Thursday, February 01, 2007



today ben lai want eat breakfast
with him de , then suddenly we
both dun feel lyk going liao ,
so cancelled ! hahas .
then go school with peiying
as per normal . then ruiqi purposly
late fer school , cos she want skip
PE lesson :x then me first period jiu
PE . lame lor ! the teacher always
let us play stupit game ! then e5 so
good ! can play whatever sport they
want ! kaokaokao ! nort fair ! )):
after school , go his house again .
cook egg again ! :x his korkor damn
funny ! make me laugh lor ! hahas .
the egg nice ! huiqi eat liao , keep
saying nort nice ! her standard HIGH !
then play maple lor :x huiqi still high bout
it :x then around 5.30pm then go home ((:

my beautiful future with you