Tuesday, November 06, 2007


happy tenth month

headed to Har Par Villa with dearest .
i know i sounded kind of stupit to go to
that type of place but i am really curious !
i didnt go before ! it was so damn scary !
i hate entering the " 10 Courts Of Hell "
can yoo imagine if one day you waste
some food at a buffet , if yoo die the next day ,
yoo will be sent to the Fifth Court Of The Hell
and they will cut your tougue out ! scary arh !?
so we must do alot of good deed in our life(:
it was such a hot weather , until we get tired
easily ! [ post was not detailed ]
afterwards , we headed to Queenways again ,
dear had bought a shoe which i super duper
nice & i bought black jean . wewent to acarde
again . we won a total of 420 tickets !!!! plus
what we won last week , now we have a total
of 642 tickets ! our target is 3200 tickets !

happy tenth months to dear <3

went to school just to hand up my worksheet -.-
it was so stupit and troublesome all the way to
school just to hand up a worksheet ! ARGH !
afterwards i went to dear house , i hope
i done a perfect job x:

i will be working tomo at Suntec City , Mono Yono
Lifestyle Shop . come visit me ;D