Sunday, November 18, 2007

went to Tiong Bahru Plaza because my
aunty [ still young ] is performing there .
she is performing Belly Dance !
sexy hor ? hahas , and the dance is really
gorgeous ! nothing much to shop there ,
had dinner and i managed to bought a shoe .

i want that hp strap ...........


last minute call from Dear that there will be work
today , it should be a off day for us . headed
there late again -.- he keep faking me about some
annoymous matter , making me stress and
scared , and i cant believe that i believed him -.-
ARGH ! hahas left work at around 8pm and headed
to Vivo City [ that's the nearest shopping centre ]
and bought yellow nail polish . nice ;D


went to my meimei k2 guaduration party , it was super
hot but the performance was great ! i must admit that
my meimei danced really well ! bravo ! i am proud of
her ! hahas . afterwards , we went to Mac to eat .
and there was one parent [ we dunnoe her ] came
towards to my meimei and praise that she dance really
well and even shake hands with her . hahas