Sunday, December 28, 2008

yesterday after work , actually wanted to meet
Dear but he woke up too too late !!!!!!!
You know what time he woke up!?
around 4pm!! So i decided to meet my mum
and visit my grandma . But my mum need
around an hour to prepare . so i decided
to go bugis alone . Going shopping alone
is quite ok lah , i still managed to buy a clothes.
hahas . Afterwards met my mum and headed to
hospital . then headed to jurong point .
It just renovate and it is very nice to shop there ;D

Dear , sorry for everything .

Know what i gave Dear for christmas
present? i bought him a pair of earings
& ezlink sticker with many many sweetss
in a bag ! sweet hor? hahas .
I am looking forward to 31st , a new year
is begining ! How am i going to celebrate?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

jap uniform

Had a photo shoot with Sandra
at Chinese Garden . This is my first
time meeting my photographer , Mike .
Had a fun time with him because he talks
alot of craps! hahas . Anyway thanks for
those nice photos ;D


Had been working non-stop last week .
really damn busy especially during
lunch hours! Our shop was so packed
until i can hardly breathe and walk about !
i am saying the truth ! But i had a fun time
too!!! It is really nice working with them!
i really miss them ! Christmas Eve is my last
day seeing them ): i really hate that ! we have
to wait for the next christmas again ):

Merry christmas , everybody!
On the christmas eve , after work ,
i went to Dear's house and put the present
i bought outside his house . met him at his
house downstair but actually i fake him i
am at Jurong station . but dear i faked until
very lan ! hahas. Headed to Outram Park
to meet Zhenying , to pass my montier
cable . then went Vivo city . Luckiy there was
one cafe open till 12.30am. we had very late dinner.
Actually we wantedto watched Bedtime Stories but
onlyleft the first row seats! lame! i sure vomit !!!!
hahas . headed home afterwards . yeah !! wonderful
christmas with dear !!!!

Today , i celebrated chirstmas at hospital . my grandma
was in hospital . nothing serious , but onlyher leg is
swollen . Two of my aunt bought me christmas gift !
One gave me make-up set and other gave me two sets
of bra ! hahahas! love them ;D

Sunday, December 21, 2008

WALOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! today nan de can use com de !!!!!!!!!!! but my STUPID computer spoilt !!!!!
so readers, i won't be blogging till my computer gets fixed !
Till then, be sure to stay tuned :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Her beauty really make me fall in love with her !

Her personalilty really ROCKS me off !

Do you think she is a malay ? Of course not !!!
she is half chinese half dont know what ! hahas
But she really look like 100% pure malay !
Had half day of work on friday and decided
to go shopping with this crazy friend , Alicia.
really had fun going shopping with her !
Damn love her !!!!!!!

She is able to hold back her tears and this is what
i most admire her about!

long time didnt saw shuting ler !
miss her ):

Newly crowned Miss World Kseniya Sukhinova from Russia,(center)
stands with lst runner up Parvathy Omanakuttai from India,(left)
and 2nd runner up Gabrielle Walcott from Trinidad and Tobago,(right)
during the Miss World contest in Johannesburg, South Africa, Saturday,

I watched Miss world yesterday night . Miss russia look super gorgeous!
Her hair really suit her ! i fall in love with her beauty !!!!!

working working and working !
i am super stresssssssssss ! ):

Monday, December 08, 2008

Finally i have one off day.
working should be fun but all
have changed . ):

A lot of unpleasant things had happened.
Firstly , i am a salesperson and also a
cashier . but i count money wrongly and
caused the business to lose 50 bucks.
i admited that was my fault , but i remembered
last year i made the same mistake but the bosses
never scoled me , but just ask me to be careful
next time . But this year , i didnt expect they really
deduct from my pay . what had really happened to them ?

Dear also work until very unhappy . He get scolded
almost alot of times . i know he is lazy somethimes ,
but he still do his job properly . The boss should not
scold him " fucker! " i know Dear really want to quit the
job ,but in the end dear had decided to stay until christmas
end . Sorry dear , please bear for awhile more !

Bosses , i knew they are very stress up this year .
But you cant expect us to work like a machine !
We are still human and we need rest too .
Tell us more stories like what you all did last year .
I miss those times ):
Dont worry , sales will be better ! ;D

During working , i get to know one child.
Her name is Shuting . i can see that she
come from a very complicated family background .
Everytime after work , me and dear will look for
her and play psp with her for awhile . There is one
time we went to look for her at very late . Her
grandma told me that Shuting dreamt of me
playing with her . Suddenly , i almost want to
cried out . we only know each other for a few
days ! i cant expect a small little child to remember
me so dearly ! She look exactly like my sister .
Very naughty , playful , unreasonable but they
are both very understanding ! i really love children !
They are so innocent but yet we cant see through
their worries .

on saturday , me and dear have off day .
it's our belated 23rd months !!! so fast right !?
headed to plaza singapura , watched Beast Stalker
rated 4/5 . quite nice but i was feeling really unwell
that day ! i feel like vomiting during the movie !
lame right !? Dear still need to accompany me to the
totiet and miss some parts of the movie . Argh !

Come'on let me give you a great big hug ! muacks

On sunday , last minute ineed to work at taka with
jesscia. it is super boring , and we need to stand
for long hours ! Dont ask me to work there anymore!
i saw steph , yuhan and wangan ! So surprised !