Thursday, May 31, 2007


went out with dearest ,
decided to go amk hub .
it was boring there . hahas .
but finally he bought a bag .
he looking for a bag for a
long time . its nice(:
deicded to go united square .
at least there is acarde to kill

our time x: bought sushi !
raw salmon my favourite !
erm after that headed to yishun
to have our dinner . delicious !
hate people smoking beside me !
argh ! i was too full , on the
bus i was feeling very unwell .
after awhile feeling better .
then headed near my block(:

no ghost story for me please !


vesak day ! went to
temple with my family .
it was raining heavily .
after praying , went
imm , its the nearest
shopping mall . hahas .
erm nothing much to
shop as alot of shops
are under renovation .
alotpeople there , hate
that ! keep complaining
to mymummy that i am
very sian , so she decided
i went home with my meimei
first . hahas .home sweet home !
i cook noodle for her . it her
first time seeing my cook x:
hahas . tiring day indeed .

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i love my only one(;

woke up late again x:
home is boring !
look forward to tomo(:
finally i can get out from
my house . hahas .

he is the only one who can tolerate me , he is the only one who willing listen to all my nonsenses .he is always the only
one for me

Monday, May 28, 2007

better by far i should forget
and smile than that i should
remember and be sad.
nobody cares

Saturday, May 26, 2007

english : C5
chinese : E8
add-math : C6
E-math : B3
science : D7
humanities : C5
poa : A1

went school with dearest ,
big day for me today !
going to see my report book .
i am so scared , my class too
clever & i was afraid that i am
at the last position x: luckily
i am at the 17th positon , i
am so happy ! hahas . but my
chinese & science fail & my mum
seem to be nort really happy with
my results . after achool , went
home to change & meet dearest .
went tiong baru to watch Pirate &
the Carribean . rated : 1/5
lame & stupit movie ! i dun
understand the whole movie & the
worst is the movie last for 3 hours !
argh ! force myself & him not to
fall alseep ! hahas . afterwards ,
we went Ikea to have our dinner ,
i had ucler so i decided to eat
kids spagetti & cold potatoes ,
while he ate fish & chips & chickens .
delicious dinner again ! then we went
Queenways . we were happily shopping ,
then i suddenly saw my uncle ! i was
shocked ! argh ! worst nightmare !
after seeing him , i feel moddy & stress
during the whole shopping trip ! soory
about that . in the end , dearest cheered
me up(: afterwards , we play daiti on bus .
play until we had headache x: i had a
badbad heachache & i want to vomited !
lucky dearest help me again , it seem
not logic , but it really worked(: thanks(:
then we walked home , keep talking &
singing x: hahas .
dearest , thanks for everything(:

didnt attent school again .
i was lazy & i think is a
waste of time . my meimei
had meet the parents session .
afterwards we headed
RafflesPlace , shopping trip .
but actually my mum movtie
of going there was to meet her
friends , as she worked there
last time & long time didnt
contact each other . i only
bought a gold eyeliner , which
i regretted buying now as it
doesnt suit me while my meimei
bought Winx Club bag . she was so
happy ! hahas. after that , we headed
lot one to have our dinner .
finally dearest woke up later than
me ! hahas , teah my meimei
her homeworks .
i will be going lot one to have my dinner
later with my mum & meimei(:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

feeling unwell ,
boring , boring , boring

A hundred hearts
would be too few
To carry all my
love for you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

went school with dearest .
waiting sucks !
almost whole day in class
were playing daiti with
classmates . i am addicited
to it ! but i am still a beginner .
hahas . after school went Sheng
Siong cos dearest wants to buy
biscults for tomo trip to HCA .
olso dunnoe what that place x:
first , we went to have our lunch .
ate ice-cream with waffles ,
delicious !! then bought biscults .
he buy me white rabbit sweet .
hahas . nice ! headed home
after that . mine & his mum were sick .
takecares both(:

Monday, May 21, 2007

went school with dearest ,
nth special happen in school.
during chinese lesson , we were
playing daiti with alot people .
fun sia ! after school went home
with cassandra & ruiqi . while i
was about to buy curry puff , i
realised my money all gone !
i siao dao ! dunnoe which stupit
idoit thief steal my money !
argh ! it only monday & i left no
money for this whole week):
then when i reached home ,
realised my mum not at home !
nobody cook for me !! & i am so
hungry !!!! no money , no food !
pathetic day for me ! ARGH!
20+ dollars of mine just gone lyk
that x:

dearest i really appreciated your help(:
thanks loads !

Sunday, May 20, 2007


me & dearest didnt attent school ,
teachers are too over-concern him .
he only didnt go school for one day ,
they called his parent liao . aiyo ,
abit lame ! went to yishun with him .
our purpose going there is of course
not shopping at Northpoint , that small
& boring shopping mall . our purpose
is go there eat delicious food ! he bring
me go there eat . we were too early, the
resturant haven open . so we decided to
have our lunch at KFC first . then we headed
to Northpoint . played at arcade & watched
Next movie . rated 4/5 very exciting movie but
lame ending x: finally , we headed to the resturant .
alotalot of people but luckily we do nort have to wait .
YUMMUYUMMY food indeed ! its quite early by the
time we finish eating . we decided to buy poker cards
& play nearby my house . its scary indeed , hate to
be alone): dont intend to mention it . but i had alot of
fun playing poker cards x: we played more than 10 rounds ,
but i did nort win before ! ARGH ! i am just a beginner ,
beginner dont win right ? hahas . i will practice hard x:
reach home at around 11pm(:

slience is everywhere ,
for here , for there .
alone is a suffer .


went shopping with my mum & aunt .
my mum told me that angmokio
open a new shopping mall & quite alot
to shop . it really a big shopping mall
indeed & quite alot to shop . i bought
a nail polish only . cant found anything
i lyk . i was having slight fever):


stay at home . i was so boring
& decided to draw cartoon again .
hahas . my cousin was having fever .
luckily i was feeling better(: but my
throat is painful . get well soon(:

Thursday, May 17, 2007


it really bad for me to forgot
my daddy's birthday ! soory ,
i knew i was wrong , i wont
repeat my mistakes again):
school routines as usual ,
nothings really special happens .
after school , went to have my
lunch with dearest at Jack Place .
yummy ! i ate baked rice while he
ate chicken cutlet . after that , went
to buy peiying's birthday present(:
headed home soon after that as
dearest wanted to go hanxiang house .
i didnt tag along with him . at night ,
went ti have my dinner at a very
wried place to celebrate my daddy's
birthday . simple dinner to calebrate
his birthday , hope he would be happy .

happy birthday to daddy .
i say it from my bottom of my heart(:


such a meaningful day for me . i had
learn alot of things . our class had a trip
to the bukit batok old folks' home . the
moment i step in , i didnt feel that they
pityful , but they are indeed scary to me .
most of them have wried temper . they
get angry easily . i still remembered that
i folded a heart shape to a old man ,
he pull out the heart & throw it on the
floor instead ! argh , angry . one of the
old women ask my friend for 20 cents ,
cos she wanted to buy lolipop for
her child , but her child was nort with
her ! that was pityful . i spent my whole
day folding heart ! i fold alot & alot .
i dun dare to tok to those old folks ,
they were scary . i olso play badminton
with shiqi . it been a long time i didnt
play badminton . headed back to school
afterwards . i had learn how to play poker cards .
happy !! all thanks to dearest , celina &

very glad for my everything now ,
i love you , mummy & daddy

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i shall keep a distance
for everything .

high-profiled really kills

Monday, May 14, 2007

woke uplate again , soory
to keep you waiting ):
went to my grandma house
during afternoon , another boring
day for me , ofcos ! went there ,
samesame watch tv & did nth .
i am burning down my fats ,
no excess food are allowed !

went school with dearest ,
i ate porridge x:
happiness & sadness today .
hates staying at home !

Saturday, May 12, 2007

woke up quite early ! all my
meimei fault ! she very boring ,
so come in my room & disturb
me from my sleeps . argh !
she keep using her finger
puppet & beat me with that !
it was nort pain at all but
in the end , she managed to
woke me up -.- hahas .
went to my grandma house
during afternoon ! its a total
boring place for me ! nodody
to tok to ( nort close to them ) ,
no nice tv shows to watch ,
nothing to do ! boringboring !!
after that , went to plaza singapura ,
its shopping time ! finally i can get
out of that place ! hahas .
but so suay , my meimei was nort
feeling well , slight fever . so headed
home early ! argh ! i haven finish
shopping ! hahas . but just hope
my meimei recover soon(:


Friday, May 11, 2007

i love hubby !

last day of exam ! damn happy ,
time for enjoyment ! went to bp with
my girls . went to see bags . i saw
one of the bag very nice ! but they
complain that its too big . x: but i
just lyk it alot ! decided
to buy it during the june holiday
when i save enough money x:
hahas . he was caught cheating
during exam . make me worried ,
but hope everything goes fine(:
went marina square with dearest
to catch spider man 3 movie ! rated : 5/5
it was a fantantic movie ! hahas .
evil spider man is cool #: my
clothes was making very uncomfortable
the whole day ! it was indeed difficult
to find safety pins , argh ! shopping
trip with dearest but didnt managed
to buy anything . went to play acarde .
it was fun ! i dunnoe play what game
until stage 18 !woos ~ FUN ! dearest
was playing soccer game
for a long time ! he kept wining .
its fun indeed! went to eat at
Fins resturant for your dinner .
DELICIOUS ! after that went
esplande toktok for awhile .
we had alot topics to tok about !
even at bus , we still continued -.-
reach home at 11.30pm(: enjoyable
day with dearest(:
thanks loads(:

today is a big day for dearest . went to
school with his mummy to meet teacher .
serious matter ! cheating -.- in the end ,
everything was alright ! relieved ~ went
fora haircut woth my mummy & meimei .
my hair do nort have differences after cutting .
went to westmall afterwards , bought one dress
form Osmose . beautiful ! thanks mum !
was really crowded just now ! after shooping
for awhile , we headed home .

thanks for everybody for helping
in my tagbox . appreaciated(:
i dun care who the spammer is ,
but i just know you wont affect us(:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

went school with xinhong .
dearest gort fnn exam ,
but i gort add-math
different timing . yeah ,
able to sleep a while more x:
add-math exam is a total
disaster ! i gort alotalot
qns dunnoe how to do . i olso
nort confident to get at least
one whole qns correct): i realy
tried my very best to revise ler ,
but i just cannot make it . argh !
after that , went dearest house .
ate noodles plus eggs x:
went to fetch my meimei at 5pm(:

* muacks

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

went school with dearest as usual .
phyics paper is quite easy x:
still gort abit of confident .
went home super duper early .
my meimei & mum was so shocked
to see me reach home so early !
" jiejie why you come back so early "
my meimei was so damn curious
about it . hahas . had a good nap
from 11.30am - 3.30pm . i am
fully charged now !

Saturday, May 05, 2007

4th month !

happy 4th month(:
a trip to orchard with dearest .
saw sixian , ignatius & company .
dearest bought a shirt(: but we
didnt managed to watch spider
man 3 . SOLD OUT !
* angry ! happy day with dearest(:

happy 4th months .
i love you(:

Friday, May 04, 2007

the same old spammer is still spamming
in action , i wondered : don't you feel tired
about it ? always using the same com
in school -.- wana tell you that it really
stupit doing that ! dun mind please
shoo away ?

everything is
disaster !

Thursday, May 03, 2007


went schhol with dearest usual ,
chinese paper 1 & 2 for today ,
the most nerous day for me .
but i am veryvery happy i manged
to remember how to write all the
words correct ! all thanks to dearest ,
for helping wo prepare tips & notes(:
this is the first yesr , since sec one ,
managed to fill in all the blanks !
although i know i would nort get high
marks for chinese as usual , at least
i really try my best this time(: after schhol ,
went rayray house playplay . during the
trip to her house , when i was walking
down the stairs . i dunnoe why i miised
a step & accidently fall down & sprained
my ankle . its really hurt until i am unable to
walk for awhile . huiqi was shocked to see
that & quickly shouted ' PEIYING ' &
they came & rescued wo -.- yups ,
its still hurt now): went to her house
watch 200 pound beauty in youtubes .
this is my second time watching but i dun find it
boring . at night , my mum realised my leg is abit
swollen & quickly apply medcine for me .
peiying say will become PIG LEGS ! is that
true ? hahas .

i just wana tell everybody , loves do nort come by
looks , i dun care you are ugly or whatever , just
wana tell you i still love you .

a BIG thanks to peiying & rayray !

i don't love a guy
because he is handsome,
he is handsome because i love him.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

opps ~ i woke up late today !
i already press my alarm clock .
but i went back sleep again -.-
& yet my mum didnt wake me up
again . kaokao . went school
slightly later with dearest . i'm soory
social studies & math paper 2 for today .
social stuides is easy , all answers
are clearly in my brain x: i memories
it ler ! hahas .at least it will help pull
up my geography marks , hopes so ~
but i sure flunked my math paper 1 .
is damn difficult ! i do nort have enough
time do finish . after exam , went to
eat lunch with him & huiqi . my prawn
noodles is delicious ! anyways
soory huiqi about today !
went to his house afterwards , watch dvd !
damn nice ! but the killing part is scary !

* tomo chinese paper 1 & 2
i am scared):