Monday, February 05, 2007

went bugis with my mum &
meimei . cos my mum reserve
one clothes . so need go there
collect . alotalot people there !!!!
so go there awhile wo jiu go Raffles
City buy my meimei new clothes :x
wao lao go there waste my time !
the salesgurl say all the new stock
will come next week ! wao lao ,
go there specially to buy my meimei
clothes , then need come back next week !
kaokaokao ! :x then after that went marina
square cos the nearest liao . my mum bought
a bag there . damn nice ! i nv buy anything .
after that went mac eat supper .

wake up at 1.45pm . erm he give me

17 miss call ! SOORY ! i nv hear my
hp ringing ! then go town & marina square
with huiqi cos she want buy things .
then went to eat japanese restuarant
(forget the name +.+") then huqi say the
icecream nort nice ! hai me eat the WHOLE
icecream by myself ! fei si wo ! +.+"
then after that take bus . i HATE
taking bus ! make me headache &
feel lyk vomiting ! kaokaokao .
then meet him at bp interchange .
we walk from bp station to sv station .
the journey look very long ,but actually is
very short .then after that went home
bath & sleep le cos i TOO tired +.+"

special day fer me ! went eat
mac breakfast with him , peiying ,
cheeann , huiqi & ruiqi((: eat until
dam full ! +.+" then after skkol. ,
went his house , bought mac.
then watch together((:

forever love !