Monday, February 12, 2007


after school went marina square
with him . cos i want buy my mum
birthday present . her bbday fall
at valentine day , so qiao (:
then he pei wo go buy . i bought
the puzzle lor , then ben lai want
buy the frame de , but kaokao !
dun have the same size ! then we
eat at Yashinoya . the food there
damn nice ! hahas , then he dun lyk
veggie ! then give me all the veggie ! :x
hahas . then he accidently pour the soup
lor ! clumsyclumsy ! +.+" then we went
to vivo city watch korea movie .
we go buy ticket then go TOY "R" US
walkwalk ! alotalot of cute toy lor !
can remember alot of our childhood !
hahas . being baby so good ! hahas .
then went to watch Once in a summer .
he keep complaining nort nice ! hahas .
but i think damn nice ! +.+" touching !
soorysoory make you nearly
fall asleep ! ): then after that went home
lor , it around 9+ pm le , but alotalot
ppl in train ! squeeze here , squezze there !
hahas . then he pei wo go home . (:
hearts you !

woke up at 11+am . then he keep asking
wake up ! hahas . then around 3+ went to
my grandma house . she cook damn nice !
i ate alot ! hahas . then after that went
Raffles City see if the my meimei clothes
de new stock come liao mahs . kaokaokao !
last week the salesgirl say today will come .
but now she say it delayed again ! waolao !
waste my time again !!!!! but i bought
a thing that clip on my clothes .
aiya , i dunnoe how to spell leh x: hahas .
me happyhappy !

i woke up at 2.04pm . he tell me the
excat time +.+" he keep complain
i always wake up late . hahas x:
then last min my mum ask me go
out choose my meimei clothes again .
cos my meimei until now haven even buy
one new clothes . then i do hmk while toking
on fone with him . do half way . i gort very
bad headache ! i olso dunnoe why ):
then went causeway point find clothes .
but go there olso waste my time again !
cannot find any nice clothes !!!! but i manage
to buy a lip gloss ! nicenice ! hahas .
then went to eat dinner at mos burger .

went skkol with him , then walk
to school lor , hahas . me first
period jiu have chemisty test liao !
i dun have time to study lor !
then went skool study ! but no use !
so many ppl disturb me ! then i cannot
concentrate ! kaokaokao ! hahas .
during lesson , i gort bad headache
again ! is there something wrong with
me :x keep having bad headache !
then after skkol , i gort math
extra lesson . then peiying they all ,
went out with dson , then left me alone !
hahas . then after lesson , went find him .
then toktok with longkiat and cheeann .
then after that , see them play bball :x
then he pei wo go home (:
valentines day coming !