Sunday, November 09, 2008


It been a long time since i last visit my
2 grandparents . Because of exam ,
exams , exams ! Last friday , i visited
my (mother's side) grandmother .
Had dinner with her then headed to
IMM with parents and aunt. Very long
didnt accompany my mummy for shopping.
Finally , its time for me to be fillal to her ;D


Visited my ( father's side) grandparents.
had dinner at their house . Then headed
to IKEA with mummy and meimei . bought
quite alot of things . And i super miss their
ice-cream! damn delicious ! hahas


My timetable for today :

1) blog
2)pack my clothes !!!!!!

Big mission for me today !
I am going to pack all my clothes!
Because whenever i need to go out ,
it is very difficult for me to choose clothes.
irritating ! At night , i will do my big big
mission ! hahas

Oh ya , i will be flying to HongKong from
Dear will also be flying to
Hongkong. We didnt plan together !
So qiao !