Saturday, February 24, 2007

happy day with hubby !



went school with besties again .
after school , me , hubby &
xinhong & cass wait huqi retest .
erm then after that , suaysuay ,
her form teacher ask huqi fer
some stupit talk . hahas , all
the ans huiqi give to the teacher
are crappys ! all faked ! hahas .
then cass halfways jiu go lers ,
cos she meet jasper . then i faster
go home , cos me & hubby are
watching 4.05pm movie , lucky
rush there in time ! hahas , we
watch the Follow The Law movie ,
damn funny ! but alotalotalotalot
people . but i dun understand the
ending +.+" then after that , we went
shopping , i tot it would be quite boring
shopping with a guy , but i was wrong !!!!
it really quite fun x: then went to a shop
FULL of DIY things . very cute sia ! hahas
dinner at Ajiusen ! HAPPYHAPPY !!!!!!
the food there damndamn damn nice !
thanks hubby((: then after that , we went
acarde playplay , play racing car with hubby ,
but ofcos i lose lahs ! hahas , then play
touch screen games ! gort alotalot type of
CUTE game ! we play alotalot of rounds !
we spent quite alot of timeon that ! FUN TIME !
then it still abit early , so went diaso walkwalk .
hahas , we keep complaining the things there !
VERY CHEAPSKATE ! x: after that , take bus go
home , damn tired , nearly fall alseep in the bus .
but the wreid thing is , i nv feel lyk vomiting the
FIRST TIME in bus , qi guai ~ x: reach home
around 10.30pm .

hubby , have such a great time with you !
thanksloads !


in deep trouble !

yest i took ic frome schhol , then realised
my chinese name is written wrongly !
kaokao ! then my mum called them .
then they said that , i nv check properly
fer the particulers , and i even signed
and proved that everything is correct +.+"
need pay $60 fer just one chinese word
wrong ! kaokao , get a BAD scolding frm my
mum , is nort becos of the money , but she
is very disappointed in me ): then we go ICA
building at 10am . lucky the officer there very kind ,
she give me one last chance , so need nort pay
the $60 . wow ! so good sia ! then now , i checked
reallyreally carefully ! hahas . then after that went
Citylink & bought 3 clothes & one belt !
happyhappy !!!!!!!! my mum & my clothes
total $120 ! my meimei jealous , cos we both
bought somthing , only she bought nothings !
went home around 4.30pm , & i sleep until
7.30pm ! hahas . too tired ! then at night meet
hubby at house downstair . went home around