Thursday, April 24, 2008


it's been so long since i updated my blog ,
i was really busy with school ,
almost everyday i had to stay in school until
very late . sunday , went to dear house .
i treat it as my own home ! hahas 0.0
i scream , i jump about , play around !
at night , i stayed at his house to watch
soccer match . really exciting ! finally Arsenal
won ! haahas . i went back home at around
midnight and i am really tired ! lalalala ~

i'm a bless girl ;D


Poor meimei ! she is really sick !
serious sore throat and cold ! she can
only eat plain yucky porridge everyday .
pity her !!


went dear's house early for breakfast . i ate
porridge ! he gave me a surprise ! he bought
me a Spongebob monopoly ! it's really damn cute !
i love it so much ! my favourite colour and cartoon !
yeahhhhhhhhh ~


went dear's house after my oral exam , played
monopoly and in the end i lose until very yucky !
i even need to mortaged my houses ! i am bankrupt !
Oh no !


felt lyk eating french fries after a long tiring day in school ,
called my dear after my math exam , to accompany
me to eat . hahas , went to buy french fries and headed
to hanxiang house . they gambled and i just sit one
side and watch tv . they are always lame ! hahas
cabbed home with chongjun and wangAn . Lamers !


had science practical test today . i am lousy in science !
i am prepared to get single digit mark (: i really dunnoe
how to observe those results ! argh ! currently at dear's
house , ohya ! he told me that on saturday we will
be meeting our working friends ! i am looking forward
to that day ! i miss all my silly , joker friendssssssss <3