Sunday, January 04, 2009

they look super like couple !!!
but but , in reailty are they really.....?

long time didnt see him .
he is super duper thin sia !

yesterday went to work as usual . We are starting
to sell Hello kitty stuffs this chinese new year season.
That's my style ! hahas. was sussposed to meet all
the guys at 3pm , but the boss delayed until almost
4.30pm. No choice , they have to wait. The angry part
is Zhenying told everybody that we will be singing
at Partyworld , but endup , they were at Cine , kbox.
we went all the way to Partyworld , and headed back
to cine ! ARGH! Had a great time there ! They all sing
very good ! Afterwards , headed to BK for dinner .
Then went outside and have a long chit-chat sesson .
We talked almost anything and we talked almost for 2hours!!
haha ! We must meet up soon alright ! i will really miss
them ! ):

Do you know what day is tomo ?
Is me and dear 2nd year anniversary !!!!!
i am super looking forward to tomo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!