
i dun want lor ! i would rather go to school .
hahas . x: but dunnoe why i am damndamn
tired whole day ! then pe lesson , the cher kp
me again ! she say i lokk nort active during
pe , so ask me do stupit things !! ask me move
the chairs manymany times ! kaokao ! under
HOT SUN HOR ! kaokao , hate her !!!!!!!
after school , went pizza hut eateat .
we wait one hour fer food ! waolao long sia .
in the end , the supervisor ps liao . so give free
us drumsticks . +.+" but the food ther really
nice !


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

* both days photo combined together .

fianlly can go out ler ! hahas x:
then went to my father side grand
parent house . hahas . i love going
there cos my grandma cook very
nice ! i ate alotalotALOT ! hahas .
watch tv fer awhile jiu go to my another
grandparent house . i pefer going there ,
cos i with cousin there closer . then can
be myself !!! hahas . x: then play xbox game ,
then i playing figthing gamn , Dead Or Alive .
nort very fun lahs , keep fightfight , abit lame .
hahas , then my cousin play gun game .
aiyo , i look at the game fer almost 15 mins ,
but i still dun understand the game ! hahas .
opps ~ am i a game noob ? xx:

went to my father friend house . erm very
sian that day ! only go there sit , listen
them toking crappys ! waolao , then sit
olso must be lyk girlgirl ! kaokao !
very xing ku lehs ! then whole day very
sian , i only interested in hongbaos $$$$
hahas x: then after that went Ikea . then
ate icecream , there icecream damn nice !
hahas , then my mum pay fer the items ,
while me and meimei go toilet . then i
accidently left my meimei water bottle in
the toilet , then think my mum bad mood ,
WATER BOTTLE ! +.+" then link to i always
sms !! kaokao , dun really link lor , then jiu
anyhow scold wo . then i diamdiam .
nv tok , comtinue poking my earing to my
ears , then stll trentened me cannot bring
hp to school tml . then i say okay . +.+"
but in the end , olso give me back .
aiyo ~ hahas .keep quiet is the best +.+"

went school with him again .
then went to eat the tuna bread . kaokao ,
nort cooked yet lehs , but he still
say nice , hahas , in the end , we exchange
food . hahas . after school , went aron house .
i decide a long time whether to go his house
cos only me one girl ! but no choice , i alone
today !! cassandra went to meet jasper , huqi
didnt come school , peiying & cheeann went
lebulebu , ruiqi go out , xinhong go artclub !
only left me !!! so decieded to go his house .
but VERy FUN ! they gambling . he
wining money at first , but in the end , olso
lose money . hahas . then he pei wo home .

happy with you !


Sunday, February 18, 2007

misses you loads !


woke up at 11+ am . i woke
up earlier than hubby ! hahas .
then my father very early jiu
went to my grandma house
help out . hahas . then we went out
at around 3pm+ cant wait to eat !!!!!
i really ate alotalotalot !!!! hahas .
happyhappy((: then suddenly my
meimei have fever again . HIGH
FEVER ! then need go home straight
away ! aiyo ! waste my time sia !
go there fer awhile jiu need go home .
but i know i am selfish . my meimei
come first . SOORY ! )): then chat
with hubby on fone until 2.30am+
then i really cannot tanhan .
i TOO TIRED ! hahas . thanks hubby !
keep enetertain me ! ((:
hearts you loads & loads !


woke up at 2pm + hahas . he sms me ,
but i still cannot wake up +.+"
people should be very busy today ,
going to grandma or relative house
take angbaos ! BUT i stay at home lor !
i olso dunnoe why , but every year olso
lyk this de ! )): boringboring !!!!!
I WANT GO OUT !!!! i going bored
to death at home !!! but tml me going

both my grandparent house . happyhappy((:
misses ; misses

happy chinese new year(:


Friday, February 16, 2007

ate alot at soul garden !


today didint go school . cos
i gort " stomach cramp " x:
hahas . then i woke up at 12.07am
he told me the exact time again x:
hahas . then around 3pm , went
to his house . hahas . then i feel
damn hungry suddenly ! so ate some
buscult x: hahas . then watch dvd .
damn nice sia ! suddenly raining
heavily ! we need run to lrt lor !
make my hair damndamn messy !
hahas . ben lai we already decided to
go jurong point watch movie & eat dinner ,
but suddenly longkiat they all kept asking
us go eat reuion dinner with them . x:
then in the end we olso agreed to go .
went causeway point & eat at Soul Garden .
then total $273.80 ! siao ! expensive sia .
then dunnoe why they still need pay
extra money , they all blurblur x:
the food there damn nice !! i atealotalot!
then they keep playing with the food !
then digusting . hahas . then keep
joking around . hahas . then went
to acarde try to capture softoys !
i want the couple softoys !!!!!!! but difficult
to catch !!! kaokao ! then walkwalk around
jiu go home . reach home around 10.45pm ,
but my mum still nort at home +.+"
such a fun day today(:

happy advance chinese new to ALL


Thursday, February 15, 2007

none of your business !!

i woke up late today ! i gort press
my alarm clock . but i continued
sleeping +.+" lucky my father
wake me up ! hahas , if nort ,
i will still in my dreamland x:
then i quickly sms peiying that
i didnt meet her . PSPS ! x:
then he olso give me many mssed
calls . hahas . then he olso pei wo
go school . SOORY fer
making you late fer school ! ):
thanks fer pei wo go school(:
now late fer school nevermind de.
nv copy down name de . hahas .
then first period jiu PE . kaokao !
i really ferget bring pe shirt !! then
the teacher see me bu shuang !
keep asking me do stupit things !
last week celina olso ferget to bring
PE shirt , the teacher still advise her
to just sit down ! then she treated me
differently ! KAOKAO ! she ask me
placed the floorball stick into
groups according to its colors
then i really placed nicely lor !
then i went one side sit down ,
then jiu immediatly ask
me placed according to groups of five
nevermind , i REN ! i really placed it
nicely lehs ! then i went sit again ,
then she said i placed it very
MESSY ! kaokaokao ! i hao xin
place it fer her liao lor !!! she still
tok so many crappys , then she ask
me placed in groups of five in a line wao lao !
she purposly wan lor ! I HATE HER !!!! still a
sk me take cones and still scold me fer
walking SLOWLY ! kaokao ! leg is mine ,
i want walk slow or fast olso
spolit my mood ! after school .
went lot one pierce on top . i scared
lyk siao ! lucky peiying scarified her hand .
thanksthanks ! actually nort that pain .

happy belated birthday to my mum !! (:


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

fail-ing ?

went school with peiying as per
normal . today i have phyics test .
kaokaokao , yesterday night i gort
study abit , but i just cannot
concentrate ! i dunnoe why ! hahas .
then i olso din understand almost
the whole topics ! the teacher teach
NORT GOOD ! hahas >.<
i sure fail ! x: hahas . then tml still have
POA test . waolao ! i dun even understand
the basics ! x: then after school , went lot
one with peiying , go eateat . saw steph
and yuhan(: then after that went my cousin
house do the puzzle , cos i need to give to my
mum tml , cos her bbday ! i do finish liao !
HAPPYHAPPY ! just hope she lyk it ! (:

tml ! (:


Monday, February 12, 2007


after school went marina square
with him . cos i want buy my mum
birthday present . her bbday fall
at valentine day , so qiao (:
then he pei wo go buy . i bought
the puzzle lor , then ben lai want
buy the frame de , but kaokao !
dun have the same size ! then we
eat at Yashinoya . the food there
damn nice ! hahas , then he dun lyk
veggie ! then give me all the veggie ! :x
hahas . then he accidently pour the soup
lor ! clumsyclumsy ! +.+" then we went
to vivo city watch korea movie .
we go buy ticket then go TOY "R" US
walkwalk ! alotalot of cute toy lor !
can remember alot of our childhood !
hahas . being baby so good ! hahas .
then went to watch Once in a summer .
he keep complaining nort nice ! hahas .
but i think damn nice ! +.+" touching !
soorysoory make you nearly
fall asleep ! ): then after that went home
lor , it around 9+ pm le , but alotalot
ppl in train ! squeeze here , squezze there !
hahas . then he pei wo go home . (:
hearts you !

woke up at 11+am . then he keep asking
wake up ! hahas . then around 3+ went to
my grandma house . she cook damn nice !
i ate alot ! hahas . then after that went
Raffles City see if the my meimei clothes
de new stock come liao mahs . kaokaokao !
last week the salesgirl say today will come .
but now she say it delayed again ! waolao !
waste my time again !!!!! but i bought
a thing that clip on my clothes .
aiya , i dunnoe how to spell leh x: hahas .
me happyhappy !

i woke up at 2.04pm . he tell me the
excat time +.+" he keep complain
i always wake up late . hahas x:
then last min my mum ask me go
out choose my meimei clothes again .
cos my meimei until now haven even buy
one new clothes . then i do hmk while toking
on fone with him . do half way . i gort very
bad headache ! i olso dunnoe why ):
then went causeway point find clothes .
but go there olso waste my time again !
cannot find any nice clothes !!!! but i manage
to buy a lip gloss ! nicenice ! hahas .
then went to eat dinner at mos burger .

went skkol with him , then walk
to school lor , hahas . me first
period jiu have chemisty test liao !
i dun have time to study lor !
then went skool study ! but no use !
so many ppl disturb me ! then i cannot
concentrate ! kaokaokao ! hahas .
during lesson , i gort bad headache
again ! is there something wrong with
me :x keep having bad headache !
then after skkol , i gort math
extra lesson . then peiying they all ,
went out with dson , then left me alone !
hahas . then after lesson , went find him .
then toktok with longkiat and cheeann .
then after that , see them play bball :x
then he pei wo go home (:
valentines day coming !


Thursday, February 08, 2007


today ben lai went school with
him de , BUT .....( i dun wish to
mention it again ) then went school
with peiying & ruiqi . erm me whole
day in school very verty tired !
keep wanting to fall alsleep in every
lesson ! after skool , went to eat at
Jack Place with him . the food damn
nice !!!! hahas . i ate alot again !!! +.+"
then peiying & huiqi gort math extra
lesson . so they come meet us afterwards .
then went Popular buy pens . cos my pen
NO INK ! then went to voideck toktok .
keep laughing fer no reason +.+"
then saw a group of childish boys ,
running bout , fighting with each other .
we still go there , ask them dun fight .
hahas . +.+" then in the end , they say
they are playing ! they damn chlidish lor !!!!

+.+" hahas .


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


today ben lai want meet him .
but i want to sleep . SOORY .
then meet peiying & ruiqi .
then CME period , form teacher
want whole class to change seat !
i so excited ! cos i dun want sit in
front le ! :x then i so happy ! i fianlly
can sit behind , sit beside shiqi &
celina((: we keep talking sia ! hahas .
happy with my new seating ! ((:
but xinhong very in front . diff tok to
her liao ): then after skkol , i loney !
cos besties all go CCA ! left me alone !
kaokaokao ! lucky they pon cca ! then
we watch EX e3 VS EX e4
de soccer match . quite boring :x hahas .
siao 4-1 lor , EX e4 lan de ! hahas .+.+"
then went home , cos huiqi want
meet MR joking . :x

you and me !


Monday, February 05, 2007

went bugis with my mum &
meimei . cos my mum reserve
one clothes . so need go there
collect . alotalot people there !!!!
so go there awhile wo jiu go Raffles
City buy my meimei new clothes :x
wao lao go there waste my time !
the salesgurl say all the new stock
will come next week ! wao lao ,
go there specially to buy my meimei
clothes , then need come back next week !
kaokaokao ! :x then after that went marina
square cos the nearest liao . my mum bought
a bag there . damn nice ! i nv buy anything .
after that went mac eat supper .

wake up at 1.45pm . erm he give me

17 miss call ! SOORY ! i nv hear my
hp ringing ! then go town & marina square
with huiqi cos she want buy things .
then went to eat japanese restuarant
(forget the name +.+") then huqi say the
icecream nort nice ! hai me eat the WHOLE
icecream by myself ! fei si wo ! +.+"
then after that take bus . i HATE
taking bus ! make me headache &
feel lyk vomiting ! kaokaokao .
then meet him at bp interchange .
we walk from bp station to sv station .
the journey look very long ,but actually is
very short .then after that went home
bath & sleep le cos i TOO tired +.+"

special day fer me ! went eat
mac breakfast with him , peiying ,
cheeann , huiqi & ruiqi((: eat until
dam full ! +.+" then after skkol. ,
went his house , bought mac.
then watch together((:

forever love !

Friday, February 02, 2007

i love you !


today went school with him ,
go school early study fer his
chem test +.+" at last he olso
nv du lor ! hahas . first period
jiu english , the teacher damn funny .
chinese lessson my teacher nv cum ,
slackslack ~ after school went to
cheeann house . his doggy SCARY
i hate dogs ! SOORY huiqi
nv pei you go marina square . PSPS.
then at cheeann house boring ! dog
urine all around ! yuckyyucky ! then
peiying need go home le , so cheeann
pei her home , then i went his house .
ate cup noodle & watch soccer +.+"
i keep watching but still dun understand the
show >.<
then feel veryvery tired ! sleep at his house fer
awhile ! damndamn tired ! nearly fall alsleep !

ove ONLY you

Thursday, February 01, 2007



today ben lai want eat breakfast
with him de , then suddenly we
both dun feel lyk going liao ,
so cancelled ! hahas .
then go school with peiying
as per normal . then ruiqi purposly
late fer school , cos she want skip
PE lesson :x then me first period jiu
PE . lame lor ! the teacher always
let us play stupit game ! then e5 so
good ! can play whatever sport they
want ! kaokaokao ! nort fair ! )):
after school , go his house again .
cook egg again ! :x his korkor damn
funny ! make me laugh lor ! hahas .
the egg nice ! huiqi eat liao , keep
saying nort nice ! her standard HIGH !
then play maple lor :x huiqi still high bout
it :x then around 5.30pm then go home ((:

my beautiful future with you