Wednesday, November 28, 2007

headed work with Dear , i dunnoe why i got a bad
stomachache suddenly , we were standing during
the MRT journey and suddenly the pain was so
unbearable that i squat on the floor in front
of so many people , luckily there is one kind
lady who offered a seat to me at once ! thanks ,
i really appreaciated that(: my head was dizzy and
i can see alot of stars around me , hahas
my stomach is a wreido , hahas after that , when we
alighted , the pain started again , Dear quickly tell
our supervisor and bought me to the nearby foodcourt
and buy me a hot milo . after drinking up , it make
me more comfortable , and i am afraid that the pain will start
again but luckily it stop after that(: i really thanks Dear
for helping me(: working was fun but HOTHOT ! Dear was
lucky , he work in the shop with air conditional but i work
at the roadshow with no air con !! ARGH ! hothoT !
after work , headed to Tiong Bahru Plaza to collect
our keychain and took neoprint ! the neoprint is really
nice but i do not have scanner so it is not clear
enough , wil upload it next time(:


headed to work as usual with Dear , we wore
the same colour jeans becos yesterday we
agreed to it , but the shirt we did nort say ,
but it such a conecidence that we wore the same
colour shirt and carnigarn -.- we are being teased
by my working friends whole day ! ARGH !
the sales was good today ! we earned about
$1031 ! my supervisor promised me that
if the sales was above $1000 , my pay day will be
earlier and i did it !! yeahyeah ! hope she
didnt break the promise . hahas , during work ,
i keep talking and alacking with my working friends ,
we had alot of topic to talk to , hahas
after work , me and Dear headed to AMK hub
and had our dinner there , we were dead beat !


off day for me so i accompany my mum and
meimei to buy her pri one books and uniform ,
it was really expensive ! after wards i will be going
out with mummy and meimei , photo will be uploaded
next time(: