Thursday, February 15, 2007

none of your business !!

i woke up late today ! i gort press
my alarm clock . but i continued
sleeping +.+" lucky my father
wake me up ! hahas , if nort ,
i will still in my dreamland x:
then i quickly sms peiying that
i didnt meet her . PSPS ! x:
then he olso give me many mssed
calls . hahas . then he olso pei wo
go school . SOORY fer
making you late fer school ! ):
thanks fer pei wo go school(:
now late fer school nevermind de.
nv copy down name de . hahas .
then first period jiu PE . kaokao !
i really ferget bring pe shirt !! then
the teacher see me bu shuang !
keep asking me do stupit things !
last week celina olso ferget to bring
PE shirt , the teacher still advise her
to just sit down ! then she treated me
differently ! KAOKAO ! she ask me
placed the floorball stick into
groups according to its colors
then i really placed nicely lor !
then i went one side sit down ,
then jiu immediatly ask
me placed according to groups of five
nevermind , i REN ! i really placed it
nicely lehs ! then i went sit again ,
then she said i placed it very
MESSY ! kaokaokao ! i hao xin
place it fer her liao lor !!! she still
tok so many crappys , then she ask
me placed in groups of five in a line wao lao !
she purposly wan lor ! I HATE HER !!!! still a
sk me take cones and still scold me fer
walking SLOWLY ! kaokao ! leg is mine ,
i want walk slow or fast olso
spolit my mood ! after school .
went lot one pierce on top . i scared
lyk siao ! lucky peiying scarified her hand .
thanksthanks ! actually nort that pain .

happy belated birthday to my mum !! (: