Sunday, November 30, 2008

blog updated !
I can only blog once a week .
Because i only have off day on sunday .
It is a really tiring job but i still enjoyed
it ;D yeah ! tomo is pay day .
I only work for almost a week so the pay
wont be that high .

I cant wait for christmas season !!!!!!
aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh !

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i today off day ! finally~
My leg is super super pain !
yesterday i went to pack some stock .
My supervisor brought her child along .
she is 6 years old , one year younger then
my sister . firstly i think she is cute .
So i keep talked and played with her .
but after some time..........
i saw her true colours !!!!!!!!!
She is super duper super duper
NAUGHTY !!!!!!!!! i cant stand her!!!!!!!!!!!!

i still think my own sister is much cuter ;D
Love her !

anyway i will be working tml again .
i will be busy again !


Thursday, November 20, 2008

i didnt changed hairstyle actually , just dyed .
is it nice ? or look wreid ?

Today i went to movie with Pearlyn
& meimei . i promised meimei to bring her
to watch Winx Club , the movie .
Rated 4/5 . Even though it is a
cartoon movie , i still think it is
interesting ! they are so pretty !

I will be working my old job , starting
tml . i think i will have no time to update
again . i am really busy , especially during
Christmas Season . My blog will be rotting
by that time ! ): i miss my friends!!!!! i will be
meeting them tml !!!!!!!!! i am so excited!!!!!!!!

Dear dear where are you ?????? )))):

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am back from hongkong !
It was fun there ;D
I saw many many celebrities !!!!!!!!!!
Once in a lifetime mah......
so i DARE to hug and kiss them!!!!!

GOTCHA !!!!!!!!!
you think i am so lucky to see so many
celebrities at one time !? hahas .
actually i went to the Wax museum !
these celebrities are actually made
of WAX !!!!! can you believe it !!!?
they look so damn real !!!!!!! it is really
intereating !!!!!

Hongkong Cold noodles !
they are pack in a small packet
& all ingredients are actually raw and cold !
& really cheap , one packet sing dollar $0.50!

I also went to Ocean Park . Really damn damn
fun and thrilling ! hahas . you actually need to
take a vrey high escaltor up , because it is on the
mountain peak.

Their sea are also clear and very nice !
Unlike singapore , full of rubbish ):

But actually i prefer singapore than
HK . That's all , Folks.

Today , i went to have a hair make-over !
Stay tune for my new hairstyle !
oh ya , dear is also at HK now .
he will be back on saturday night .
havent been seeing him for almost
a week ): i miss him so damn much !!!
Please come back soon alright ? ):

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm here to bid goodbye to everyone .
I'm going to Hongkong tomo (:
Miss me ;D

Dear , miss me too !
& buy me presents during your hk trip !
I am waiting for your big present ! ;D


Sunday, November 09, 2008


It been a long time since i last visit my
2 grandparents . Because of exam ,
exams , exams ! Last friday , i visited
my (mother's side) grandmother .
Had dinner with her then headed to
IMM with parents and aunt. Very long
didnt accompany my mummy for shopping.
Finally , its time for me to be fillal to her ;D


Visited my ( father's side) grandparents.
had dinner at their house . Then headed
to IKEA with mummy and meimei . bought
quite alot of things . And i super miss their
ice-cream! damn delicious ! hahas


My timetable for today :

1) blog
2)pack my clothes !!!!!!

Big mission for me today !
I am going to pack all my clothes!
Because whenever i need to go out ,
it is very difficult for me to choose clothes.
irritating ! At night , i will do my big big
mission ! hahas

Oh ya , i will be flying to HongKong from
Dear will also be flying to
Hongkong. We didnt plan together !
So qiao !