Saturday, January 31, 2009

A happy chinese new year to everyone !

i only go bai nian on theb 2nd day of
new year . Nothing special . just eat ,
watch tv , talk and eat again . really
damn boring . i am only interested in
taking all my angbaos ! hahas
I havent open all my angbaos yet .
Wonder how much i will get this year .

These few days of working , we are always
tie-ing ribbons on umbrella !!! It is a urgent
project for Starhub so we have to do it every
single day .All those bottles above are actually
UNBRELLA !!!!! cute right !?

Finally i can have time with my dear !
Very long didnt see him ler ): It is also a
very important day for us ! It our JAE posting
result . Unfortunatly , me and dear enter
different poly ): It is our biggest worry !!!!
butno choice , we have to face the fate .
Yea! we can still be loving even though
different poly ! hahas ;D Anyway i entered
Singapore Poly - Information Technology (:
Anybody same poly as me ?????????????
Because i realised all my friends different poly
as me !!!! OH NO !!!!!!!!!! anybody same poly
as me ????????????????????????????????

Went to watch Love matter with dear .
Rated : 1/5 !!! super sucking, boring and lame
movie !!!! NOT WORTH watching !!!!!
Me and dear are almost falling asleep watching
that movie !!!!!! -.- Dear managed to buy himself
a shoe , shirt and pants !!! yeahyeah !!!!! and and
i bought myself a water bottle !!!!That water bottle
i find very very very long ler !!!!! finally i can buy
the excatly same bottle i want!!! haha
Will be working at Taka on monday !!!!!!!
Why ask me go sia !!!???
will be woking ALONE leh !!!!

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Monday, January 26, 2009


last sunday

Had a lunch gathering with my photographer
and other models . They are nice (:


I had applied for DAE . This application
is actually for those whose English had
miss by one grade but other relevant
subjects scored distiction . I think this
application gave me a second chance (:
Because of my English , i really cant go
to the courses i like . I hope i am sucessful in
the application . Because of these , Dear
accompanied me to three poly at one go ,
just to submit all my documents . Damn
troublesome ! Thanks dear <3


After work , i went to meet my beloved
beloved beloved girlfriends! you know what ?
Huiqi's hair really grow damn fast !!!!! i was so
shocked when i saw her hair ! i still asked her
" you got extend hair anot ? " i am so damn
lame to ask that qns -.-

And i am going tell everyone how stupid are my two
girlfriends are ?!! They gave me my birthday present.
They thought they have taken out the price means i
wont know the price . BUT BUT BUT ........
BAG !!!!!! dumb ! -.-
Had a fun day with them !!!!!! yeah !!!!!! (((:


i was lazy to go NYP . so decided to mail all
my documents . Had a class gathering , and finally
ican meet my with my long long friends , Celina& xinhong !
Very long didnt see them ler ! HAd a fun day too !!!!

i cant take bus & cab !!!!
i will vomit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i really vomit out all my food that night !
Hahas !


Went to my grandma house for reunion dinner.
The food was totally sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Friday, January 16, 2009

15jan is my birthday . meet dear as usual ,
But you know what he do ? he put fowers
and a birthday on the LRT stairs and sang birthday
song . Quite paiseh but i am really surprised ! hahas
Went to Plaza Singapura and watch Ong bak 2
, rated 5/5 . Very nice but super violent !!!!!!
But the ending really sucks !!!! hahas then headed
to Farmart . We tried the fishes ( dont know what fish )
to bite our feet . really itchy the first time i tried it
but after awhile , no more feel anymore . hahas
damn funny ! It is said that these will help to
kill our dead skin . had a delicous seafood dinner .
Afterwards , met my aunt to discuss about my courses .
i am more confident than before (:

When i reached home , nothing happened .
But when i stayed in my room , suddenly
the lights went off and my whole family
sang birthday song! I am really happy !
you know what my mummy and meimei
gave me ? A super huge DUMBO!

i didnt recieived as many gifts as before ,
i didnt organise big party,
i didnt received any branded gifts ,
But what i really have is the
from my beloved boyfriend , family and friends !
i am really appreciated what you all have done
for me !

* where is my CCA cert ! Shit i lost it !!!!!