Tuesday, October 17, 2006

erm 2day didnt go skkol . coz lyk very sian in skool 2day . whole day see ppl play soccer . so hot ~ then yest go ruiqi hse . peiying . huiqi . cass and ruiqi sae my hair ugly ! wao lao ~ suan me ! haha . then 2day i reallyy go cut hair . but dun reallyy have big difference lahx . =X my mum go fetch my meimei to skool then jui straight away go cut hair . that time around 2.30 . skool juz end . then in lrt of coz saw sum frens =X malu sia ~ then after that cut finish . then go fetch my meimei home .
reach home liao . jui watch final apporach . huiqi sae the anime show very nice .
nth much to sae ~!