Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bernyce is damn happy today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Web-cam with Dear in class .
Damn funny ~
Bernessa's exam is coming .
Prepared a timetable for her .
She will be starting stress ):


Went school as per normal .
I am so damn stress in school .
Alot of module i dont understand ):
Also too many smart people in my class .
hais . How can i compete with them !?

After school, went to Lot one with
Charmine . I want my contact lenses
for very long already ! Charmine
tells me that there is a place which sell
lenses look exactly like GEO lenses .
Finally we found the place . Brought
4 pairs . HURRAY ! Thanks Charmine
for telling me too ;D Bought Hello kitty
mouse too ! My mouse spoilt already ):
Hurray !

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



after school , met dear at jurong East .
i so damn long didnt see him !!!!
Headed to Jurong point & have our
dinner . Shopped around , and watched
Handsome Suit . Rated 3/5
Super boring & lame movie .
We almost fell asleep lor !! ARGH !

I realised my Primary school friend ,
Timothy same poly as me ! so qiao leh !!!

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Thanks (:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today lessons are super boring !


Bernyce is super bored in class .

In library because of air-con..... -.-

Watched The Star Award yesterday night .
So pity , Ou Xuan didnt won the Best Actress

Award . I really think she deserves to win ):
Me & Dear guess who will win in each caterory .
Who won treated dinner . But in the end ,
we draw -.- lame ~~~~~~

Bernessa was addicted to my web-cam !!!!!!!!
haha ;D

Going to meet Dear after school ....... Hurray !
Back to lesson ............
See ya ;D

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy belated birthday to my Sweetie ,

Gave her a mini celebration .
DIT 1B/21 & 22 gathered
together during break time .
Vivian pretented going to
the totiet with her . And when
she came back , we sang birthday song
damn loudly . Other student sang along too !
She was like so shocked !! Hope
she like it ;D

Oh ya ! i saw jessica too !!!
She is always that cute !!!
Hey girl , have lunch together soon alright ?

After school , Me , peishan & Vivian headed
to Sake Sushi . But firstly , Vvian went back home
to take her handphone ( yups , she keep complaining
that she needed her handphone by her side ) haha
Then me , Junhua and Kokpin headed to library .
I borrowed 2 thick books !! No choice , i really need
to buck up already ! Really thanks they 2 guys revising
with me ;D i know my topics better now ! hurray !

We also saw a baby girl .
She keeps playing with us .
She is super duper cute !!!
i loves kidddddddddds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernyce & Bernessa are super bored .....
webcam-ing :

Bernyce , Bernyce
wake up , wake up
from your fairytale story !!!!!!
Let's face the reality (:

Feeling terrible ,
But no choice .