Tuesday, April 15, 2008


went out with my darling friends !
went to accompany peiying to pierce her tongue !
it sounds scary ! " poke a needle right through your
tongue " she is freaking scared ! we went to see how
the piercing look like ! omg ! it actually not complicated
and scary at all ! i dunnoe how to explain but it's really
not as complicated as i think . we dun understand
every single words she said ! we prefer her just to shut up !
hahas ! headed to Partyworld . had a fun time there .
laughed , played and slacking there . huiqi was super suay !
Slurpee was spilled on her shoes , birds droppings on her -.-
poor things ! headed to Cine to have our dinner . poor peiying ,
she cant eat anything except porridge ! but instead of eating
porridge , she bought fishball soup . She then realised that she
cant swallowed those fishballs ! hang around and we headed home by
bus ! fun day today !

Happy birthday my girl , Cassandra !

went to meet dear during evening . watched soccer
and i didnt expect SAF lose to Super Red ! ):< that match is super exciting ! i love number 8 from SAF
team . he is super cool !