Friday, February 02, 2007

i love you !


today went school with him ,
go school early study fer his
chem test +.+" at last he olso
nv du lor ! hahas . first period
jiu english , the teacher damn funny .
chinese lessson my teacher nv cum ,
slackslack ~ after school went to
cheeann house . his doggy SCARY
i hate dogs ! SOORY huiqi
nv pei you go marina square . PSPS.
then at cheeann house boring ! dog
urine all around ! yuckyyucky ! then
peiying need go home le , so cheeann
pei her home , then i went his house .
ate cup noodle & watch soccer +.+"
i keep watching but still dun understand the
show >.<
then feel veryvery tired ! sleep at his house fer
awhile ! damndamn tired ! nearly fall alsleep !

ove ONLY you