Thursday, November 15, 2007


headed for work in the morning , we thought
we were late but in fact we are the earliest -.-
our job today was to pack all their new stocks
and put up their price tags. we worked the whole
day from 12pm-9pm without stopping ,
[ execpt for the lunch break ] , oh ghosh ! i am
dead beat ! we had our working schedule ,
i will be working next monday , wednesday and
thursday , and the sad thing was Dear and me
were separted , we were working at different
days , i will be working with a stranger ! scary ahs !
after work , we went straight home , we are dead
beat ! oh ya ! i found my k2 photo and my meimei
just received her photo a few days ago . hahas
oh gosh ! i look ugly !

later i will be attending my meimei's k2 guraduation
party , she will be performing a dance ;D
good luck to her ..........