Friday, October 20, 2006

erm 2day go skkol . coz tot 2day bball inter class then more fun . so go skkol .
but i REGRET ! coz raining . then whole day stay at hall watch toopit movie !
lame sia . watch until my head dizzy ! =X sumore the movie 2 hours lehx !
then after that finally finish liao . the toopit mr ajinued sae all sec 2 must stay back at hall again fer cme talk . siao lahx ! head already dizzy liao . still must CONTINUED
stay at hall ! then the cme ppl tok all craps ! keep repeating his word ! LAME !
lata still gort left one hour . cher still ask her watch another movie ! SIAO LAHX !
they tink we lyk watch movie sia ! always WATCH WATCH ! waste time !
i would rather stay at hm wake up late . then slack at hm . REGRET ! then after skkol
go ruiqi hse again . ruiqi hse ish our 2nd hm . haha . then go 7evelen buy food .
i so hungry lor ! whole day nv eat ! i eat alot . then go hm . ruiqi finally can use com liao . then they kept on sabo me ! sae i DEAD liao ! BIG BULLY ~ erm then i go fetch my meimei lor . lucky i nv late again . haha . =X end ~
be the one fer me ~