Friday, October 27, 2006

2day go peiying hse . meet huiqi at south view . i am EARLY !
i always late wan . gort improvment ~ erm then go seven eleven
buy food eat lor . i bought the mash potatoes . delicious ~
then after that meet ruiqi and peiying at voideck .
peiying teach me alot in maple .
i am juz a beginner ~ =X
tanks loads peiying !
then huiqi and ruiqi crazy bout maple
cash items ! haha .
then after that peiying and ruiqi help
me train . but ask ruiqi train horx NO
USE de . always talk talk talk . haha . opps ~
but aniways tanks loads ruiqi too lahx (:
then they wan go hm late late .
but too bad my mum cook my dinner liao .
so need go back hm eat .
siao lahx . i wan go hm coz HUNGRY but they dun wan
pei me ! TORTURED ME ~ haha .
in the end . they olso pei me lahx . (:
huiqi sister around 8pm called me .
ask where ish huiqi . worry ~
siao lahx . huiqi BAD lahx . let her sister woory ! haha .