Wednesday, April 08, 2009

sorry photo abit small .
Will resize it in my phone next time !


Went shopping with dear at Marina.
Really shopping hor !!! hahas
Dear bought damn alot of things !!!!!
Ya ya ya , he keep complaining very
very heavy ! hahas . i think we are
abit crazy lah . We immediatly wore the
new clothes we bought that day -.-

Afterwards , headed to Mono Yono
( my last time working place ) to buy
a laptop bag . I still have staff discount .
hahas ! Damn happy !!!!!

Then we went to Koumi to have the
buffet. Becaue me and dear always serve
the customers with good food , now finally
our turn to be customers !! One sad new
to share ): The Koumi Resturant is closing down !!
It is only around 2 months old ! Shocked right !!!?
Firstly i thought Jeff is bluffing me but it is really
true !! So sad ): But actually truly speaking ,
it is really none of my business . i just take money and
the end !! haha Ya ! i also saw one of the auntie
working there . So sad , she is also leaving her work
until 21st of april !

Times are bad ,
Bosses are either too fierce to their workers
Or firing workers one by one ,
I heard too many of these stories .
So sad !

OH YA OH YA !!!! i bought
a new phone too !!!! LG cookie !
Dear bought too ! Super love it !!!!