Saturday, April 11, 2009


It's already midnight !
Happy Birthday To my Beloved Cassandra !
Hope you have an unforgetable birthday !
Muacks !

Went to pray my Grandpa early in the
morning . I woke up at 7am ok !!!?
Damn tired ! Actually it's my very first time
going there . I think my grandpa will
be very happy to see all his Grand-children !
Headed to eat late breakfast .

Rest In Peace , Grandpa !

Then rushed home to get prepared to meet
Peiying. But i am late in the end too! haha
Headed to Jurong Point , shopped and
do a DIY cake ! cute right !? i drew it ! damn fun !
I super hate Jurong point ! I dont know why !
I just think it is too too big ! haha
Then meet my other girilfriends .
Really hope Cassandra will love her birthday with us !
Gona miss them super much !!!


Headed to Dear's house to settle my SP stuff !
damn troublesome ! ARGH ! then headed to
Aaron's birthday party . Boring lah ! stone there
for alot of hours ! but anyway
Happy Birthday In Advance To Aaron ! ;D

Oh ya oh ya ! my garskin sticker finally arrive !
Super pretty !!!!!yeah !