Wednesday, April 30, 2008


finally i can meet up with my collegues!
we were late . met them at Vivo City , they make me
laugh whole day . they are super jokers ! hahas ,
at night , we headed to Bugis to have steamboat .
not really very delicious but most importantly was that
i had enjoyed myself . Then bid goodbyes to each other ):
Although it was just a short period of time , i really enjoyed
being with them (: after that , me and dear went acarde to play

our usual game : Super Mario ! hahas . I am looking
forward to my next outing with my colleagues (:


stucked in my house whole day . I'm bored !

my o-levels are coming ! and i am busy with my
schoolworks! Chinese intensive programme
is coming but i think it is no use for me ! i
just have to depend on myself to study on my own .


I cant stand the heat nowadays ! can you imagine
i sit under the fan but yet i am still sweating !
what happen to the weather ? ARGH !


i just got back my report book . the worst result
i ever get ! In my whole life , i didnt get E8 and F9
printed in my report book before ! but this time
it happened on me . i dunnoe what happen to
my studies ? My grades are just dropping and
dropping . working hard , but no use . maybe

my study method is wrong ? not sure ?
optimistic (: