Tuesday, February 27, 2007

happyhappy !

fail-ing again !

erm went school with hubby early
cos we both want revise chinese .
i cannot fail anymore ! hahas x:
then went to school jiu xiang
sleep liao . too tired ! hahas .
then get back POA test .
kaokaokao ! i fail again !
need retest again ! waolao ,
waste my time sia ! is the teacher
teach no good lor ! then always
tok so many crappys ! then when
chinese test , last min study really
helps lehs . i rmb how to write alot
of words ! but i dunnoe where to put
the ans x: but i copy alot frm peiying .
the teacher blurblur der . hahas .
sit beside peiying gort advantages
der ! hahas xiexie ahs ! x: then after
school , ben lai want watch match .
but suddenly raining then dun feel
lyk watching ler . then went to eat
with hubby ! happy times again !(:
then people there scam der . the
spirt drink wreidwreid der . is lyk
water plus salt , taste yucky !
then after that , went to his house
watch DVD ! x: then he pei wo go
home ! then saw erica toos ! (:

misses LOADS !