Friday, December 28, 2007

all my working friends and my supervisor(:

all my friends and boss(:

i will miss my supervisor ! iloveher !

didnt update for a longlong time ,
i am busy working last few weeks and
when i have off days , i realise my com
is having problem and now everything
is back to normal . it really fun working,
get to know many good friends(: i really
cant bear to leave them): yeasterday ,
after getting our pay , we headed to
suntec acarde and kbox ! it damn fun !!!!
our laughter just cannot stop ! everybody
sing well too ! and those guys keep making fun
of each other ! i really love them <3
i really cant bear to leave them):
on the 31st , we will be having a dinner
treated by our boss , looking forward
to that day(:

i am really in love with him <3

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

headed work with Dear , i dunnoe why i got a bad
stomachache suddenly , we were standing during
the MRT journey and suddenly the pain was so
unbearable that i squat on the floor in front
of so many people , luckily there is one kind
lady who offered a seat to me at once ! thanks ,
i really appreaciated that(: my head was dizzy and
i can see alot of stars around me , hahas
my stomach is a wreido , hahas after that , when we
alighted , the pain started again , Dear quickly tell
our supervisor and bought me to the nearby foodcourt
and buy me a hot milo . after drinking up , it make
me more comfortable , and i am afraid that the pain will start
again but luckily it stop after that(: i really thanks Dear
for helping me(: working was fun but HOTHOT ! Dear was
lucky , he work in the shop with air conditional but i work
at the roadshow with no air con !! ARGH ! hothoT !
after work , headed to Tiong Bahru Plaza to collect
our keychain and took neoprint ! the neoprint is really
nice but i do not have scanner so it is not clear
enough , wil upload it next time(:


headed to work as usual with Dear , we wore
the same colour jeans becos yesterday we
agreed to it , but the shirt we did nort say ,
but it such a conecidence that we wore the same
colour shirt and carnigarn -.- we are being teased
by my working friends whole day ! ARGH !
the sales was good today ! we earned about
$1031 ! my supervisor promised me that
if the sales was above $1000 , my pay day will be
earlier and i did it !! yeahyeah ! hope she
didnt break the promise . hahas , during work ,
i keep talking and alacking with my working friends ,
we had alot of topic to talk to , hahas
after work , me and Dear headed to AMK hub
and had our dinner there , we were dead beat !


off day for me so i accompany my mum and
meimei to buy her pri one books and uniform ,
it was really expensive ! after wards i will be going
out with mummy and meimei , photo will be uploaded
next time(:

Saturday, November 24, 2007


headed to work alone , working with regina ( my new friend )
it was super tired standing the whole day but its fun ;D
after work , went to meet Dear and waited for him
almost 1/2 hour ! argh >:( headed ti Tiong Bahru Plaza
to get that keychain , it was super cute , it will be ready
by satuday but we are collecting on monday after work (:


headed to work alone , slacking around and keep
toking to them ! they are friendly(: oh ya ! i am short of cash now ):
and my pay day is way too long ! i beg my supervisor
to have our pay day earlier and she decided to discuss
with her boss . please please ! hahas . after work meet
Dear again , headed to dunnoe what place [ i forgot the place ]
and Dear bought a yellow jeans and blue carnigarn .
yucks ! i hate those salesperson . They just keep following
us where ever we go ! argh ! afterwards we went to eat
delicious dinner ! yummy ! then there are a bunch of
crazy fellows sweet talking us and wanted us to donate
money . oh ! i am not a 3 years kid ! all your sweet
talking are just no use -.-" and i managed to bought
1 shirt ! beautiful ! headed to Marina Square and hang around .
took bus home and my head was dizzy ! ARGH !


i do nort work today . stay at home and my meimei
remind me that today Winxs Club is coming to Lot
One ! she is a big fan of Winxs Club ! hahas .
my mum and i bought her there and she really
enjoy that musical concert which i think it is a super
duper waste of time -.- hand around and i bought
a black stocking . and headed to ntuc ! i am an auntie -.-


stayed at home whole day and i am freaking bored !
oh shty ! it happen again !


Sunday, November 18, 2007

went to Tiong Bahru Plaza because my
aunty [ still young ] is performing there .
she is performing Belly Dance !
sexy hor ? hahas , and the dance is really
gorgeous ! nothing much to shop there ,
had dinner and i managed to bought a shoe .

i want that hp strap ...........


last minute call from Dear that there will be work
today , it should be a off day for us . headed
there late again -.- he keep faking me about some
annoymous matter , making me stress and
scared , and i cant believe that i believed him -.-
ARGH ! hahas left work at around 8pm and headed
to Vivo City [ that's the nearest shopping centre ]
and bought yellow nail polish . nice ;D


went to my meimei k2 guaduration party , it was super
hot but the performance was great ! i must admit that
my meimei danced really well ! bravo ! i am proud of
her ! hahas . afterwards , we went to Mac to eat .
and there was one parent [ we dunnoe her ] came
towards to my meimei and praise that she dance really
well and even shake hands with her . hahas

Thursday, November 15, 2007


headed for work in the morning , we thought
we were late but in fact we are the earliest -.-
our job today was to pack all their new stocks
and put up their price tags. we worked the whole
day from 12pm-9pm without stopping ,
[ execpt for the lunch break ] , oh ghosh ! i am
dead beat ! we had our working schedule ,
i will be working next monday , wednesday and
thursday , and the sad thing was Dear and me
were separted , we were working at different
days , i will be working with a stranger ! scary ahs !
after work , we went straight home , we are dead
beat ! oh ya ! i found my k2 photo and my meimei
just received her photo a few days ago . hahas
oh gosh ! i look ugly !

later i will be attending my meimei's k2 guraduation
party , she will be performing a dance ;D
good luck to her ..........

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

some random photos before my hp was repaired :

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Finally i can collect my handphone !
i miss it so much -.-
firstly, i headed to dear house first .
ate french fries and watch Maggie and
Me on Mobtv at the same time . it is
super duper funny ! i always rmb this line :
''I am Jonhny Tan,Ghostbuster,Easy Come Easy Ghost !''
His tone sounded so stupit when he said
this line ! hahas i keep laughing non-stop !
duh ! Dear cant stand my laughter -.-
afterwards , we went downstair to have our
dinner and headed to Wisma to collect my hp .
actually my hp is not exactly really repaired ,
my # button got something wrong and they do
not have stock now so i need to wait some day
later again! ARGH ! >:( i fall in love with a golden
colour jeans & vest ! but it is really expensive):
went Vivo afterwards just because of a particular
game ! yups ! Dear is crazy about that game .
hahas , i am attracted to a Baby Dumbo softoy
that is trapped in a toy machine , we tried to catch
it but to no avail . it's really difficult to catch lehs !
but dear knew that i really love that softoy and decided
to ask if they got sell , and in the end we bought
that Baby Dumbo instead of trying to catch it !
thanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanks Dear !!!!!!!
i really love it ! we keep laughing when heading home!
he is crazy ! hahas

5 , 8 , 12 are always the date to remember <3


accompanied my mum and meimei to attend
my meimei parent meeting session . all good
comment on my meimei of course . hahas
i went to trim my hair afterwards, we waited a long
time ! argh ! >:(

will be working tomo too ,
we can't be late again !