Tuesday, March 06, 2007

went school with dearest again .
cos i want xinhong teach wo
phyics ! today test & yet
i know nothing bout
it ! diedie liao ! x: but last min
study no use ! i alotalot
dunnow how to do ! sure fail this
time ! then after olso have geo test .
lucky gort xinhong sit beside me .
sure gort advantages . hahas xx:
after school , went to eat Sakura with
dearest & huiqi . wow ! my noodles nice !
they all eat beef der ! cannot share
with them ! then went to teckyong house .
lucky gort magazine help me past time .
but quite fun lahs . they tok funny ! hahas .
then they kick soccer . then i sit there ,
read huiqi lent wo der comics . lucky he always
try toking to me , nort making me sian((:
then he pei wo go keat hong . i go fectch
my meimei again . her sweet drop on the floor .
then anyhow throw temper at wo .
kaokao ! i victim sia !!!! hahas .
reach home at around 7.30pm(:
can you make me happier ?

if only you knew the real me,
then you would see how sad I am,
how much I cry,