Friday, October 06, 2006

erm 2day last paper . but still need retake chinese paper . erm 2day de math paper very nan lorx . lose confident ~ then hm econ . hai hao lahx . then after exam go lot one buy ting eat first . i bought instant noodles . then go ruiqis hse do art . suo hao ting ish do art lahx . but go there play play tok tok .
then after tt they keep saeing my hair messy . then they make it MORE MESSY !
tortured by them ~ haha . then ben lai peiying huiqi xinhong all doin their art . i didnt do . veri tired . then after awhile they feel sian then dun wan do liao .
LAZY ~ haha . then peiying no patient ~ anihow do the toning . haha .
then after tt watch a jap cartoon . 4get the name . so nice lor ! huiqi jie shao de .
then after tt go hm liao . the bus very slow cum . then cass no PATIENT ~ haha .
my memories with them will nv fade ~