Wednesday, February 21, 2007

* both days photo combined together .

fianlly can go out ler ! hahas x:
then went to my father side grand
parent house . hahas . i love going
there cos my grandma cook very
nice ! i ate alotalotALOT ! hahas .
watch tv fer awhile jiu go to my another
grandparent house . i pefer going there ,
cos i with cousin there closer . then can
be myself !!! hahas . x: then play xbox game ,
then i playing figthing gamn , Dead Or Alive .
nort very fun lahs , keep fightfight , abit lame .
hahas , then my cousin play gun game .
aiyo , i look at the game fer almost 15 mins ,
but i still dun understand the game ! hahas .
opps ~ am i a game noob ? xx:

went to my father friend house . erm very
sian that day ! only go there sit , listen
them toking crappys ! waolao , then sit
olso must be lyk girlgirl ! kaokao !
very xing ku lehs ! then whole day very
sian , i only interested in hongbaos $$$$
hahas x: then after that went Ikea . then
ate icecream , there icecream damn nice !
hahas , then my mum pay fer the items ,
while me and meimei go toilet . then i
accidently left my meimei water bottle in
the toilet , then think my mum bad mood ,
WATER BOTTLE ! +.+" then link to i always
sms !! kaokao , dun really link lor , then jiu
anyhow scold wo . then i diamdiam .
nv tok , comtinue poking my earing to my
ears , then stll trentened me cannot bring
hp to school tml . then i say okay . +.+"
but in the end , olso give me back .
aiyo ~ hahas .keep quiet is the best +.+"

went school with him again .
then went to eat the tuna bread . kaokao ,
nort cooked yet lehs , but he still
say nice , hahas , in the end , we exchange
food . hahas . after school , went aron house .
i decide a long time whether to go his house
cos only me one girl ! but no choice , i alone
today !! cassandra went to meet jasper , huqi
didnt come school , peiying & cheeann went
lebulebu , ruiqi go out , xinhong go artclub !
only left me !!! so decieded to go his house .
but VERy FUN ! they gambling . he
wining money at first , but in the end , olso
lose money . hahas . then he pei wo home .

happy with you !