Thursday, February 22, 2007

i woke up late today ! i olso
dunnoe why my alarm clock didnt
rang . werid ~ x: then he give me
many missed calls . hahas . c: i woke
up at around 7.45am . my mum still ask
me dun go school liao ! but i dun want
sia ! i insisted to go to school hahas .
kaokao ! almost everybody say i stupit
why still come to school . late liao jiu
dun come . i repeated my ans alot time liao .
i want come is becos i dun want stay at
home , my father take leave lehs .
then later afternoon , need stay at home
see my both parent face ! yuckyuck !
i dun want lor ! i would rather go to school .
hahas . x: but dunnoe why i am damndamn
tired whole day ! then pe lesson , the cher kp
me again ! she say i lokk nort active during
pe , so ask me do stupit things !! ask me move
the chairs manymany times ! kaokao ! under
HOT SUN HOR ! kaokao , hate her !!!!!!!
after school , went pizza hut eateat .
we wait one hour fer food ! waolao long sia .
in the end , the supervisor ps liao . so give free
us drumsticks . +.+" but the food ther really
nice !