Monday, July 30, 2007


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i know they were miserable deep
inside their heart , but they tried to
look happy , takecares my friends(:

* i am slow in listening jokes ,
everybody starts laughing & i am
still figuring out what the meaning -.-

Sunday, July 29, 2007

iloveyoo !

long time didnt update ler ,
i was lazy ( obviously ) hahas ,
school are boring as usual ,
after school went home straight
to get changed & ready to meet
dearest , headed to Plaza Singapura
to watch The Simspsons Movie ,
rated 4/5 , it really funny indeed !
the father is really stupit lahs !
went shopping afterwards ,
but didnt managed to buy anythings ,
went near my block & talk , omgs ,
he was too addicited to games ! hahas
yups , it another fun day with him(:

lovehim !

boring & pathetic day !
but still thanks huiqi for bringing
us to that japanese resturant ,
it indeed delicious but it just that
we cant eat much(:
can i cry on your shoulder ?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

thanks mummy for the handphone(:

everything were done

Sunday, July 22, 2007

utterly dissapointed !

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all i need is care & concern ,

maybe yoo didnt realised it ,
but i kept in my heart ,
just not to hurt us .

Saturday, July 21, 2007

school routines were the same ,
after schhol , rush home to get
changed & ready to meet my
girlfriends . i ate mac chicken
for lunch , i know it cheapo !
yups , it just $2 !but since i
long time didnt eat before ,
i think there is nothing
wrong to eat cheapo food(:
i bought panties ! it is soso
cute !!! hahas , everybody
bought something , except
peiying , poor peiying . hahas
we headed to marina square
afterwards , congrats ! peiying
finally bought something(((:
all of us bought very nice
tops at a very cheap price x:
took bus home & i gort a
super headache !! went
for dinner at coffee shop &
super delicious ! hahas .
went to meet dearest afterwards(:

to look beautiful , yoo must look
good inside !


super happy day for me !

i bought the handphone i wantedlonglong time ago(:

thanks mummy !!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i am taking yellow , while dearest taking black

we had decided to buy s500i handphone
long time ago , but i am waiting yellow
to arrive , woos , excited !
homehomehomehome ,
omg ! i am going to be bored to death !
i need some interesting place to past
my time quickly ! SAVEME):

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WENT HOME ( THE PLACE I HATEHATEHATE MOST !!!! ) he will nv know what my mood will be !! nvm i will bear with it):

went school with dearest as usual ,
school dimiss earlier today , as
sec 4 were having o' levels , my
girls decided to head to bugis .
my target was to buy slippers !
in the end , i bought a very nice
top & slipper & my wallet is empty !
argh ! lent cassandra money to buy
her top & in the end i had no
money , hahas . decided to go
home earlier than we expected
as we had no more extra cash .
went to meet dearest afterwards
as i dont wish to go home that
early . i hate cockroachs !!!!!!!

my aunt was super good ,
i was sleeping & i didnt
realised my house phone
was ringing non-stop .
( my mum was not at home )
i then realised my aunt
keep calling asking me
weather i want to watch
Harry Potter ! soory ahs !
went to watch with my cousins ,
rated : 4/5 nice movie indeed ,
but the ending was nort nice !
the bad guy was not dead yet ,
still need to wait for next year
for the continuation -.- anyways
it very nice ! worth watching(:
headed to imm afterwards ,
as my house's refrigerator was
spoilt , we need to buy a new one ,
we choose a long time x:

Saturday, July 14, 2007

thanks dearest(: i want yoo to be like today everyday(:

went to school with dearest as
usual , unpleasant matter happened ,
dont wish to mention it anymore ,
class is fun too ! but i realised i
learn thing slower than other -.-
everybody already understand ,
but yet i am still struggling to
understand that . hahas ,
after school , went home straight ,
wait for dearest tution to over at
home , prepared & went to his
house . his brother said i grew
taller ! yeahyeah ! hahas .
watch dvd at his house ! damn nice!
i forgot the tittle but it damn violence .
oh shty , i forgot to lent it from him !
argh ! no dvd to watch during weekend .
he prepared & we headed to ikea &
queensway for dinner , delicious !!
went we were about to go out , he
went to bid goodbye ti his neighbour &
she saw me .i was sososo shy !
auntie : wow , your girlfriend ah ?
me : smile(:
auntie : wow , didnt call me auntie
arh ? laugh *
me : auntie * softly
omg ! i was super shy that time &
i forgot to called her auntie . bad
impression of me . argh !
went there & bought something we
long waited for(: thanks dearest loads !
headed to acrade afterwards & went
home , long trip ! gort a badbad
headache ! reach home around 11+
& i am super tired !
i am really thankful for all the things
yoo did(: ilovesyoo

my meimei(: she look mature in photo !

stayed at home whole day as
my mummy was not at home .
homework time for me !
it was so damndamn difficult !
big headache ! dearest was
at benny house . he was too

Thursday, July 12, 2007


we were talking in msn & i start drawing .sounded lame ,but it cute ! hahas.

not a single words left . . .
anybody to understand me ?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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i loves this pic !

went school as usual with dearest ,
we ate the same thing for breakfast
again -.- , but it still very delicious lor .
hahas , lesson is fun today ! i talked
to celina for almost the whole
chemisty lesson non-stop ! hahas .
pe lesson afterwards ,
mr sng said : those girls who need
to pin up your hair , please pin up
now , especially YOU (pointed at me)
then i diamdiam , then he gave me
another warning again : if yoo didnt
pin up again , i use a sisscor to cut
right now !! hahas . after school ,
i went for my poa test , i gona
flunked again): headed to bp with
casandra , huiqi , steph , then headed
to peiying house while huiqi went
to work .

i finally pass that letter :
anyways i am very soory , mdm zan):

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

went to school very late today ,
soory , i woke up late ! soory
to keep yoo waiting , dearest .
erm lesson is fun ! celina ,
shiqi & me keep talking craps!
hahas , erm after school , went
to social studies workshop ,
i only went for half lesson , i am
super tired ! cabbed home with
erica , arudery & lydia while
celina walked home . the taxis
driver is super duper funny !
erica please take that $5 ! hahas

dearest thanks for the post ,
i am really surprised(:
lovesyoo !

i may look happy , but
sometime i really want just to let
my tears out , nobody will never ever
understand me):

let mine tears come.
let them water mine soul.

Monday, July 09, 2007


she made this(:



Sunday, July 08, 2007


went to school as per normal
woth dearest , class was boring
too . after school , i went straight
home , daerest got compo lesson
in school . while waiting at home ,
i found something that was left
untouched for almost years !
i found my gameboy colour
omg , it been years i didnt play it
ler ! i still remembered i bought
it at pri 3( i think ) its quite nice
palying it now ! HAHAS :s
met dearest & we headed to
AMK kbox . hahas , after singing
almost the half day , we headed to
yishun to have our delicious dinner .
yummyyummy ! it very late when we
reach there , we were the last
customers . hahas . i am so hungry!
it was very late after eating so
we took taxis home . we talked
about gamboy toos ! yups , we are
childish ! hahas . the ride on taxis
was so damn fast ( i dunnoe why )
reached home around 11pm(:

i will be waitingwaitingwaiting
& be the first to know(:

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You're a little vain, but you also work hard for your good looks.
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went to imm with mum & meiemei ,
i was in a super bad mood because
of some irritating & unpleasant matter !
i bought nothing but i had delicious
dinner , i ate chicken cheese rice !
yummyyumy !

omg ! he was super additicted !