Saturday, March 31, 2007

night safari !

went school with dearest .
school as per normal .
boringboring . after schhol ,
went to look fer madm zan .
she had total dissappointment
from me . i nearly cried although
she didnt scoled me .
sorry madm zan , i knew i am
wrong for my action

my mood dropped ! lucky ,
later meeting dearest(: went
cdans fer bowling . meet
cheeann , chongjun , hanxiang ,
teckyong . dearest flunked during
the first game . 2nd game , he won .
went to take cab to causeway point .
then dearest suddenly saw zoo signboard .
then faster ask wo want go night safari
mahs , cos he knew i want to go
long time ago . big secret > i didnt
go night safari before . opps ~
i am outdated x: then dearest
faster said :" uncle soory , turn left ,
we want go night safari " hahas .
the taxis driver very friendly(:
everybody said we are crazy , go night
safari for what ? go there gort wrong meh ?
i had a bad headache after that .
dearest press my head damn hard !
hahas x: wow! night safari is fun !
look animals in the darkdark
astmosphere . but i lost something
very perious to me . total sadness
from me , but i tried to control myself .
me & dearest tried to find , but to no avail .
look at the bright side(:
one mineral water cost $2.50
scam sia , but no choice , we
need water to quench our thrist x:
walk home & toktok near my block .
reach home at around 11.30pm(:

woke up at 1+ pm . as per normal ,
got a bad complain from dearest ,
he said i always wake up late ! x:
actually i am going to my grandma
house . i had bath & had changed ,
then my father called & advised us not
to go as there is funeral just
downstair her house . trip to grandma
house had cancelled & i am lazy to go
out & decided to stayed at home eventually(:

It would be impossible to "love" anyone
one knew completely.
Love is directed towards what
lies hidden in its object.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

went school with dearest .
ate curry puffs . woos ,
yummyyummy ! hahas
pe lesson total dissappointment
for me . i already try my very best
to run 2.4km ler . run until
my hair messy like ah siao ,
wanted to faint , saw stars
all around me ! and in the end
i still fail ): i give up liao !
kaokao , my geography
textbook had disappear ,
dunnoe who steal x:
had math test today , sians ,
i one qns wrong , make the
whole qns wrong . 10 marks
不见 ! went lot one with my
girls after that .

It is not what you give your friend,
but what you are willing to give her
that determines the quality of friendship

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i'm soory , make you wait so
long , i know is my fault ):
my alarm clock is nort
working . schhols hours ,
as per normal , boringboring !
i had sleep during many lesson.
after schhol went to dearest house
revise chemistry > i am really
revising . hahas . ate hushbrowns .
woos ~ yummyyummy & ate together
with his daddy , siao , my heartbeat
is beating so fast x: reach home at 7+pm(:

yups , i am just happy with him(:

Love is a sweet tyranny,
because the lover endureth
his torments willingly

Monday, March 26, 2007

woo , scary !

went to dearest house
after school , alot scary
things had happened !

i'm soory

a bar of chocolate is
enough to calm me
down . thanks dearest(:

Saturday, March 24, 2007

wonderful day !

went to school with dearest .
the uncle came late to open
the classroom doors ! he
overslept ? hahas . then we went
to 3e1 class . then he keep saying
he can go in e1 class der . all his
crappys lahs ~ haahs x: then during
morining assembly , mr sng suddenly
call my class go back class ! then
sian diao , go back to have an early
lesson . lamelame ! cos have visitor!
then after school , went back home
change then go dearest house lor .
go there play new game .
GHOST ONLINE ! hahas . fun lehs .
the after that went to jurong point ,
cos i want buy black eyeliner .
kaokao ~ there didnt sell lehs !
waste my trip there ! hahas . then
then me & dearest decided to go ikea ,
we walk there , then i fall down sia !
i olso dunnoe how i fall ! my leg very pain !
then dearest hold tight on me .
cos there food damndamn nice !
yummy ~ alot people sia , so i decided
to risk my life , put my bag on the table ,
mean we booked the table liao ! hahas .
i ate alotalot ! YUMMY ! then went
queensway play at acarde ! fun sia !
play car racing ! i WON ! he keep
playing cheat ! NOT FAIR ! then gort
one cute small kid come join our race .
he very pro ! he won ! then went to take
bus , & walk home . then i fall down again !
kaoako , second time ler ! gort one hole ,
then i didnt realised it ! fall down ~ then
we walk until very tired lor ! then rest under one
block . reach home at around 11.30pm(:

wonderful day(:

woke up at around 2.30pm .
my meimei keep calling
wo piggy ! kaokao ~
then i install the new game ,
then chat with dearest fer awhile
lor . then later at night i going to westmall
with my mum(:

Those who are faithful know only the
trivial side of love;
it is the faithless who know love's tragedies.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

love my dearest !

went school with my girls .
during school hours , are
always the same > boringboring !
pei ruiqi & watch " nice show "
for awhile , jiu went to dearest
house . then eat noodles again .
> ( the easiest food to cook mahs) .
then went to hanxiang house . watch
them play soccer game . x:
then after that went home(:

went school with dearest . i am
damndamn tired ! +.+ kaokao ,
today math lesson , my worksheet
is shown off to the whole class .
for making silly mistakes .
make me malu x: kaokao ~
then after school , gort add-math
test . damn difficult ! i alot qns
dunnoe how to do ! ): my girls
didnt wait fer me , dearest wait fer
wo ! soorysoory , make you wait
veryvery long ! ): thanks loads(:
then went to his house . his brother
is sick ! takecare(: then play maple
lor , reach home at around 7.15pm(:
& rushed home to watch tv . hahas .

a friend is a person with whom I may be sincere
a true friend is one who overlooks
your failures and tolerates your success .

Monday, March 19, 2007

went school with dearest . ben lai
want eat at school , then suaysuay
saw ms ang & gang eating . they
keep staring at us ! lamelame !
then in the end olso didnt eat !
their fault ! then at recess my
stomach is really growling !
ate nuggets(: then during lesson ,
shiqi is really feeling unwell .
keep wanting to vomit ! then i did
one good deed ! i bring her to
gerenal office , the most scary
, then go up & down
the stairs ! tiring hor ! x: but olso can
pon POA lesson mahs . hahas xxx:
then ben lai want buy sweets der .
then suaysuay saw mr sng & gang
having their men talks just right in
front of the sweet stall
kaokao !
then after school , went lot one fer awhile .
told my mum my reasults . she didnt scold
me but she give me that attitude face !

Nobody has ever measured,
how much a heart can hold .

Saturday, March 17, 2007

i am back to blogging !
my com finally repair hao ler !
the repair uncle say my com fan
overheat & spoilt lor ! aiya , i olso
dun quite understand . hahas . x:
today stay at home(:

no computer ! i am going to bored
to death ! ): but at night hubby went
chongjun house , then shunbian meet
wo . met him at night near my block .
then he teach wo english compo hmk !
i alot spelling dunnoe how to spell !
opps ~ am i that stupit ? xxx:
in the end , olso never do finsih
the whole compo . hahas . xx:
went home around 11pm(:

i cannot stay at home ! no computer !
i really dunnoe what to do at home !
decided to have hubby to pei wo out !
hahas . went Vivo City shopping & go
Plaza Singapura watch blood & chocolate
movie ! nice movie ! (: we doing sand art !
funfun ! alot children surrounded us look at
how we do ! they are cute
wonderful day with hubby !

i just love him !

Love is what you've been
through with somebody.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

went to hubby house do
hmk . we are really doing
hmk hor ! nv playplay der .
hahas . we yi bian do , yi bian
listen song ! kaokao ! keep saying
my song nort nice ! hahas . then
saw his father too . nort scary lahs .
he friendly(: erm we do until very tired !
in the end , i only do 5qns +.+" then
we play play station games . he
keep forcing me to play soccer game !
i gort try hor , but his other control
abit somthing wrong . so nort my fault hor !
hahas ! then after that , longkiat & hanxiang
olso come . then we go stanly house .
siao ! his house scary ! they say need
go shortcut ! need go along a road
without lights , deep
drains , narrow roads ! lucky
longkiat on his hp torchlight & hubby
hold me tight ! thanks both(: kaokao !
his house scary ! then go there watch
cartoon ! hahas . they play cards lahs .
after that , went plaza eat dinner .
i WANT walk longcut !!!! hahas .
siao , dinner & lunch eat mac ! hahas .
reach home around 10.45pm .
get a badbad scolding frm mum !
she say must call if i am coming home
late . hahas .

today ben lai gort phyics extra
lesson . but ofcos i didnt go .
i dun want to wake up early !
hahas . then went to lot one
eat mac again with mum .
cos my meimei want eat french fries +.+"
then at popular bought a cute file !
happyhappy ! then went back home ,
realised my com spolit . cannot on my
moniter , my mouse no light , my keyboard
no effect ! aiyo ~ what happen to my com !!!!!
lucky my cousin now in camp , so i go her
house use her com . hahas . soory ,
photos cannot be uploaded(:

loads of loves for you !


Sunday, March 11, 2007

same old style again .
didnt go to sport day again x:
i every year didnt go . go there
sweat out ? eee ~ i wont do
such stupit thing ! i woke up
quite early today , sms dearest .
he keep complaining how boring
it is . hahas . around 2.30pm ,
went to zoo with dearest .
everybody say we crazy ! such
a hot weather go zoo ! hahas .
but ther are wrong ! actually it reallyfun !
siao , at zoo olso can see
zss people . scary ! xxx: then we
saw many cute & DIGUSTING
animals ! waolao , i hate snakes !
in the" snake house " so many
dead mice ! yuckyuckyuck !
then i olso hate the smell ! i prefer
dearest der perfume x: but we walk
until veryvery tired ! after that went to cliff
house . they singing , then i sit there listen .
heng !! they sing still quite nice , if nort i sure
cant tanhan ! hahas x: then they play poker
card fer awhile . i dun need anything !
i just need fan !! damn hot there ! keep
snatching fan from them x: hahas .
after that , dearest pei wo go home .
reach home at around 10.30pm(:
love hubby loads !

went peiying house today . she keep
changig her mind . ben lai want go out .
but in the end went to her house watch
vcd . peiying BLUR huqi pei
wo go make new ezlink card first .
chey , she bluff wo der . she say need
wait half hour ! dun need wait lahs . can
just take immediatly ! another blur sotong
again ! then watch the vcd halfway , i fall
alsleep . i olso dunnoe why . hahas .
my hp no batt ! so dearest called huqi
hp , he woke me up ! hahas . meet dearest
& went jurong point . we go walkwalk , then
we do art !!! damn fun ! we do quite gort skill der !
eat at Fish & Co ! kaokao ! i order dunnoe what .
then suddenly my order is full of
greenish wreid veggie on top
of my fish . look horrible & taste
disgusting ! i regret !!!!!!! i prefer
dearest der fish & chip !!! i eat until nearly
vomit out lehs ! just hate that smell ! then
dunnow why there cannot accept nets .
then he need go down withdraw money .
i wait alone ! then after that went acrade
to play again ! hahas . funfun ! then went
home by bus & walking !he keep telling me
ghost story ! waolao , know i cannot tanhan
all this nonsense !!! xx: reach home around
11.30pm(: happy day with hubby !

You can give without loving,
but you can never love without giving

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hilary Duff With Love Lyrics

I don't mind you telling me what's been on your mind lately
I don't mind you speaking up
I know sometimes I can be all wrapped up and into me
I can be in such a rush
Just slow me down, slow me down
Tell me tomorrow everything will be around
Just slow me down, slow me down
You're the one who keeps me on the ground
Baby, you can be tough
Say enough is enough
You can even be blunt
Just do with love, love, love, love
Tell me I'm wrong
That I'm coming on way too strong
Don't think I'll be crushed
Just do with love, love, love, love
Just do with love, love, love, love
Just do with love.
I can take your honesty, all your words weigh heavily
Listening to you all the time
I wanna be there for you, the way you've been there for me
Always help me walk the line
And slow me down, slow me down
I know you will always be around
Baby, you can be tough
Say enough is enough
You can even be blunt
Just do with love, love, love
You can tell me I'm wrong
That I'm coming on way too strong
Don't think I'll be crushed
Just do with love, love, love, love
All this time we finally know each other
Now that I've been leaning on your shoulder
I can tell you baby that
You're right,when you're right
You're wrong,when you're wrong
And I can be weak 'cause I know you'll be strong
Baby, you can be tough
Say enough is enough
You can even be blunt
Just do with love, love, love
You can tell me I'm wrong
That I'm coming on way too strong
Don't think I'll be crushed
Just do with love, love, love, love
Baby, you can be tough
Say enough is enough
You can even be blunt
Just do with love, love, love
You can tell me I'm wrong
That I'm coming on way too strong
Don't think I'll be crushed
Just do with love, love, love, love
Just do with love, love, love, love
Just do with love.
Just do it with love, love, love, love
Just do it with love.
Just do with love.
Just do with love.

- ends .

went to school with dearest
again .he ah siao , always
lyk to go schoolearly ! hahas
x: kaokao ! today run 2.4km
lor ! same old ans : i failed
again ! i hate jonathan,
from my class der
i only ask him change my time
to 18mins ! he diedie olso dun
want change ! only need
to change 2 number mahs ! cheat
once in your lifetime ? is that difficult fer
you !? hai me need retest
over & over again ! angry ~
then i tired until my i want faint sia !!!!
i run with shiqi &huiming .
we all prepared to fail x: no stamina )):
after that , take back progress report !
my chi teacher bluff me ! make me bai happy !
he say will add 5 marks but he nv !
my chinese failed again ! every year
same !! & my ezlink card is lost ! need make
a new want soon . after schhol , went peiying
house . keep talking & laughing as usual .
enjoy with my girls(:

hate 8march !
Release Date : 8march
i am underaged !

in the sweetness of friendship
let there be laughter,
and sharing of pleasures

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

went to school with huiqi .
then in school , she suddenly
poked me ! then i scared itcy
mah ! jiu laugh ! suddenly my
heart really very pain !!
i am serious ! pain until i cannot
stand properly lor ! damn pain !
then only laugh abit , breathe in & out
olso pain !! whole day olso pain !
is there somthing very wrong with
my small red heart ? ):
then after school gort POA test .
so my teacher guai lan ! say we go
find mr sng PERSONALLY ! kaokao !
waolao , after check olso can test de
mah , she so gan chiong fer what ?
auntie attitude !? hahas . xx: then i do
all the neccessary thing before finding
all the ma fan discipline teacher +.+"
then in the end only check nail nia .
waolao ! diff put back my earstick lehs !
waste my precious time !! then after that ,
wait fer rayray(: then went to dearest house
play playstation games . hahas . xx:
chilidsh ? xx: reach home around 7.30pm(:

HATE leaves ugly scars,
LOVE leaves a beautiful ones .

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

went school with dearest again .
cos i want xinhong teach wo
phyics ! today test & yet
i know nothing bout
it ! diedie liao ! x: but last min
study no use ! i alotalot
dunnow how to do ! sure fail this
time ! then after olso have geo test .
lucky gort xinhong sit beside me .
sure gort advantages . hahas xx:
after school , went to eat Sakura with
dearest & huiqi . wow ! my noodles nice !
they all eat beef der ! cannot share
with them ! then went to teckyong house .
lucky gort magazine help me past time .
but quite fun lahs . they tok funny ! hahas .
then they kick soccer . then i sit there ,
read huiqi lent wo der comics . lucky he always
try toking to me , nort making me sian((:
then he pei wo go keat hong . i go fectch
my meimei again . her sweet drop on the floor .
then anyhow throw temper at wo .
kaokao ! i victim sia !!!! hahas .
reach home at around 7.30pm(:
can you make me happier ?

if only you knew the real me,
then you would see how sad I am,
how much I cry,

Monday, March 05, 2007

went school with dearest .
eat hotcakes(: then walk
to school study science .
lucky gort him & xinhong
teach wo last min . thank ahs .
then after school , went to
dearest house(: then after that ,
went to eat half dinner with him .
& bought one pen . then he pei
wo go keat hong . cos i go fetch
my meimei . then she sadsad today ,
cos her friend dun want friend her .
hahas . x: reach home at 7.30(:
i love the present(:

stuck in the middle , i dunnoe what to do):

hearts you !

Saturday, March 03, 2007

schools normalnormal , sian !
after school , go Fajar with
hubby eat lunch . the noodles
delicious ! hahas x: then after
that go home changed . then
already decided to go Zoo .
in the morning , wheather
fine lor , then afternoon ,
" boomboom ! " gort thunder
lor ! waolao , sian diao ! ):
kaokao ! cannot go Zoo !
then change to Vivo City !
we go there walkwalk . alotalot
shops to shop ! shop until both
of our leg pain lyk siao ! xx:
then after that watch Ghost rider
with hubby . kaokao ! huiqi last
time said nort scary ! she pian wo !
some pictures damn scary ! SOORY
need scarified your hand x: i grabbed
too tightly ! then after that , went to see
the sea . then went
to acarde playplay again ! hahas ,
then go near chinatown take taxi
kaokao ! HATE TAXIS ! gort jams & make
me feel lyk vomiting !!!!! reach ler , i dizzy
until cant even walk properly ! then sitsit
fer awhile . qi guai , hubby still alright lor !
then go home straight vomit ! x: damn
xin ku ! vomit all the food i ate ! eeeee ~
reach home around 11pm(:

I seem to have loved you in numberless forms,
numberless times , in life after life , in age after age forever.

perious meimei(:

me & meimei

soory huiqi , nv pei ni go out ):
then went to my grandma house .
very sian lor ! nth to tok , then
must sit lyk girlgirl . kaokao !
then ben lai want go out der ,
but " boomboom ! " raining
again ! aiyo , raining go out very
man fan ! then go home .


Thursday, March 01, 2007

pathetic day !

went to school dearest . kaokao ,
dunnoe why i damn tired today !
PE is a torture !!! hate it ! nafa test
change " law " liao , if failed , must
retest until pass ! waolao , waste
time lor ! hahas , after school ,
my girls pei wo buy comestics !
thanks girls ! damn happy lor !
although my wallet is empty until
no money go home ! my ez-link
negative liao ! kaokao , then
suaysuay , they all no money olso !
kaokao ! the only person i can turn to
is ---> HUBBY ! erm soorysoory ,
man fan you lehs , hai you cannot
kick soccer ! THANKS(:

thanks loads(: