Sunday, October 15, 2006

yest peiying cum my house . coz she sae her sis go
comics shop then she dun wan go back hm again .
then cum my hse lor . wao lao she last min tell me .
then me must faster bath ; iron my clothes and eat .
haha . =X then my meimei sae so many bad ting bout me !
then peiying keep laughing lor ! BLACKHEARTED ~
erm then my meimei olso draw sumting fer peiying .
haha . she TALENTED ~ haha . then after that .
go cass hse lor . then huiqi and xinhong reach earlier than us .
then after tt go tenmile buy plates and plastics bags .
wao lao . i hao xin go pay at the cashier then they ask me
take the plastic bag ! NORT FAIR ! hao xin mei hao bao !
so orbit lor ! lucky nobody see . haha .
then go back cass hse . sit sit tok tok lor .
then at BBQ pit there . everybody gort sumting to do .
i poked hotdogs .
huiqi peel potatoes .
peiying and xinhong started fire .
cass unwraped the food .
ruiqi pokes mashmallow .
then when playing water bomb .
huiqi and peiying play lyk ah siao ! haha . =X
our hair ish in a mess ! haha . lake my clothe all WET !
erm then huiqi wan meet hanxiang . so must faster go hm .
then we olso go hm lor . wao lao when reach hm .
SMELLY SMELLY ~ faster go bath ~
have such a great fun !
then i eat all the food my stomach all okie .
then joseph keep complain his stomach gort problem .
keep balming me . haha . =X