Saturday, November 24, 2007


headed to work alone , working with regina ( my new friend )
it was super tired standing the whole day but its fun ;D
after work , went to meet Dear and waited for him
almost 1/2 hour ! argh >:( headed ti Tiong Bahru Plaza
to get that keychain , it was super cute , it will be ready
by satuday but we are collecting on monday after work (:


headed to work alone , slacking around and keep
toking to them ! they are friendly(: oh ya ! i am short of cash now ):
and my pay day is way too long ! i beg my supervisor
to have our pay day earlier and she decided to discuss
with her boss . please please ! hahas . after work meet
Dear again , headed to dunnoe what place [ i forgot the place ]
and Dear bought a yellow jeans and blue carnigarn .
yucks ! i hate those salesperson . They just keep following
us where ever we go ! argh ! afterwards we went to eat
delicious dinner ! yummy ! then there are a bunch of
crazy fellows sweet talking us and wanted us to donate
money . oh ! i am not a 3 years kid ! all your sweet
talking are just no use -.-" and i managed to bought
1 shirt ! beautiful ! headed to Marina Square and hang around .
took bus home and my head was dizzy ! ARGH !


i do nort work today . stay at home and my meimei
remind me that today Winxs Club is coming to Lot
One ! she is a big fan of Winxs Club ! hahas .
my mum and i bought her there and she really
enjoy that musical concert which i think it is a super
duper waste of time -.- hand around and i bought
a black stocking . and headed to ntuc ! i am an auntie -.-


stayed at home whole day and i am freaking bored !
oh shty ! it happen again !